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(Mostly from one family)




Photos from an album from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


This group of 8 carte-de-vistas came from an album of Mr. and Mrs. Lane. Included is a photo of Ms. S. Gable who is from New Holland, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The rest, including the one of Mr. and Mrs. Lane are from the city of Lancaster in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


2 Photos of a Cole couple

Mary Shibley wife of Richard Cole

in a photo from Chicago, Illinois


Miles Richard Cole in a 1910

photo from Chicago, Illinois


2 Photos from the Sisson family from Marshalltown, Iowa

Max Sisson’s children – Minnie Sisson, Fred Sisson, Ida Sisson

and poor little Roy Sisson in a photo from Marshalltown, Iowa


Nellie Sisson and her sister?



Four Photos from the well-dressed Wilcox Family


First a photo of Clyde Wilcox as a young man.

Then a funny couple in hat and bonnet named Clyde Wilcox and M. Hagan 

Then D. B. Wilcox in a photo from Columbia, Missouri

Finally, a photo of Bertelle & Mary M. Wilcox as a baby and a young girl in knickers.



Two wedding portraits of Mr. and Mrs. John Derr from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


Mr. and Mrs. John Derr in a wedding portrait from Sun Prairie, Dane County, Wisconsin

A second photo shows Mr. and Mrs. John Derr and the entire Wedding Party 

portrait (10 people) also from Sun Prairie, Dane County, Wisconsin

Note: Research shows : John Heinrich Derr was born on Dec 26, 1879 in Hampden Twp,

Columbia Cty, Wisconsin and died on July 5, 1958 in Sun Prairie, Dane Co., Wisconsin

He was the son of Michael Derr and Kunigunda Schmitt and married Adelheid M. Schroud

on May 24, 1905 in St. Joseph's, East Bristol, Dane Co., Wisconsin




15 Warner Family Photos and Associated Families

all from York, Pennsylvania


Amanda Warner


Annie Wambaugh


 Alfred Horne


Britta Landis


Ella Druck


Daniel Shaffer




Harry Kauffman and his sister


Five unidentified photos of which two are of a very elderly lady who must have been the great grandmother.


And a photo of 3 sweet young children which says


Mrs. Francis A. Warner from Fieden, Pennsylvania on the back.


And finally Daisy Kaltreider 


NOTE: Research shows, Daisy I. Warner married Frederic V. Kaltreider, Sr. in York, PA.





Three Tin Types from the Great Rogues Gallery in Princeton, Illinois



It includes:


A tintype which was taken on Christmas Day in 1878, of 8 men and they are all identified.   

The men are numbered below the photo and on the back are identified.   

The group is identified as Old Princeton High School Boys includes:

 Forest Mc Conihe who calls them My Friends of Long Ago.  


Reeve Norton


Frank Jones

Alby (Albert) Smith

Edward Pat Rowe


Elmer Hugie Wadell


Second, there is a two man portrait of “Delos” Bates & “Bee” Foster,

And it says “School Friends”.


So two of the photos are of schoolyard

chums of  Forest Mc Conihe

A child is shown in framed tintype from 1863


It is of Lucien Mc Conihe

Research is on paper





 Seven photos from the Carr Family


One photo is un-named but the others tell the story of this Carr Family.


Nellie Carr 6 years old in a photo from Hamilton, Ohio


Nellie Carr 18 years old with Phoebe Ann Carr 8 weeks

old in a photo from Hamilton, Ohio


Nellie Carr 19 years old in 1896 in a photo from Hamilton, Ohio


Mary Carr in 1886 in a photo from Hamilton, Ohio


Aurelia, the mother of Mary Carr and Nellie Carr

in a photo from Hamilton, Ohio


Grandpa Carr 85 years old in a photo from Hamilton, Ohio


NOTE: Research shows Robert Samuel Carr born in Butler County,

 Ohio, March 6, 1850, married Aurelia W. Smith, Oct. 1, 1876.

She was born in Oxford. Ohio, July 20, 1857, and died Dec. 31, 1885.

Their children were Elsie Eleanor (Nellie) Carr, born

Aug. 31, 1877 and Mary Lizzie Carr, born April 17, 1880.


NOTE:   Tim Brown has purchased all of the Carr photos.



Two wonderful photos of Josephine


Josephine Trin Mornan Sept. 1903 in a photograph from Cincinnati, Ohio

And the other photograph says

Josephine Morhwor in a photograph from Cincinnati, Ohio



 Two brothers in photographs from Hamilton, Ohio


Mr. Otto Glauch

And his brother William Glauch




Four Hilty Family Photos

John Hilty baby photo from Columbus, Ohio

Robert Hilty “my own picture, took by Claribel Owens”

Florence Happes Miller

 Mrs. And Mrs. Charles Happes and daughter Florence and Helen

 Margaret Alice Hilty --- 5 years old in June 30, 1911 photo from Ada, Ohio

 NOTE: Research shows: Christian H. Hilty

Birth: December 25, 1871 in Bluffton, Allen Co, OH

Death: February 16, 1947 in lived in Ada, Hardin Co, OH

Father: John H. Hilty b: March 2, 1848 in Richland Twp, Allen Co, OH

Mother: Mariana (Mary) Thut b: September 24, 1844 in Holmes Co, OH

Marriage 1 Minerva Alice Gilbert b: March 12, 1876 in New Stark, OH

Married: October 17, 1901


1. Margaret Alice Hilty b: June 30, 1906 in Ohio

2. Florence Luella (Luella) Hilty b: January 5, 1911 in Findlay, Hancock Co, OH

3. Dorothy Pauline Hilty b: June 30, 1914 in Ohio


Margaret Alice Hilty

Birth: June 30, 1906 in Ohio

Death: December 1, 1981 in Xenia, Greene Co, OH

Marriage: Irving John Wittenbeck b: April 12, 1903


Florence Luella (Luella) Hilty

Birth: January 5, 1911 in Findlay, Hancock Co, OH

Death: July 15, 2007 in Port Charlotte, Charlotte Co, FL

Marriage 1 Charles Stanley Miller b: February 8, 1901




Two great photos from the Schlister Family


The first one is of Clarence Elmer Schlister from Wellsville in 1910.

The other photo is of a family of 3 boys with mom

and dad and grandpa in front of the old homestead.

On the back it lists the three adults.

Albert Schlister 1910

John Schlister 1926

Maggie Schlister 1947

I’m not sure what the numbers mean but they could be death dates.

These people are also from Wellville.


Three photos from the Reep family from Pennsylvania

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Reep and three children
from Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
in a photo from Middletown, Pennsylvania

A photo of Mr. Reep taken in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

A photo of Mr. Reep taken in Middletown, Pennsylvania


3 Fowls Women

Alpha Fowls

Phyllis Fowls in a photo at one year of age

Phyllis Fowls in a photo at two years of age


Three photos from the W. W. Howes family from Ohio

Daughter of Mrs. W. W. Howes from Ashtabula, Ashtabula County, Ohio

Mr. W. W. Howes in a photo from Cleveland, Ohio

Grandma Sue Howes in a photo from Cleveland, Ohio


J. R. Evans in 1912 in Los Angeles, California

Mr. J. R. Evans on a photo postcard
from Raymond in 1912 in Los Angeles, California

Earl and Raymond Evans in Los Angeles, California


Two pics of the rich Goodrich kids from Illinois

Lewis Goodrich in a photo from Peratonica, Illinois

Bertie Goodrich in a photo from Peratonica, Illinois


Raymond Brooks Personal Photo Postcards

Raymond Brooks graduated from Princeton University with a degree in
Engineering as Vice-President of his class, in 1904. He became a famous prospector
for major mining companies around the world. From his estate came 37 personal photo
postcards of his friends and family. About 10 are duplicates but all are in excellent shape.

The cards are unused and include the names of:

Raymond Brooks

Florence Hallman

Margaret, Elizabeth & Harold Hallman from PA.

Claude & Ronald Keeler from PA.

Earl Keeler from PA.

And a photo with a birthdate of 31 Jan 1908

NOTE, research shows:

Harry Hartle Hallman b. 28 Jan 1840 in Montgomery County, PA
and Mary Yost b. 1843 in Montgomery County, PA had two sons
Daniel Isaiah Hallman b. 1869 in PA d. 22 Jun 1929 in PA
He married Mary H. Trucksess and they had 3 children.
Margaret Trucksess Hallman b: 5 Dec 1899 in Easton, Northampton, PA
Elizabeth Hallman b: 5 Oct 1901 in Easton, Northampton, PA
Harold Francis Hallman b: 17 Dec 1903 in Easton, Northampton, PA

The other son was Grover Cleveland Hallman b.1884 in PA
He married Kathryn Griffin and their kids included Florence M. Hallman
b: 4 Jun 1913 in PA and Grover Cleveland Hallman b: 5 Jul 1918 in PA

Edith S. Hallman is not named but she is pictured with a birthdate of 31 JAN
1908 in Norristown Township, Montgomery County, PA
Daughter of Charles Hallman b. 1872 in PA Mary E. Showalter


The Whitacres from Indiana

Emma Elizabeth Muhlhofer Whitacre

William Jonathan Whitacre ---- Richmond, Indiana
RESEARCH SHOWS: William Jonathan Whitacre 1888-1939 was the son
of Joseph Dayton b. 1857 Indiana & Emma E. Muhlhofer Whitacre b. 1863
He married Martha Elizabeth Klappert and had William Jonathan II,
Joseph Dayton, Grace Tebbs b: 1914, Emma Elizabeth, Martha Louise,
Hugh McClellan and Robert Tebbs Whitacre.


Momma Mamie and daughter Eloise Dean

Miss Mamie Lee ---- 1907 --------- New York City, New York

Eloise M. Dean ---- 1907 --------- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NOTE research shows: Mamie Eloise Dean was the daughter
of Herman Lee Dean & Mamie Lee Sims b: 19 Feb 1902



Two grandsons of a pirate?


Edd Patrick ---------------------------------------- West Liberty, Ohio

Willie Patrick -------------------------------------------------------------

Research shows an Aleathia Davenport 1858 – 1926 was the
daughter of Alvah (or Alvy, Alvey) Davenport the pirate.
Aleathia and Joseph Patrick had a Hugh, a George, as well as
a Willie and an Edward who’s nickname was Edd.


Five young women on Oct 13, 1930

Virginia Queshall

Mary Fraymor ( Traymor ?)

Audrey Goldslee ( Goldstein ?)

Bee Goldslee ( Goldstein ?)

Leonora Feist


Seven photos of the Betzold Schaefer Rolfes family from Springfield, Ohio

Albert Schaefer
Della Betzold Schaefer
Carrie Betzold and
Marnie Betzold

Albert Schaefer ---------------- Springfield, Ohio

Marie Schaefer ------------------- 8 months old -------

George Rolfes ---------------- Springfield, Ohio

Mrs. Frank Rolfes ---------------- Springfield, Ohio

Frank Rolfes ---------------------------------------

Wilhelmina (Minnie) Rolfes Betzold the wife of J.J. Betzold --- 1880 --- Springfield, Ohio


William Mills Knapp Family from Stamford, Connecticut

The fifteen photos include the names:

Willie Knapp (Sr. as a young man) ----- Caldwell, Kansas

Minnie Knapp (young woman) ----- Caldwell, Kansas

Minnie Knapp as a young woman

A duplicate photo of Minnie Knapp as a young woman

A photo of Lamont for Minnie/Mrs. W. M. Knapp --- Stamford, Connecticut

Bill Knapp (Wm.Jr.) at 16 years old

A duplicate photo, both are from Stamford, Connecticut

William Knapp (Jr.) in World War I uniform for the Conn. 31st.

Gene Knapp in a matching photo, both are from Stamford, Connecticut

And six small photos probably taken on the same day:

Gene Knapp

Willie Knapp

A duplicate of Willie Knapp

Viola Knapp

Mr. Will Knapp

Mrs. Minnie Knapp (middle aged)

Note that research shows:
William Mills Knapp b. 1865 in Vista, NY d. 1917 in Stamford, CT
Son of Warren Eugene Knapp b. 1844 & Susan Crissey b. 1844 in NY
In 1887, Bill married Minnie W. Spenser b. 1870 in Leavenworth, Kansas
They had 3 children: Warren Eugene Knapp 1888 in Warrensburg, MO,
William Mills Knapp Jr. 1890 & Viola Louise Knapp 1898 in Stamford, CT



The Nicholson, Secrest, Branham, Wright families of Indiana

Charley Nicholson ------ Great Grandpa ----- Sullivan, Indiana

Perry Commodore Nicholson --- Grandpa --- Sullivan, Indiana

Viola Nicholson Wright --------------------------------- Sullivan, Indiana

Bob and Viola Wright ----- Wedding picture --------- Sullivan, Indiana

Mrs. Viola Wright ( and William) ------------------------ Sullivan, Indiana

William, Viola and Perry Branham --------------------- Sullivan, Indiana

Branham Children : Perry 5, Bessie 4mo, Gerald 3 yrs ---Hymera, Indiana

Vivian Branham Froeb and Geneva Branham --- Assumption, Illinois

Perry, Bessie, Gerald and Geneva Branham --- Assumption, Illinois

Will & Olive Branham & children Perry and Gerald --- Rosedale, Indiana

Will & Olive Branham family with five children --- Assumption, Illinois

Thelma Secrest ----- 1st year at school with 23 classmates ------

Thelma and Chlaie Secrest ------------------------------------------

Charles and Nora Secrest ---- Wedding picture -------- Rosedale, Indiana

Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Bertha Secrest --------------------- Rosedale, Indiana

Charley Secrest -------------------------------------------------------------

Note: Ratliff, Ratcliff, Gardner, Worth and Price family photos found with these photos


John Robert Wright b. 1870 in Sullivan County, IN
d. 1955 in Sullivan County, IN married in 1903
Viola Nicholson b. 1878 in Sullivan County, IN

Andrew Secrest m. in 1885 in Sullivan County, IN to Margaret Wright b. 1867

Charles H. Nicholson b.1827 d: AFT 1900 in Sullivan Co., IN m. Elizabeth Caroline Norton b: 1833 had children Martha b.1858 in Sullivan Co.,IN, John B. b.1855 in Sullivan Co.,IN & Perry Commodore Nicholson b: 1851 in Sullivan Co.,IN. Perry Commodore Nicholson m. Louise Tennis


Schremer or maybe Schemer Folks

Horace A. Schremer ( Schemer ?)

Edward Schremer ---- Brooklyn, New York

O. H. Schremer --- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Two Culls from New York

Reverend Thomas Cull

Mrs. Cull ---- Mechanicsville or Schuylerville, New York


Northell or Modhell from New York and Michigan

Libbie (Elizabeth ) Northell (Modhell ?) ----- 1879 ----- Detroit, Michigan

Mattie Northell (Modhell ?) --------- Syracuse, New York


Relingtons or Remingtons from Utica, New York

Amelia Relington ( Remington ?) --- 1862 -----

Amelia Relington --- 1863 ----- Utica, New York

Amelia Relington --- 1864 -----

Eliza Relington (Remington ?) --- a tintype in a paper frame ---


A couple of Gleesons

Stephen Gleeson ------ CDV --------------------------

A.J.? Gleeson --- a small tintype in a paper frame ---


Three Lawndales from Philly

Mary Lawndale ---- (1860s) --- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Howard Lawndale ------------------- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mary Lawndale ---- 3rd wife of O.H.S. --- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


6 Spicer Pics

Eunice Spicer ---- 1862 --------- Utica, New York

Tabitha Spicer ---------------------------- Utica, New York

Mr. Loami ? Spicer ---------------------------- Utica, New York

Henry Spicer ----------------------------------------------

Abby Spicer --------------------- West Winfield, New York

Eunice Spicer --- ( probably 1890s) ---


The Henke family from Ohio

Minnie Henke Jess --- as bridesmaid to Louise Henke Windhorn

Miss Amealia Henke ---------------------------- Cincinnati, Ohio

                      NOTE: These two photos were claimed by Carlos C. Smith                                      


The Harris family from Ohio

Hazel Silven Harris ------------------------ Troy, Ohio

Silven and Carlton Harris ------------------------ Troy, Ohio

NOTE: Research shows:
Albert Walter Harris was born 4 Oct 1874 in Alcory, OH
He died 4 Mar 1940 in Troy, Miami Co, OH
He married Enola Snyder Millard b: 1871 in 1897 in Miami Co, OH
Their three children were:
Sylvan Millard Harris b: 10 NOV 1898 in Miami Co, OH
William Carlton Harris b: 31 JUL 1903 in Miami Co, OH
Mervin Lee Harris b: 31 JAN 1914 in Miami Co, OH


Four little square photos of the Hughes boys

Listed by age:

Robert Hughes

Jim Hughes

John Hughes

Jess Hughes


Three photos of the Kumpel Family from Milwaukee

Kate, Maggie and Dora Kumpel --- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Adam Kumpel--- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Caroline Kumpel--- Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Three photos of the Mantz Family from Milwaukee

Lena Mantz --- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jack Mantz--- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Mantz Family (3 generations of women) --- Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Mullins Clan

Don Mullins ---- baby photo ----------------------

Joyce Mullins -----------------------------------------

Oscar Mullins -----------------------------------------


Four photos from the Mason Family

Margaret Clugston Mason at 2yrs old Columbia City, Indiana
in a photo sent to Ralph Kitchell

Margaret Clugston Mason at 5mos old Columbia City, Indiana
With her mother (?) in the photo.

Margaret C. Mason in a portrait

Mr. G. A. Mason in Buffalo, New York


Ratliff or Ratcliff they are from Ohio and Indiana

John & Rachael Ratliff (Ratcliff ?) --- Newark, Ohio

John & Rachael Ratliff (Ratcliff ?) ----- Newark, Ohio

John Ratcliff (Ratliff ?) -------------- Markle, Indiana


A bakers dozen photographs from
the family album of Mary May Russell
from Indianapolis, Indiana.
These are all studio portraits
mounted on cabinet cards.

A family standing in front of their house with their horse
on the back it says For Mary M. Russell
And O.N. Herrin and family Stark, Kansas

May Russell in ink and Russell 1895 in pencil
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

Cousin Ed and Nora Johnson
Nora is sister to John

Aunt Manie Russell
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

A photo of a man taken in Hamilton, Missouri
on the front it says cousin Laun (Lawn?) Kidwell
and written on the back is Manie Russell in pencil

A photo of a man taken in Indianapolis
And written on the back is May Russell 1895

Cousin John Herrin
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

Uncle Charlie Eaton
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

Cousin John & Iris Herrin
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

Grandma McCormick with
daughters Maggie and Hennie taken in Indianapolis
and written on the back is May

Uncle Arch and Aunt Manie with
Jim Clare and Ms. Marcella Clare
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

A girl Mabel Roberts
taken in Indianapolis, Indiana

Photo of an old man
on the back it says:
My Grandmother Nyes brother
and above that in pencil
Uncle Jake Bennett in a
photo from Quincy, Michigan

NOTE: Research shows:
Mary May Russell birth: 13 Apr 1876 in Marion Co., IN
death: 3 Sep 1938 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., IN
Dau. of John W Russell and Elizabeth McCormick
In 1899, married Willard Herrin b: 24 Dec 1875 in Castleton, IN

A kind viewer contacted me to say:
Willard Herrin was the son of Thomas Herrin and Amelia of Castleton, Indiana.
Thomas was the son of Jesse H. Herrin and Celia White Swinney.


Stinson family's oversized tintype photos

This family photo album is a collection of oversized photos from the 1800's.

They are all different sizes. 2 are large (approx. 7 3/4" x 10") colored tintypes of

Mr. & Mrs. James Cyrus Stinson shown in the picture.

One is a family photo of 7 people with names below in pencil on album page.

Most of the pictures have on back who they are.

Some were glued onto pages at one time but have come loose since then.

26 photos in all.

The album is actually a scrapbook full of amazing oversized photos.

Album is approx. 14" x 12".

1 - James Cyrus Stinson - large (arrprox. 7 3/4" x 10") colored tintypes- Grandfather of album owner
2 - Mary Francis Stinson - Mrs. James Cyrus Stinson - large (arrprox. 7 3/4" x 10") colored tintypes
3 - Grandpa Stinson / J.C.Stinson ( James Cyrus STINSON : APR 1834 in Alabama ) & Grandma Stinson / Mary Francis / Mrs. J. C. Stinson (Mary Frances PRUITT b: 1839 in TN) & Aunt Callie / Callie Stinson / Mrs. Thomas Ball (Caledonia D. Stinson b: 1861 in TN) & Aunt Katie / Kathern / Mrs. J. C. Cox (Kate F. Stinson b: 1874 in Hardeman Co.,Boliver,TN) & Aunt Lizzie, Elizabeth Stinson / Mrs. Lee Wolfe (Martha E. Stinson b: 1865 in Hardeman Co.,TN ) & Bomalie (mother?) / Mary Virginia / Mrs. Nathen E. Beck (Mary V. Stinson b: 1863 in ,TN) & Aunt Franny / Francis / Mrs. J. B. BRunnion (Sarah F. Stinson b: 1867 in Boliver,TN)
4 - Grandpa and Grandma Beck / Nathan E. Beck & Mary Virginia Beck - Bomolie & Husband
5 - 3 photos: Aunt Kate Bomolie ..Paris, Texas Mother / Grandma Stinson / Mrs. J. C. Stinson .... Paris, Texas
6 - Bomalie (Mary V. Stinson Beck b: 1863 in ,TN)
7 - Aunt Fannie
8 - No photo - Mrs. Sam E. Dunnam
9 - Aunt Bertie
10 - Sam Wesley Beck - Two identical photos
11 - Faye Wolfe / Faye Buford / Mrs. Maury Q. Buford ... Dallas, Texas
12 - Jessie B. Mitchell & S. E. Dunnam Jr. - Three identical photos
13 - S. E. Dunnam (Jr.)
14 - Jessie B. Mitchell from Monroe , La. ....Greenville, Texas
15 - Aunt Birdie / Birdie Beck Bergerow ..... Paris, Texas
16 - Jessie B. Mitchell ..... Monroe , La.
17 - Jessie B. Mitchell .. . Greenville, Texas
18 - Margaret O. Mitchell / Mom - Two identical photos
19 - Mom & Aunt Birdie ... Paris, Texas - Two identical photos
20 - Lottie Wolfe / Lottie Hutton / Mrs Howard Hutton


Genealogical information on six photos of the
Lencher , Swank, Lee & Thompson
families from Chicago, Illinois

Helene Lencher Lee .. mother Martha & father Charles Lencher

Nancy Jean Lee - Mother Helene Lencher (Lee).. Chicago, Illinois

Richard Lencher - grad. Photo 1917 14 yrs old
son of Wm. And Bertha Lencher .. Chicago, Illinois

Ellen - father Fred Lencher

Donald Swank and Richard Swank (bros?). prob. Chicago, Illinois

Ruth L. Thompson - 1921 .... Chicago, Illinois


Four Folks from Grinnell, Iowa

Hugh Alexander, from Grinnell, Iowa.
Charley Hanson, husband of Hannah Meeker Jones, from Grinnell, Iowa.
George Brown, from Grinnell, Iowa.
Leonard Brown's wife from Leominster, Massachusetts.


Tintype Wedding Photos of Jewett's

Two Tintypes - One showing Mr. B. F. Jewett and the other
showing the new Mrs. B. F. Jewett at their wedding.


Six Photographs from the Gardner Family

The first of these photos show ten members of the Gardner
family, in front of their plankboard home but no names are listed.

The second one shows eight members of the Gardner family
with Grandpa Gardner identified as "holding the dog".

Third is a photo of Margaret Gardner.
This photo was taken in Rock Valley, Iowa

The fourth photo is of Grandma Gardner and was taken
in Canton, South Dakota. This could be the
same woman. Both are addressed to Sherman.

The fifth one is of three children: Anna (?) Gardner, Roy
Crawford and Hilda Morse and was taken in Canton, South Dakota.
The last photo is a photo postcard sent to the Gardners.
It is of a baby boy in a dress, named Fred Hoople. 1 yr. old in 1911.


The Palmer and Johnston families from New York and New Jersey

Weltha A. Palmer -- 3/ 30/1903 -----------

Weltha A. Palmer -- 3/ 30/1908 - two different photos

Dr. W. W. Palmer - Keansburg, New Jersey - photo from Fulton, New York.

Charles A. Palmer -------- Syracuse, New York

Miss Sara Deborah Palmer - at age 18 - New York, New York

Warren Palmer --- at age 18 taken 1875 - Brooklyn, New York

Miss Sara Deborah Palmer ------------- at age 21--------
"She married Aaron E. Johnston in 1900" ---------------

Miss Sara Deborah Palmer - at age 23 taken June 18, 1899 - ---
"She married Aaron E. Johnston in 1900" ---------------

Sarah D. Johnston -- March 30, 1903 - Signed "Debbie"

Sara D. Johnston with baby Marion Aarona Johnston ---

Aaron E. Johnston - dau. is Marion Johnston Lange, Keansbury, NJ

Aaron E. Johnston & Marion A. Johnston -- Asbury Park, NJ
Two photos of both Marion and her father.

Marion Johnston -- July 8, 1907 -- Asbury Park, New Jersey
these three photos were taken when she was 28 months old.

Aaron E. Johnston -- 49 yrs old -- father of Marion Johnston --
three identical photos but they are labled 1903, 1905 & 1908?

NOTE: My research shows:
Warren B. Palmer b: 21 DEC 1857 in Granville,New Jersey,
Charles A. Palmer b: 22 NOV 1872 in Granville,New Jersey and
Sarah D. Palmer b: 30 DEC 1875 in Granville,NJ were children of
Benjamin Palmer b: 1 APR 1793 in New City, Rockland,NY and
Clarinda Frink b: 28 JUL 1795 in Cherry Valley,Oswego,NY




The Light Family from Newton County, Indiana

The first photo shows 2 parents & 4 children and on the back
it says:" Link and Martha Light and their children, Wesley, Curtis,
Alta & Lorin from Brook, Newton County, Indiana."
Research shows: Byrd Lincoln Light b.: 1 Oct 1860 in Freedom, IN
d. 18 Nov 1942 in Brook, Newton, Indiana, was son of Tice Light
& Sarah Ann Johnson, married Martha Ellen Corbin b: 18 Sep 1860
in Washington Twsp, Franklin, OH. Two of their children were
William Wesley Light b: 16 AUG 1886 in Brook, Newton County, Indiana
and Curtis Roy Light b: 24 DEC 1889 in Brook ,Newton County, Indiana
and Alta Naomi Light b: 30 MAY 1895 in Brook, Newton County, Indiana

Three other children mentioned in the research were Delta, Stella Edith and Ida Ethal.
And then a son with an unknown name.
It must be Lorin because I have a picture of him.

The second photograph in this group is of a beautiful
Victorian home with a woman and a small boy, out front.
The back of the photo reads: "Uncle Is (?) Light's house
and Edwin and I, when I kept house for them. Mabel"

The third photo from this group shows parents and 2 children.
The back says: "Mell & Mollie Light with Ralph & Evert Light"
All of the Light photos are good quality, oversized studio photos.


Eight very old photos of the Spencer Family from Conneticut

Dating from the early 1860's, these photographs
show five male members of the Spencer family.

The eldest is Simeon Spencer from Hartford, Conneticut.
There are two photos of him.

Also from Hartford, is George M. Spencer

and two photos of John O. Spencer

The two photos of Charles Spencer are from New Haven.

The youngest Spencer is little Eddie Spencer.



Four Photos of the Tucker Family from New York

Zaider Tucker at the piano.

Zaider Tucker at the piano in the Tucker home.

Zaider Tucker Mattern and six girlfriends/family.

John Tucker in a photo taken in Ithica, New York.

All of the Tucker photos are very dramatic.


Three Photos of the Kizziar Family

There are three of Ida Maxine Kizziar.
One at fourteen months & two at three months old.
She was the daughter of Tom Kizziar, from Altus, Oklahoma.

The other two are of Sidney Thrash, from Fort Worth, Texas.
"He was the 1st husband of Nora Kizziar."


Three Photos of the Beer Family

The first was of Margaret Ann Athearn Beer who's photo
was taken in London Mills, Illinois. The second is a

lovely photo of twelve young girls. The only person
identified (& pointed out) is Edith Beer. The third

photo is a great 8th grade graduation photo. All thirteen
and the teacher are identified. Edith Beer is one of them.
Astudentsll of the names are listed on the Classmates page.

Note: The DAR research by Miss Eva L. Beer has her parents as William Jefferson Beer (b. 1838) m. 1860 Margaret Athearn (1841-1912). Their parents were Thomas Beer (1813-40) m. 1836 Mary Gunnett (1813-95); William Athearn (b. 1792) m. 1823 Sarah Allen (b. 1800).


Three Photos of Keslinger or Kerlinger - You decide

The first photo is of George Keslinger, with no location.

The second photo is of Ivy Kerlinger, dated Dec. 25, 1898.
and was given to Georgia B. Klinefelter. It has no location.

The third photo is an excellent photograph of a Civil War era woman.
It is even harder to read but it definitely has the same last name.
The first initial appears to be a "J" (Jane?) and it is from York, Pa.


Three Photos of the Allen Family

The first photo is of Burton Cornelius Allen at age 4 yrs 2 months.

The second photo appears to be of his little sister.

The third photo is of both of them and mom and dad.


Three Photos and a Prayer Book

The first photo is a cabinet photo from the 1800s.
It shows an elegant lady in Clinton, Iowa.
On the back it says: "Nellie Hileman Bauder"
Mother of Dorthy Leona Bauder who married George Vest Martin.
La Dorna May Martin Jan. 30, 1918
They had one daughter born April 12, 1920
who married Wm. George Frish April 24, 1937
They had 4 children: Shirley, William Jr., Robert and Gary."

The second photo shows two children
Gerald Lee Martin 22 months and Laclorna May Martin 16 months.

The third is of an unnamed child.

There is also a prayer book with land maps and letters.
The book was given to Mrs. Frish from Margaret Tuttle.
The map appears to show properties in Marinette, Wisconsin

Note: These items were with the 3 Army engineers photos listed under Comrades.


Two very old photos from the Teague Family.

One photo is of Mrs. Emma Teague

The other is a girl named Lula Webb Teague


A Dozen Pristine Photo Postcards from Clara Robbins from Minnesota

The first one shows seven members of the family in heavy coats.

The next one shows one of the boys (a brother) with the initials F. S.
It is addressed to Clara Robbins in Hibbing, Minnesota.

One shows four family members and says " From brother Joseph in
Buhl, Minnesota to Clara Robbins in Sparta,Minnesota" and is dated April 5,1914.

One which shows a boy and his dad that reads "from your brother Joseph R."

Another one from brother Joseph, shows him a little older.

Still another of brother Joseph says Clara is from Deer Creek, Minnesota

One which has two girls on the front says
" from your sister Flora Leeseberg from Hope, North Dakota "

The next one is unnamed but eight girls in white dresses, bear a strong family resembleance.

One shows the dad with two fine horses and the back reads
"To Clara Robbins of Deer Creek, Minnesota from George Nelson ".

Then a card showing a photograph of an "Otto".

Another show a little girl and her dog and reads: "Misses Clara Lottie Robbins"

The last one is an excellent collector's type photo of two of the men holding
a rack of five large Nothern Pike that they must have caught ice fishing.
It says: "From Frank Leeseberg of Deer Creek, Minnesota to Clara Robbins
in Duluth, Minnesota" and is dated March 1912.

Note: Another photo of Clara Robbins of Hibbing, Minnesota can be found at:


Two Photographs from the Patton Family of Pennsylvania

These two photos appear to be from the 1860s.

The first one is of a young man named William Patton.

The other one is of Mr. and Mrs. David Patton from Allegheny City, Pennsylvania.


Four Photographs from the Walter and Eshbough Families

Four cabinet photographs from Brooksville, Pennsylvania They are of:
Guord Walter
Mr. Walter
Emma Eshbough
Mr. Eshbough


Two Wirth Family Photos from Indiana

Mr. Nick Wirth ----------------------------- Princetown, Indiana

Mrs. Nick Wirth - Frederica Stalpp Wirth - Princetown, Indiana


Two Cunningham Photos

The first is of Mr. Cunningham taken in Albany, New York

The second is of Mrs. Cunningham taken in Paterson, New Jersey.


Two Randall Photos

One is of a 2 or 3 year old boy in a dress.
This photo was taken in Ontario in 1868 or 1869.
It is of William H. Randall.

The other is of a Methodist Minister from Chicago, Illinois
His name is N. B. Randall


Two Day Family Photos

One photo is of Fannie Day.
It was taken in Feb. 1874 in Joliet, Illinois

The other one is of a man and his horse driven work wagon.
The man's name is of Ottis Day.

Note: I also have a Day photo on page 4 but I did not find
it in the same location, so I do not know if it is related.


A couple of Carrier Family Photos

One is of William Henry Carrier from Adrian, Michigan

The other is of Gerald Carrier at age 16.
His middle initial is either "V", "U" or "O".


Three Sparrow Family Photos

These are three very old photos that were taken in East Los Angeles, California.
The first one is of a child named Isabella Sparrow.
The second one is of another child named Azier Sparrow.
The third says Pheobe Sparrow and then it says "Kid".
She is a woman all decked out, not a child.
So, I think Kid might be a married name.


Two Keiths from Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Two photos of big chin people.
Both photos were taken in Taunton.
The man is not labeled but the woman is
Sarah A. Keith from Bridgewater, Massachusetts


Five people from the Kobler Family from Buffalo, New York

Madelene Kobler born March 1, 1889
Virginia Kobler born July 2, 1902
Viola Kobler born Dec. 31, 1904 - died Sept. 18, 1907
Mrs. Maggie Fromm Kobler - photo taken May 21, 1865
Fredrich ( Fred ) Kobler was born May 27, 1858 in Buffalo. Photo taken in 1884
All from Buffalo, New York


Estate Photos from San Gregorio, San Mateo County, CA.

Lottie Jane Bell - "died Jan 24, 1908, San Francisco - two photos
Leslie Elmore Bell - Remembrance card - died Nov 10 1898 - age 12 yrs 5 m
Mrs. E. R. Bell --- San Francisco
Frank Bell , E.R. Bell (female), Pat Bell, (Grandma) -
Ellen R. Bell
Richard O. (or A.) Bell -
Mark P. Bell - "1 year old, Dec 1858 or 1888 - San Francisco -
Frank P. Bell - age 19/21 in military uniform
William & Annie Bell - "father & mother of William & Adella Bell-San Francisco
Ellen R. Bell - San Francisco
Pat Bell & Kittie Dixon - two babies in a carriage/stroller -c. 1900's
Kittie & Mollie Dixon -- two girls age 8-10 yrs dressed alike, could be sisters.

Ed Kealey -"Aunt Louise's husband"
Mr. Edwerd Kealy - "Bay City"
Mrs. Ed Kealy - "Aunt Lousie Sigrist"
Begin (?) Sigrist - Urlin & Pfeifer, Columbus, Ohio
Helen Sigrist - "Aunt" by Urlin's of Columbus, Ohio c. 1880-1890
Wendlin Sigrist - " 1820-1888 - Grandpa, my father's father"
Mrs. W. Sigrist - "Grandma, my father's mother"
William Sigrist, "Mother's father" -tintype
View my Web site Bernie & Ida Sigrist - "aunt Kittie's Father" from Columbus, Ohio (Two boys, 5/6 and ? yrs of age)
Fannie Luhrman, now Mrs. Seacrest, -San Francisco, Ca.c. 1900

Annie Roe, --dated in writing: Nov 1905 - by Fowzer Photo (?) San Francisco
Visitor Statistics WebSite Creator by CM4all Lorraine Roe - San Francisco - young girl on rug- age ?
Lorrain Roe - "Lorine Roe" young girl age 3/5
Mabel Roe - "Mabel Roe Donnadien" - San Francisco
E-Mail AutoResponder ChClarence Roe - Palo Alto, CA. young boy - age ?
Lorene Roe - " age 3 yrs." - San Francisco

Amy Nash - in her early 20's
Helen Nash - age 8/10 yrs

Mrs. Pletsch -
Samuel Dickson -"Compliments of Samuel Dickson, Grandma Bell's brother"- Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Linda Vierra - " Formally Linda DAVIS, sister of Mrs.Brotherton
June Bracesca -San Francisco - young girl age 2/3
Judge George Buck - San Francisco/Los Angeles
Edith Earle Toots - San Francisco - young girl age 3/5
Helena Hansen - San Francisco
Uncle Harry Osborn - "Grandma's brother" - Worthing
Alma Johns - San Francisco
Mrs. Ed. Healey - "Aunt Louise" - San Francisco
Peter Ruf - " at age of 18, in 1909"
Florence Secker Earle Phillips-San Francisco
Norman Buck - San Francisco - Age 3/5
James Crowe - San Francisco
Harry William Sears-"father of Ethel Austin - Harry William Sears + Alvida Grant
Freddie Pillot - San Jose, Ca
Wm Duffey - "valet to the Duke of Genoa"
Madeline Dubbs --- " wife of Michael, mother of Adolph Dubbs"
Mrs. Barroilhet - San Francisco
C. Hugues, inscribed: "To Mr. & Mrs. Palmer, San Gregorio, California -- Paris, France, February 24, 1896"

Johnnie Bernardo died Dec 20, 1903 age 4 yrs 5 m 24 d
Thomas W. Fitzpatrick died Oct 11, 1900 aged 23 yr 4 m 13 d
Andrew Melrose died Feb 14 1903 -- aged 85 yrs


Photos of the Boyd and Gregg Families from Mt. Victory, Ohio

They include a photograph of Mr. J. W. Gregg, sent to Mrs. A. L. Boyd in Mt. Victory, Ohio and two of Eva Gregg from Mt Victory, Ohio.
A VIEWER WRITES: Eva Gregg is J.W.Gregg's daughter and she married A.L.Boyd (Abraham Lincoln Boyd). So Miss Eva Gregg is Mrs. A. L. Boyd . Thanks for the help!

Other photos include:
Mrs. Boyd & "The Horseback Riders" --- Mt. Victory, Ohio, Elizabeth Witcraft Boyd, Grandpa Boyd,
Mrs. Mayme Boyd - 1904, Mildred G. Boyd - (Two & one half yrs old ) - Sidney, Ohio and William "Bill" Boyd
This one may also be related:
Robert Boyd - May 23, 1877 - Butler, Pennsylvania -graduated Princeton College 1874 -- Princeton, Sem. 1877


Three Photographs from the Corwin Family
from the Toledo, Ohio area

John Corwin, Sarah Ann Corwin and the
Mayme Corwin Family in front of home at Groveport, Ohio.
This family is probably related to the Boyd Family listed above.


Seven Photographs of the Gardner / Wright Family

Joseph Gardner, the son of Capt. Joseph & Lovire Gardner.

Edna at two years old in a photo from New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Mr. Wright who married Elizabeth Gardner the daughter
of Captain Joseph Gardner -- Fall River, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Gardener Wright's son -- Fall River, Massachusetts

Aunt Sukey ( Susan ) ----------- Providence, Rhode Island
-------- dau. of Peles Gardner & Lydia Simmons --------

(Preliminary research shows: Henry W. Eddy was
born on 1 Jan 1813 in Warren, Bristol,
Rhode Island, to Caleb Eddy and Nebby Maxwell
but also that Annie Rosavelle Gardener got married on
22 Nov 1883 in Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island )

Annie Gardner in a photo from Warren, Rhode Island.
She was the wife of Henry Walter Eddy and the
daughter of Mary Mc Fadden and Capt. William Gardner.

Mary Mc Fadden who was Capt. William Gardner's first wife.
in a photograph that was taken in Brooklin, E.D.

NOTE: Bill Blanding claimed the last two photos.


Five Photographs of the Heberlein Family

One photo of Mr. J. W. Heberlein from Fennimore, Wisconsin by himself.
Then a photo of four sons of Mr. J. F. Heberlun. They are J. W. again ,
Edward, Frank and Joe. One photo is of Maggie Heberlun Riley from
Lancaster, Wisconsin. She is the daughter of J. T. Heberlein. And finally,
a photo of Mary C. Heberlein as a little girl and one of her as a married woman
- Mary C. Heberlein Earl. A couple of the photos are from Fennimore, Wisconsin.


Six Photographs of the Pankratz - Pschigoda - Penner Families from Kansas

Christ Pschigoda ------------ his sister married Mr. Pankratz
Ferdand Pschigoda --------- his sister married Mr. Pankratz
Mollie Pschigoda - sister m. Mr. Pankratz - Canton, Kansas
Mrs. Pankratz - Paternal Grandmother to Bill Pankratz
Mollie Pankratz married Jake Penner - Burton, Kansas.
Four guys from the Pankratz - Pschigoda clan.



Eight Photo Postcards from the French Family - Boisvert

Two photos of Rose Boisvert, Mr. & Mde. Boisvert, Oliver, Marie, Maria and Ovila Boisvert,
Yrlic and Erma Boisvert, Rose, Yvonne and Herve Boisvert, Mr. & Mde. Yrlic Boisvert with daughter,
Stevens Beland, Ovier Landry, Emille Laundry, Yvonne Boisvert, Rose Boisvert and Yvonne Beland


Two photos of the Ewerts from Michigan

A young picture of Fred and Belle Ewert from
West Salem, Michigan and an older picture of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ewert from La Crosse, Michigan.


The Beckbissinger Family from Detroit, Michigan

These two photos are from Detroit, Michigan.
The first is of Mrs Beckbissinger and the second is her 3 kids.
They are cousins of Lillie Hempel or Henipel.


Maurer Family Reunion photographs

One was taken between 1890 and 1900 and the other was
taken between 1900 and 1910.



Stack of Family Photos from Vinton, Iowa

This collection of 22 sepia photographs
appears to be from the early 1900's.
Many are in decorative cardboard frames
and all were taken in Vinton, Iowa.
The only name is on a picture postcard
shot of G. W. Harmon.


Three Photographs of the Stauffer Family

One photo shows Harriet Stauffer,
the mother of Wilfred Stauffer in Bethlehem, Pa.

Another photo is of Wilfred Ludwig Stauffer -- 2 1/2 years old

The third photograph says "Father and Children"
Anna, Kenn, Randolph And Virgina Stauffer
from Reading, Pa.


Three photos of this family.

William D. Gochenour, Mary E. Gochenour,
Katherine Gochenour and Merta Gochenour King



Three Photographs of the Lanman(s) Family

Mrs. Lanmans in Wellsville, New York

Mr. & Mrs. Lanman in Hornellsville

A family of Eight pictured in Phillipsburg, Kansas


Thirteen Photographs of the Rowe Family from Maine and lots of Genealogical information.

Elias Dinsmore --------------- Bowdoinham, Maine
married Martha Adams in Dec.22, 1844 in Sagadahoc Co.
-- grandfather to Dora Rowe on her mothers side --

Martha ( Adams ) Dinsmore - Bowdoinham, Maine
born in 1818 in Welton, Maine. Her daughter
was Laura Dinsmore, later Mosier, later Spittal
her daughters were Ida Hutchins and Dora Rowe
Dora had Laura Hill, Charlotte Lard & Dora Freeman

Another photo of Martha Dinsmore as elderly lady
Note:Martha Adams is listed with the L.D.S.
Her Ancestrial File Number is 1F77-PPK.
Her birthdate is listed as 31 Aug 1818)

Dora Rowe -- at 16 years old ------ Gardiner, Maine

Lottie Rowe ------------------------ Richmond, Maine
sister to Mary Rowe, she was b. 1867 and d. 1883

Mary Rowe ---------------------------- Richmond, Maine
sister to Sannie & Charles Rowe from Richmond, Maine
she was born about 1865 and she died in her early 30s

Mother Rowe -------------------------- Richmond, Maine
mother to Charles, Sannie, Sidney,Lottie & Mamie

Dora Mosier ------------------------ Richmond, Maine
in photo she is 15 or 16 . She married S. B. Rowe.

Previous photos are cabinet cards from the late 1800s
The rest of these photos are from the early 1900s.

1 of Doris Mosier Rowe as a baby and 2 more at 5 mo.
the back says she was born on May 5th, 1908

Charlotte Ida Rowe at two years old

Laura Bernice Rowe 3 yrs & Charlotte Rowe 7 mo.

Then there is a Memoriam for Sannie B. Rowe
He was born on 12/12/1870 in Richmond, Maine.
He died at Newton Centre, Mass. on 9/12/1954.

Last, there is a piece of paper with both sides full of
genealogical info. - It tells of Benjamin Townsend
(1711-1810) and his service in The Revolutionary War.
Then it shows his descendancy through his son
James Townsend who married Abigail Pitty.
Their daughter Phebe Townsend who married
Charles Dinsmore and then it lists their 12 children.
One of them is Elias who married Martha Adams.


The Cadmus Clan from New York.

Edwin Cadmus -------------------------- New York, New York

Jasper Cadmus -----------------------------------------------

Sofiah (Sophia? ) Jane Cadmus ------------------------------

William Cadmus ----------------------- New York, New York

To my friend Jasper Cadmus, From Ricardo Barra, New York


Thirteen Personal Photo Postcards from the town of Ohio, Illinois.

I recently purchased these postcards which are so pristine
you would think they were printed yesterday instead of in the 1800's.
( The photos are so cute, I wish I could keep them.
I know they would go for a very high price on eBay.
But I really wish someone from Ohio, Illinois would claim these and make
them available to all of the genealogical researchers from Bureau County.) These are photos of townsfolk and the town. Only one of the cards has ever been used. It was sent by Clara to Miss Jessie Melville from Somonauk, Ill. This photo is of 20 kids (if you count the one popping out the door and the one hiding in the bushes) on the steps of the public school. The kid in front is a black boy who couldn't bear to open his eyes. Another photo is a professional photo of the wood frame school house complete with a school bell in the steeple. It says "No. 18, Ohio, Illinois - Public School" Another photo that is apparently from this same group says "No. 26, Main Street - looking south - Ohio, Illinois" Main Street is not paved but there is a very early type of streetlight that is hanging from a wire. One is of a laughing man peaking out from behind a tree. Another is of three people pretending to float behind two others that are standing on the ground. In the background of these photos are big houses with great big porches wrapping around them. One photo is of a group of 53 people and some are on horseback. Another is of a ballet class of 8 young ladies. Two of the photos are of a group of 4 women posing behind flower gardens. One is of a lady filling a wood bird bath with a barn and a silo in the background. One is of three people standing on a snow drift on top of a fence. One is of a lady mowing her lawn with the help of her son pushing and 3 littler kids pulling on a leather harness. The last one is of two guys with their hands in the air and their feet on a milk can that says Mc Do---, Ohio, Illinois.



Eight Snapshots of the Pond Family


Early 1900's home photos of Pond and associated families.

The first photo says: "The Pond Family at the Laramie Mountians
-- Otto - Lila - Rita - Oliver - Jenny - Easter - Verna - Gladys - Lisa & Guy."

The second one says:" Oka? Conoser ( Conorer ) & Margaret Franklin."

The next photo is of Ester Pond.

One shows Anna Pond and Charles Pond with Jessie Sterner and Rusty Sterner.

And one is of " Dad and Mother Pond "

Another simply has "John & Nelly"

Next one says "Backyard of Conorer's corner house "

Then Jack Franklin & Moffart Conorer ( Conoser )

The last one is of Mac Franklin and Vera Kemp


Three Tintypes of the Cody Family

Fred Travis - the brother of Mrs. Cody

Mrs. Chester Howard (Travis) Cody

Chester Howard Cody




Three Photographs of the Paur Family
as they immigrate to America


A Wedding Photo of
Edward and Emilie Paur
from late 1800s in Paris, France

Then on American personal photo postcards
one of Lucien Paur by himself
and one of Lucien and his mother.


Nine pictures of the Mc Crosky Family
from Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Mr. Mc Crosky ---------------- Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Mrs. Mc Crosky ---------------- Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Tom Mc Crosky ---------------- Harrodsburg, Kentucky

The next picture appears to be Mrs. Mc Crosky
and a daughter ---------------- Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Then just the daughter as a baby -- Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Two photographs of women that were taken in Louisville, Kentucky

Then a drawing/photograph labeled "my brother Dick"

T. J. Swazey ---------- Louisville, Kentucky

I have no proof that the last four photographs
are of Mc Crosky family members.
But if they were not family then they were close friends
because all nine of these full size cabinet cards were
in the Mc Crosky Family photo album.


The Mc Ganegle Men from California and Missouri

Two very old photographs that show
Dan Mc Ganegle and his niece in Los Angeles, California
and Charley McGanegle in Kansas City, Missouri
shortly before he was killed.


The Britt Family from Cahir, Ireland

Two photos that are from Cahir (Ireland?)
Girls in white vails labled Nora's three girls and
Nora with her husband and three girls, labled Mrs. Britt.


The Bromer Family from Pennsylvania

Unfortunatelty, there are no first names on these
two photographs from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
They are just labled Grandma Bromer and Mr. Bromer.
The town appears to be something like Veliweuksville.


Six photographs from the Shauffer family.
Shauffer Pennsylvania

Cousin Mary Keim Shauffer with baby Wilfred L. Shauffer - Reading, PA

Two of Wilfred Ludwig Shauffer baby -- 4/23/1884 -- Philadelphia, PA

Two of W. L. Shauffer as a young man in Reading, Pennsylvania

Wilfred L. Shauffer as a man in 1901


The Strassburger Family

Two photos of a family with some connection to the Shauffer family above.
One says "Grandma Strassburger"
The other one says " Jacob Andrew Strassburger"


The Schivenk Family

Two photos of this family.
The first photo says "Abraham Schivenk. "
The other photo says John G. Schivenk 1831 - 1904 son Jacob Schivenk



This is an esquisite example of treasured family photos that should be preserved together. The family names of Fry, Polk and Marsden are also included. The associated family of Harms follows. There are 80 photographs and a telegram in this group alone. Most of the photographs are identified and the rest can be figured out from those.

The photos are labeled:

Evelyn Fry Woodhurst and Charles Woodhurst right after they got married

Charles J. Woodhurst and Agnes Woodhurst and Charles Woodhurst (as a boy) on the front Porch

Charles Grant Woodhurst Jr. and daughter "Kitten" Woodhurst in a photo from Fort Collins, Colorado

Group photo in the yard - appears to show Charles and Evelyn Woodhurst and their grown son Douglas, and daughter Inez Woodhurst Polk, her children: Betty Ann Polk and W. Polk and another boy.

Four photographs of the inside of their beautiful house showing arts and craft furniture, statues and large oval photo on the wall

Edythe and Douglas Woodhurst - 9 mos. old & 3 yrs & 9 mos. old

Edythe and Douglas Woodhurst - 1 yrs old & 5 yrs old - Salt Lake City, Utah

Little blond girl in the front yard in Grand Junction, Colorado

Edythe Woodhurst ... 5 years plus ...... Salt Lake City, Utah

Thirteen people in the front yard in Grand Junction, Colorado

Three boys from that group labled "Buds boys - Chuck, Ronnie & Doug"

Two unlabled group photos on the front porch (Evelyn Woodhurst and her son Douglas and daughter Inez)

Agnes Woodhurst

Postcard from Utah to Miss Inez Woodhurst in Fort Collins, Colorado

One of the Woodhurst babys on the front porch

Kids on the front porch (Betty Ann Polk and W. Polk)

Two more children on the front porch

Kate Woodhurst, Will May and their daughter Lucille?

Kitty Woodhurst

Baby Woodhurst in a photo from Denver, Colorado

Baby on a real bear skin rug, photo in a cardboard frame of Robert Keith Woodhurst - Age 4 months

Eight girlfriends in Grand Junction, Colorado

Two boys from Salt Lake City

Two photos of Douglas Woodhurst - 2 or 3 years old - Brigham Canyon, Utah

A photo of their house on a lake in Grand Junction, Colorado

Unnamed family ( Inez Woodhurst Polk, her husband and their children: Betty Ann Polk and W. Polk) on the front porch

A strip of five photobooth photos of Evelyn Fry Woodhurst

A small envelope of eight more photobooth photos of Evelyn Fry Woodhurst and two of Charles Grant Woodhurst Jr.

Florence Fry as young lady

Two photos of elderly lady (Florence Fry) on Easter 1948 in Grand Junction, Colorado

Bob's grandmother and grandfather Fry

Douglas Woodhurst - 3+ years old - Brigham Canyon, Utah

Three little girls from Grand Junction, Colorado labled "Barb. - Cheryl / Eves' Baby - & Judy"

Photo of a baby in a stroller is labeled "Douglas Woodhurst - Brigham Canyon, Utah"

A Western Union telegram from Mr. Robert Keith Woodhurst to Mrs. Robert Keith Woodhurst in Grand Junction, Colorado

Charles G. Woodhurst ........

Agnes Woodhurst ... June 17, 1907

Agnes Woodhurst and son Charles Grant Woodhurst Jr. and daughter "Kitten" Woodhurst in a photo from Denver, Colorado

Undentified girl from Grand Junction, Colorado

Kitty Woodhurst ........ Ft. Collins (Larimer County, Colorado)

Undentified baby from Grand Junction, Colorado

Evelyn Marie Woodhurst ......... Salt Lake City, Utah

Undentified couple from Delta, Colorado

Douglas Woodhurst ........ Brigham, Utah

Agnes Woodhurst and baby Charles..

People on a train in Palisade, Colorado

An envelope sent from Grand Junction, Colorado to Earl Marsden in Palisade, Colorado in 1911

Two kids of Mrs. E. T. Marsden in a photo from Grand Junction, Colorado

Undentified lady on front porch (Evelyn Marie Woodhurst ... Salt Lake City, Utah)

Charles G. Woodhurst and baby Douglas W. .........

Undentified lady in front of the same porch (Evelyn Marie Woodhurst ... Salt Lake City, Utah)

Charles and Evelyn Woodhurst and son Douglas

Undentified couple in front of the same porch (Evelyn Marie and Charles B. Woodhurst ... Salt Lake City, Utah)

Undentified family in front of the same porch (Evelyn Marie and Charles B. Woodhurst with two daughters, Edythe M. and her sister... Salt Lake City, Utah)

Group photo in the yard - appears to show Charles and Evelyn Woodhurst and their grown son Douglas, and daughter Inez Woodhurst Polk, her husband and their children: Betty Ann Polk and W. Polk

Norman Woodhurst Polk ........17 months old -- Champaign Illinois.

Carol Therese Polk - one year old -- Champaign, Illinois

Betty Ann (8 years old ) and W. Polk - (4 years old) in 1929 -- Champaign, Illinois

NOTE: According to research:
Charles Grant Woodhurst was born in Colorado in 1887. He married Evelyn Marie Fry, who was born on October 15th 1892. Their son was George Douglas Woodhurst, who was born 18 NOV 1909 in Bingham Canyon, Tooele County, Utah
Charles had a sister named Inez Lucile Woodhurst. She was born in Colorado in 1892 and got married in 1920 to Albert A. Polk

The associated Harms Family also have photos that show their evolution from Prussia, Germany to Grand Junction, Colorado.

They show a woman from Prussia that comes to America and her family here.

A postcard that was sent in 1944 to Mrs. Robert Keith Woodhurst in Grand Junction, Colorado in-care-of Louis Harms, shows this family's connection to the one listed above.

On a photo with five stately, elderly folks the label reads "Aunt Katie, Hattie, mom, Grandma & Grandpa Harms"

Baby girl "Louie Harms" in a dressing gown in Grand Junction, Colorado

Baby photo on a real bear skin rug is labeled "Louie May Harms - Age 7 months - 1892"

Three identical photos of a beautiful young girl labeled
"Louie May Harms - Age 13 - June 1905" - from Grand Junction, Colorado

A five page love letter in 1911, Grand Junction, Colorado, to Earl from Louie (Miss Louie May Harms)

Oversized photos in a standing cardboard frame of an elderly married couple. On the back, is a whole lined page of genealogical information. It reads "Louis Harms - Born in the state of Ohio - In the year of April the 15, 1855 - Mrs. Harms was born in Sanden, England - " In the year of December the 22, 1859 - etc. etc.

And one of immigrant Louisa Harms that is dedicated "to her dear son Louis Harms"

NOTE: According to research, Louisa Godheart was born on Feb. 12, 1828 in Prussia, Germany and died July 30, 1926 in Modesto, Stanislaus Co.,CA. She married Henry August Harms in 1849 in PA., one year after immigrating from Prussia. - they had 11 children: Charles, Henry, William, Mary, Albert, Margaret, Theodore, Peter, Catharine, Fredrick, and Louis


UPDATE: Four more photos from this group have been located.

They are over-sized studio portraits on cardboard backing.

The names handwritten on the back are:

Louis Harms

Louis Harms --- 1913 ------- Grand Junction, Colorado

Louis Williams -- "March 1902 - To Mr. & Mrs. Harms -
Compliments of Louis Williams" --- Denver, Colorado

Louis Harms
Clestnurt ?
Whitey ?


Three Lasswell Photos

One is a group photo of four men.
One of them is identified as James Lasswell.
The photo was taken in Janesville, Wis.

The other photo is a cute little kid holding a kitten.
On the back it says "Kemp Laswell from Monroe City, Indiana"
The third one is more recent.
It is of Helen Lasswell from 1928.



Fifteen Photos from Kansas of the Steinlein,
Weber, Givens, Siebenhaar, Parks, Wing, Fritschi,
Pannebaker, Oswald & Holz Families

"Vitus John Steinlein and Barbara Stelzel Steinlein"
Father of Mary Weber , in a photo from Washington, Kansas

"Vitus John Steinlein"
Husband of Barbara Stelzel Steinlein
Father of :
Mary Weber, Margaret Givens, Elizabeth Holz, Ann Parks,
Barbara Ahlers, Rose Leopold & Catherine Fritschi.

"Margaret Steinlein Givens - Sister of Mary Steinlein Weber"
in a photo of a 16 year old girl

"Oren Cecil Givens - son of O.C. & Margaret Steinlein Givens"
in a photo from Hanover, Kansas

"Anna Steinlein Parks"

"Sophia Sutton - aunt by marriage of Grant Wing
who is the husband of Lena Weber Wing (sister of John Weber)"

"Mary Steinlein Weber" - wife of John W. Weber
their children:
Alice Weber, Vera Weber Brown, Harry Weber,
Ethel Weber Kelly & Charles Kenneth Weber,
in a photo from Washington, Kansas

"Lucy, William and Lena Weber -
children of John B. and Margaretha Weber, Hollenberg, Kansas"
in a photo from Omaha, Nebraska

Mayme Oswald in a photo from Hiawatha, Kansas

Mrs. J. P. Pannebaker in a photo from Washington, Kansas

"Siebenhaar - cousin of Mary Steinlein Weber"
in a photo taken in Hanover, Kansas

" Rose Siebenhaar - wife of Martin Siebenhaar
who was a cousin of Mary Steinlein Weber"

John Weber in a post Civil War US Army uniform,
with two pistols in his belt and a long rifle (musket) with a bayonette

"Catherine Steinlein Fritschi"
in a personal photo postcard

Wedding photo of "Catherine and Elgie Fritschi
daughter of Vitus and Barbara Steinlein"

"Edwadeen Holz - daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Steinlein Holz"
in a confirmation photo taken in Chicago

?Edward Holz, husband of Elizabeth Steinlein Holz,
Taken at St. Joseph, Michigan, May 30,1908?


Anna Steinlein
Birth: 22 Nov 1885 in Of Washington Co.,Kansas
Married: 27 Apr 1910 in Of Washington Co.,Kansas to
Perry Glenn Parks (b: 20 May 1888 in of Washington Co.,Kansas)

Mayme Oswald
Married: 27 Apr 1910 in Of Washington Co.,Kansas
Birth: 18 Nov 1887 in Hollenberg, Kansas
Death: 10 Oct 1991 in Gage County, Nebraska
Father: John Frederick Oswold b: 19 Jan 1851 in Iowa
Mother: Anna Martha Pope b: 12 Apr 1859 in Maquoketa, Iowa



The Unknown Family

This last family has no surname listed but the Given Names of the 7 children are:
Dola, Otis, Nora, Jim, Lettie, Lee and Bob
I know it's a long shot but I have to try.


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