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Photos on which the Maiden name
and the Married name are present.




Marjorie Spickler Cavangh




Jessie Ewart Lloyd in a photograph from Galesburg




Jennie Martin Dane (Darre ?) wife of Fred Bliss - Warren, Rhode Island




Abby Morton Dias in a photograph from Boston




Frederica Stalpp Wirth wife of Nick Wirth ----- Princeton, Indiana




NOTE: Research shows that according to the 1860 Census Patoka, Gibson Co., IN Nicholas Wirth born 1832 in Prussia, Germany, married Frederica (born 1835 in MD) and had children




Louisa Wirth (born 1854 in MD) and Catherine Wirth


born 1858 in Patoka, Gibson Co., IN



Ella Virginia Myers Noe on a personal photo postcard from Marinetta, Ohio



Margaret Malloy 1899, before she married Mr. Fenney  Indianapolis, Indiana



Florence Happes Miller --- find in the Hilty Family Group ----------


Vinie Hooper Cook daughter of Mary in a photo from Boston, Mass.




Dolly Moors Good --------------------------------------------------


Lulu Campbell Winchester in a photo from Pecatonica, Illinois NOTE: Research shows Lulu A. Campbell 1881- 1920 was from Pecatonica Twp., Winnebago County, Illinois Her parents were Edward S. Campbell b. 11 Dec 1840 in Winnebago County, Illinois & Catherine C. Smith b. about 1840 in Michigan On 20 Mar 1901 in Winnebago County, Illinois Lulu married Rufus J. Winchester b. 1879 in Illinois


Annie Machentatz Koch in a photo from Des Moines, Iowa Married into Koch printing in Des Moines


Laura Merriam Meacham Emmert Wife of George Emmert This is the only photo on this site that appears to be a copy.


Chloe Shilling as a little girl in a photo from Pilot Mound, Iowa This photo includes that she was born July 14, 1897 That she married William Larenzen and lived to be 76.


Mary Dametz McClellan ----------------------------------- NOTE:Research shows Mary Ann Dametz was born Nov 1866 in Oskaloosa, Iowa and lived in Washington, Kansas. She was the daughter of Francis Maximillian Dametz b. 1834 in Zeitz, Germany & Lavina Horn b. 19 May 1835 in Pennsylvania In 1889, Mary married Joseph McClellan, born in Oct 1863, Indiana. They had Elma M. 1890, Baby 1896, George F.1892, Alton A.1899, Floyd 1901, Russell 1903, Faith 1904 and Maybelle 1906


Elizabeth Jane Scircle Orr, the mother of Rozabelle Constantine and grandmother of Elizabeth Hamilton NOTE:Research shows Elizabeth Jane Scircle was born in 1844/1847 in Indiana and died after 19 Jan 1926 in Cortez, Colorado Daughter of George Adam Scircle b. 5 Mar 1818 in Botetourt, Virginia and Malinda Ryan b. 6 Apr 1822 in Ohio She was the mother of Ruth Lucy Rosabelle Orr who was born 16 Nov 1881 in Ohio and died 19 Oct 1949 in Los Angeles, California who married Charles Albert Constantine in Durango, Colorado  UPDATE: SCOTT WASHBURN HAS CLAIMED THIS PHOTO



Francis C. Bennett Mrs. C. B. Ensor Baltimore, Maryland


Deilla Bowersmith Lowe in a photo from Columbus, Ohio NOTE: Research shows Fidellia Bowersmith b. 1834 in Union Co., OH daughter of Jacob and Mathilda Jenkins Bowersmith b: VA And she married Joseph Ginther and then Edward Lowe in Ohio


Mrs. Janie Plum Dodge --- wife of the doctor ------------


Harriet E. Dennis --- married Mr. Fisher ------ Denver, Colorado


Nancy Wright Wilson ----- Chardon, Ohio Nellie Thompson Wright ----- Chardon, Ohio NOTE that research shows Nellie Thompson b. 1855 d. 1880 in Geauga County, Ohio Daughter of Edward Thompson b .1813 in Geauga County, Ohio and Jane E Alden b: 1819. Nellie married Asa N. Wright b: 1850


Mrs. George Lane --- sister of Joe Wiley --- Cincinatti, Ohio


Lucy Strasburg Haynes


Elizabeth Apple Draper NOTE: Research shows a Mary Elizabeth Apple b. 2 Dec 1872 in St. Paris, Ohio d. 9 Apr 1943 in Piqua, Miami County, Ohio married Phillip Sherdan Draper b: 22 May 1872 in Marysville, Union County, Ohio


Mrs. Laura Fisher Freess ---- Civil War era lady


Rosa Card Freel --- born July 4, 1877 --- lots of info on back Research shows: Rose C Card d: 28 FEB 1976 in Alliance, Stark Co, OH Her parents were Simeon Card b: 1833 in OH & Sarah Jane Carter b: 1835 in OH Married Ord Kerr Freel b: 1871 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA on 20 Jan 1904


Rebecca Butterfield Walcott in a photo from Chicago, Illinois


Bessie Read Whitehair --------- on a photopostcard


Irene Young Woodbury in a photo from Greenville, Ohio


Loucina Orinstake Rouble ---- Washington Court House, Ohio


Florence Ebersole Shay in a photo from Findlay, Ohio


Gladys Larkin White -----------------------------------------------


Annette May Summers Huber --- born Sept. 1st, 1867 ------- Married to Jacob Huber ------ Sept. 1st, 1886 --------------------- She was 36 when this photo was taken on Sept. 1st, 1903 ---


Ethel Williams -------- daughter of Jake Herr -------------------


Mary K. Cottinghan Braumiller -- Grad. Photo Miami University


Nellie Hemmerly Newel with some man -------------------------


Flora Kimes Roth ----------------------------------------------------


Mrs. Dr. Brodbeck Reitz ---------------- Platteville, Wisconsin


Ada Levline Branch ------------------------------ Hamilton, Ohio


Kizzie Kail Sims ----------------------- Loogootee, Indiana ------mother of Leland Sims b. 1895


Gary VanVoorhees & his wife Inez Fairchild in 1908, on a photo postcard sent to Jennie Vaughn, Chadron, Nebraska

 (This photo has been moved to Couples Photographs - Page 13 )

Lucile Thompson Taylor ---- photo postcard ---


Emma Widicus Frutiger -- Highland, Illinois Note:Rootsweb has her ID: I28850476 Emma Katherine WIDICUS b. 20 FEB 1888 d. 26 JAN 1969 8 Feb 1910 m. Martin FRUTIGER b. 10 NOV 1886 Children Boy b. 17 OCT 1911 & Myron Wilbur FRUTIGER b. 14 MAY 1919


Minnie Fink Tascher ---- 1893 ------- South Bend, Indiana


Two identical photos labeled "Ella Morris Drum" and "Ella Sherwood Morris-age 3"


Belle Morgan Carpenter ----------------- Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania


Nellie Eagon -- "Lewis Rusle's Daughter" -- Walla Walla, Washington


Corinne Stubbs --------------------------------- Chicago, Illinois Note: A kind reader sent the following: She was the daughter of Timothy Stubbs b. 1815 Bucksport, ME and Nancy b. 1827 in England. Mrs. Corrine Stubbs Brown, widely known socialist and woman suffragist, died on March 15, 1914 in New York of pneumonia. Born in Chicago in 1849, connected with public schools and became interested in politics. 1901, elected to executive board of the social democratic party. -- Survived by daughter Corrine and sons, Frederick and Timothy S. Brown from New York.


Anna Walf and Gertie Walf Micheles in uniforms?

(This photo is currently missing)


Miss Harrietta Eacker - now Mrs. Ed. Phelan - C. V." According to information that was submitted to Rootsweb:


Harrietta Dykeman Eacker was born on 1 Sep 1851 in Palatine Bridge,NY and died on 13 Jun 1926 in CherryValley,NY She married Edward James Phelon b: 29 Dec 1858 on 27 Jun 1883.


Beulah Phillips Harris Nelson ------------------------------


Garnet De La Mater Jones --- Charleston, South Carolina


Jane Goodrich Paine ----- a tintype ---------------------------


Eulalia Myers (Gray) - daughter of Dr. and Anna Myers


2 photos of Iva Jean Harkins ( Louher )


Leland & Lena ( Tompkins ) Bearce and their 2 boys -------------------- Clarinda, Iowa

(This photo is currently missing)


Miss Jeriema Robertson ------- Pottsville, Pennsylvania She became the mother of Willaim Patterson.


Pearl Josephson Fishbaurne -------------------------------


Elizabeth Alwater Mairs -------- (b. 1883) ----- ------------ photo taken in 1888 in Rutherford, New Jersey


Mrs. S. J. Moore -- Cora A. Bermis ( Bernis ?) - Cory, Pennsylvania


Mable Baldwin (Grams) ------------------- Saginaw, Michigan


Ollie Mc Elhiney Wardwill -- 1980 -- Kansas City, Missouri


Maude Renyolds ( Reynolds? ) Mc Elhiney - 1892 - Parsons, Kansas


Emily Pollock Hutchinson --------------------------- Denver, Colorado


Mrs. Zoe Mills Hunter ---------------- photo postcard ---------- 1918


Mrs. E. G. Meyer Schissel ---- 2 photos ------ Newark, New Jersey


"Mrs. Susanna W. Houghton or Anna Gevison "- Boston, Mass.


Leona Bell Wade ---------- tintype --------------------------


Mrs. Arthur W. Hickman from Buffalo, New York, who is the oldest daughter of Willis L. Gregory also of Buffalo, New York UPDATE: JOHN GREGORY HAS PURCHASED THIS PHOTO.


Alma Delier - Zena Delier = Mrs. W.W.Stevens - Souix City, Iowa


Mary Heif = Mrs. Paul Shelske Kaylor


Elizabeth Schueh ( Schuch ?) Nichol from Marshall, Michigan


Kittie Clark ---- ( who died in 1877 ) ---- daughter of D. N. Clark of Buffalo, New York and wife of Orton S. Clark - son of Zenas Clark of Buffalo, New York


Mrs. Rief -- Louise Valk's mother from Detroit, Michigan


Louise Reif ( Mrs. Valk ) from Detroit, Michigan


Jane Kennedy Brower from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania


Clara Ballard Thare from Chardon, Ohio


Maggie Skinner Scudder --- Indianapolis, Indiana Research shows: Margaret Skinner d: AFT 24 Dec 1889 married to


Ira L Scudder b: 1869 in IN on 24 Dec 1889 in Shelby, IN


Mollie Pankratz married Jake Penner - Burton, Kansas Her brother's son was William Pankratz.


Alice Beard Jewett and son? Morris


Mary Catherine ( Morten ) Lefferson from Shelbyville, Indiana


Mrs. Maggie Fromm Kobler - May 21, 1865 - Buffalo, New York


Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Dunbar -- Nee Cook -- Chicago, Illinois


Adelaide Hartley Henwood from Scranton, Pennsylvania


Lila Peck Bishop - 2pics - 1919 -- Wolbach, Greeley County, Nebraska


Jay Mary Hutchings Crane 1805-1879 wife of Benjamin Crane 1805-1865 ---

---- eldest daughter of John Hutchings and Jane Havens 


George Smith and his children: Walter, Albert, Orley, Leslie, Ralph and Alice Smith Colbert.


G.A.Bayer --- The Gilchrist Lake ?oms, Pa. ----- Rigny Homestead, Milford, Pa.


Maggie Heberlun Riley from Lancaster, Wisconsin. She is the daughter of J. T. Heberlun.


Lillie Needig Leary was born in Brooklyn, New York.

She was the mother of Mildred Leary Fisk and the grandmother of John Fisk.


Susie Wilson Nagel -- postcard sent from Mrs. M. Inniau to Clyde Wilson on Feb. 19, 1914 in Randolph, Iowa


Lydia Wood Van Vourhees--------------Brooklyn, N.Y.



Annie, Martha and Charles Greenlaw with ( mother-in-law?) Anna F. Deane ( Charles Deane's Mother) -- N. Cambridge, Mass.


Annie, Martha and Charles Greenlaw and Grandma Deane ( Uncle Than's Mother ) from Massachusetts


Pearl ( Sheldon ) Knau ( Knari ?)




Carrie Fisher -- "Ma Vose"


Isadore Philena Stowell 1853-1886 married Martin L. Keyes in 1876. This photo was taken in 1865 in Windsor, Vermont.


Bertha Henze Shoemaker from Redwood Falls, Minnesota 


Ella A. Nichols -- married to Frank Chandler about 1880. This picture was taken on May 12, 1861 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Their daughter, Helen M. Chandler was born in 1881.


Annie Weber Parche ( Pasche ?) ----------------------------------


Etta Ruth Leffingwell - b. 30 June 1912 - Photo Post Card - to George and Catherine Bloone Leffingwell of Wheatland, Iowa NOTE: Research shows: Etta Ruth Leffingwell Birth: 30 Jun 1912 in Wheatland,Iowa Her parents were George L. Leffingwell and Catherine R. Bloone Married 1 Robert Evans JONES 30 Jun 1932 in Los Angeles,Los Angeles,California and 2 Arthur Donaney HAMILTON on 15 Nov 1969 in Pasadena,Los Angeles,California


Richard and Anna ( Vest ) Clearwater ------------- Dana, Indiana


Tell and Lilla Cook Nabors ------------------------------ Crawford, Indiana


Vivian Maurine Williams - daughter of Susie Mae Smelset (Williams) ---


Mary C. Heberlun Earl -------------- Fennimore, Wisconsin


Myra & Lydia Kellane Smith ---------- Topeka, Kansas


Great Grandparents Hilton, Grandmother Hattie Hilton, Mother Clara Hilton Miller and Ruth Miller Bicknell in 1909


Fannie Iosty -- age 18 years -- Anamosa, Jones County, Iowa she was born in 1878 in Jones County, Iowa -- the daughter of Charles W. Iosty (born 1847 Prussia) and Martha Alice Snyder (born 1856, Jones County, Iowa) Later she married F. N. Bever


Elizabeth Knull Brennstuhl -- born on Tuesday, September the 8th, 1818 -- photo taken November the 5th, 1893 -- wife of Jacob Brennstuhl - mother of Charles W. Brennstuhl -- Greersville, Knax County, A. UPDATE: CURTISS STUART HAS CLAIMED THIS PHOTO FOR HIS WIFE PAT.


Luella May Foster Cowerth ? -- Marshfield, Wisconsin daughter of Joseph Foster and Jane Mathis (Ingram) Foster -- wife of Robert Cowerth -- mother of Ed Cowerth -- sister of Harriet Jane Foster Hessey, Ed Foster, Ida Foster, Margeret Foster Smith and Bertha Foster Arnold -- cousin of Emma Mathis Kelly, Charles Lucian Mathis and Arthetia Jane Mathis.


Mattie Booth of Amelia County, Virginia became Mrs. David W. Kyles of Bedford County, Virginia and then Mrs. Hugh E. Caperton of Baltimore, Maryland


Miss Annie Thatcher in a photo from New York, New York The back says she was born about 1860, that she was Ethel's paternal grandmother and Cathies great grandmother The photo once belonged to Edwin J. Mills and to Robert D. Guinness.


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