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Group Photos

Photos with more than one surname



The names are copied as handwritten on the photo.
So the spelling may be very wrong.
So consider all near misses as a possible hit.
The location is where the picture was taken.
The person may not have lived in the location given
but had a photo taken while visiting there.


3 Babies with their adult names


Lucille Wells Elmore


Jimmy Hill Sr.


Greltel (Grethel ?) Wells Weir


NOTE: Research shows Grethel Mae Wells  11 OCT 1906 - 30 OCT 1989 in  Courtland, Republic County, Kansas - married Hugh Lewis Weir - born 27 OCT 1902.


 English Sisters

On the back of a studio portrait of six women, from Fort Wayne, Indiana is written:

The English Sisters

Margaret Gresley

Rose McIntosh

Mollie Hubler

Nettie Hubler

Kate Merrian

Minnie Barkley

Note: Research shows: James H. English b.1846 in County Antrim, Ireland, Billy Parish,
son of English English. He married Isabel Elizabeth McConaghy was born 28 November, 1824
in Ireland and died 22 March, 1890 in Allen County, Indiana.
Daughters of Isabel McConaghy and James English are:
Margaret Jane "Maggie" English, b.1841 in Ireland; d.1925 m. Solomon Gresley 08 February,1871 in Indiana.
Roseanna "Rose" English, b.1851 in Ohio; d.1931. She married Benjamin J. McIntosh.
Mary Isabel "Mollie" English, b.1853 m. Milton Samuel Hubler 18 Dec. 1875 in Indiana.
Jeanette "Nettie" English, b.1859 in Indiana; d.1950 m. Frank Carter Hubler 02 May, 1882 in Indiana.
Katherine "Kate" English, b.1862 in Indiana. She m. Mason S. Merrian.
Nancy Minnie English, b.1864 d.1931 m. Ira Leander Barkley 05 May, 1885 in Allen County, Indiana.


Four women and six kids at a Wheat Thrashing

Mrs. Ed Owens

Mrs. Madora J. Fairchild and son Elmer

Mrs. Lewis Owen, Ina, Lena & Floyd

Mrs. Eda O. Sister


Three elderly folks and a little kid

Elizabeth Smith

Will Swarty

Rosemesd (Rosenined ?) Jefferies


5 people and a dog on a personal postcard

Bart Miller with the Johnson girls and another couple


A young boy holding a baby boy

Gary Alfred Hudson age 3 and a half years

And Donald Maurice Norwood age 7 months


Three young women in the city

V. HamiltonBroke


Helen McVey


Two friends on the beach

Frank Paulson

And Minnie Gaines


A photo postcard from Chicago in 1913

Ms. Jessey Breon

And Anna Wagner


Two poses of four children from Forest Grove, Oregon
in two photos taken on March 1, 1914

Dora and Evelyn Hall and

Harland and Glen Emmerson (Emerson?)


Three tough guys on a photo postcard

Coleman Christian

Guthrie Barnes

Marion Beck


Two affectionate women

Maude Thompson and Nesta Cline


Four eight grade girls and a table of toys in 1913

Edna Garthofi, V. Cain, Esther Zemer and Helen Cain


Four Ladies in Hats and Umbrellas

Lutie Yrout
Anettie Gailey
Allice Bowman
Quincetta Shriber


1910 Photo postcard of two gals from Oreana, Owyhee County, Idaho

Rosa Cowan
And Mrs. William Payne

Note some research shows Mary Margurite Cowan 1875 -1959
married William W. Payne b.1878 in Owyhee County, Idaho
on 25 Nov 1907 in Mountain Home, Elmore, Idaho.


Two Young Boys

John Irwin Mitchell and
Carl Maxey at 3 years old


1895 Photo

Emmaline ? Hough
and Ida Cocke


A nice young couple on a dock

Basil Stakis
And Alethea Perey


Three young men

Myron Holcomb
Clinton Lighthill
And an unknown fella


Two ladies in front of their Victorian home

Mary Forenash
Susie Hutchinson


Young men in bowties

Mr. Pearl and Carl Dearduff


Thirteen lovely young ladies all in white

This over-sized photograph lists:

Mary Shrank
Irene Craig Fox
Mabel Campbell Payton
Ethel Sherwood who died in 1957
Lillie Welderle
Ethel Piper Lair
Mattie Moore Ludlow
Lea Helen Sherwood Grimes
May Craige Miller
Alma Hunter Boyle
Essie Potter Jobe
and two un-nammed


Sam Hagy with Estate Sale ad attached

This photo includes the following:
Jewel Hagy
Vera Brown
Effie Carter Philen
all from Pittsburg, Tennessee


A snapshot from 1946

Eileen Simmons
and Margaret Matheny


Alumni ? Survivors? Relatives?

On the frame were these names and dates:

Ralph Amber --------------------------------- 1890
Jacob Alock (Alack?) ----------------------- 1887
Ruby Higgins --------------------------------- 1887
William Oscar -------------------------------- 1885
Henry Arthur ---------------------------------- 1875
Edward Garfield ----------------------------- 1881
Sarah Elizabeth Riegel ----------------------- 1871
Margaret F. Cramer wife of Orrie Kirk --- 1879
Mary Elizabeth wife of Bill Adams ------- 1878
Lene Belle wife of Joe Drevikosky -------- 1883
Ora Luella wife of Charles Watson -------- 1888
Rosa May Wilson wife of Charles Mc Coy 1872


Very light photo of three men with rifles and three women

On the back is written:

Mary Larid wife of Jurdon (Jordan?) Lee
Bertha Lee Roberts
Jurdon (Jordan?) Lee
Ernest Lee
Etta Lee Welliver
Ernest Welliver
Note: Research shows:
Ernest Welliver was born on 28 Feb 1866 in Reiley, Butler co., Ohio.
He died: 02 Oct 1902 in Reiley, Butler co., Ohio
Father: Isaiah Welliver b: 1837 in Reily twp., Butler co., Ohio
Mother: Letitia Little b: 1842 in Ohio
Married Mary Etta Lee b: 09 Oct 1874

NOTE: These same folks show up on the Photo Album page under
Several Families in a Photo Album from Oxford, Ohio & Indiana


A snapshot of Batman & her sidekick

Edith Batman and Kay Childress


A snapshot of five young ladies

Francis Farris
Lucile Anderson
Zelma Odenback
Billie and Petie


A photo of seven people

Grace and Chloe Alexander
With Angie Kirk and some of her children
about 1900


A photo from Summer 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Bacon


A photo postcard of 15 ladies in a conga line

Ruby Bryant La Frye
Martha Carson La Frye
Hazel Carson
Ruth La Frye
Hazel La Frye Montgomery
Hattie La Frye
Delpha Shendler
Edith La Frye
Verna La Frye
Elsie Bennett
Nell Bennett
Laura Takkers
Hazel Watt Doty
Mabel La Frye


The boys in the band from Somerville, Ohio

Ed Tracy
Walt Rogers
John Robinson
Herb Dennis
Everett Barnett
Ted Robinson


Two snapshots of Darling Grace Darling

One with
Ella Houser
Elizabeth Chapham
and Grace Darling.

And one with
Ruth Tappan
and Grace Darling


Seven Nurses in Uniform

Mrs. Alvia Ebner
Miss Slade
Miss. Lottie Shute
Miss Kathleen King
Miss. Mary Peterson
Miss Esther Becker
Miss Lucy Mulsare


Two nurses in uniform

A snapshot with
Arlene Ross
and Beth Carver


A two girl snapshot

A little photo with
Elizabeth Jones
And Nyleta Stalwell


Two girls and stone steps

The girls chillin are
Edith Miller
and Juanita Mitchell


A postcard sized photo from Christmas Day 1914

Mr. and Mrs. Tedford
Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Lumbley
Mr. and Mrs. Murfa


The Second Lady of the United States
and her siblings and cousins?

This 9 1/2" x 12" portrait shot includes:

Caro Blymyer Dawes
Ben Blymyer
Will Blymyer
George Blymyer
Mary Blymyer
Frank Blymyer
Frank Black
Henry Black
Sadie Black

NOTE: Research shows that Caro Dana Blymer b. 1866 in Waterford,
Washington County, Ohio to William Henry Blymer and Caroline Lucy Fearing,
married Charles Gates Dawes who was Vice President under Calvin Coolidge


Three Blodgett boys on a porch

This photo postcard shows Three Boys - Joe Blodgett, Harry Blodgett and Darrell Blodgett
with Mr. Ralph Miller standing by.
UPDATE:Jim Blodgett claimed this photo of his family.


An elderly couple (Ike and Sally) posing in the yard
with what may be their children and their spouses

The ten people are identified by the next generation as:
Dallas & Aunt Alice
Earl Fry & Aunt Ida
Ike Powell (Pennsylvania) & Sally (Massachusetts)
Carl Grose & Eva

Note: Research on Rootsweb shows that:
Ida Frederica Powell was b.1884 in Hancock County, Ohio, to Isaac D. Powell
& Sarah Gowdy. Ida married John Earl Fry b. 1881 in Hancock County, Ohio


A man and his woman

Gus Lake
Maude Shettron


Two Nebraska portraits of what
appears to be mother and daughter

Two beautiful portraits of
Mary Hintz
together with
Grandma Perkins
Both photos were taken in Edgar, Nebraska


Sixteen Folks posing on the Back Porch

This very early paper on cardboard photograph features:
Grace Scott
Harry Scott
Charley S.
Robert S.
Mr. W. M. Smithurck
Nola Fee
Sam Fee
Mrs. Fee
Mrs. Hilton


Three Dudes in Suits

Photo "taken prior to 1914"
Harry Lord
Harry Fiske
Bob Casterline


Edwardian Women Outdoors

Twelve senior ladies,
of which three are named:
Mrs. Geiger
Mrs. Eynon
Mrs. Lippincott


Three Serious Young Ladies "Stairsteppin'"

In a personal photo postcard to E. O. Hendricson:
Ina Jones
Gladys Cox
Lola Matterson
And then the name Heppner.
Note: There is a Heppner in Oregon and in South Dakota.


Two Young Couples

Ike Winters & Edna
Wes Ishler & Maude


Photo Postcard of Four Jaunty Young Men

Some guy sitting under a tree with
Milis Conners
Homer Davis
and Ray Allen


Photo Postcard of Cute Young Couple

The photo is of
B. Thielmann and A. Theisen.
The postcard was sent to her cousin Clara E. Fischback.
It is dated Nov. 13, 1910.


Photo Postcard of Twelve People on a Picnic

The adults are:
Mrs. Ammerman,
Mrs. Sample (mother of A. W. Sample),
Mrs. Ross,
Mrs. A. W. Sample,
Mr. A. W. Sample &
Mr. Ammerman.
The children are:
Helen Ammerman,
Harold Ammerman,
Milo Sample,
Byron Ross,
Marjorie Sample &
Charles Ammerman.


Two Women on a Bicycle built for Two

Great photo of
Eva Rhoades
Eva Collar.


Tintype of two very close Men

Aaron Morris and L. Demoret look very
affectionate in the paper framed tintype.


Photo Postcard of four Ladies on their Porch

"Emma Mc Intyre,
Aunt Mary,
Mrs. O. L. Millard
and I."


Maxine Taling and 100 of her Friends

It appears the whole town turned out for this photo of
a hundred people in front of a building that might be a church.
The only name appears to be Maxine Taling but is very difficult to read.
Anything close should be considered.


Photo Postcard of four elegant Women

The names of these four women are:
Lillie Harper,
Katie Boyer,
Sarah Boyer and
Elizabeth Pink Sanders


Keeping up with the Jones'

A photo postcard of seven people in front of their porch.
On the back it has: Mary Campbell Oswalt, Sophia Jones,
Minnie Jones, May Jones, Cora Foreman,
Carl Jefferies and one unknown fella.

Along with this photo I will include a photo postcard of
Carl Jefferies' in-laws' house with them sitting on the porch.
It is addressed to: Mrs. Carl Jefferies, Ensworth, Pittsburg, Pa.
It was sent from Shelby, Ohio in 1913.


Two couples - women in giant hats with huge feathers

Mabel Lewis and Joe Ostler
and another couple in 1910.


Seven College Chums

College age Boys Kickin' Back.
One is not named but the other six are:
Ike Brazelton , Mr. Jones, Mr. Jackson,
Mr. Courtney, Mr Kase and Chester Brazelton.


Taylor/Bersen/Tibbetts Family Reunion

"Group (43 members) of the Taylor + Bersen (?ersen) Reunion
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Tibbets
Aug. 26, 1911 in Athens, Maine


17 men in hats

Two men are pointed out and identified
on this photo postcard from about 1925.
They are John Griffith and Harvey Barnett.


11 Folks in Front of their House in their Sunday Best

Jen Stewart,
Jay Granger,
Augie Lindstrom,
Clara Swan (from Cory Pennsylvania),
Frank Goodwin,
Frank Carder,
Minnie Carter
Frank Skinner,
Annie Dean,
Ollie Swanson
and Lon Granger.


The Ohio Riverfront in 1907 or 1908

A lovely photo of twenty-five people on a dock.
There are women in white, with parasols.
There are men in suspenders
and everyone in hats.

Maude Sutherland,
Mrs. Hal Aisthorpe with Adu (child ),
Mrs. Harry Caudee,
Mr. W. N. Sutherland,
Mr. J. S. Aisthorpe,
Elsie J. Bach,
Helen Lewis,
Gladys Aisthorpe,
Edith Sutherland,
Grace Sutherland,
Mrs. W.H. Sutherland,
Mrs. J. S. Aisthorpe,
Hazul (Hazel?) Aisthorpe,
Mr. Harry Claudee,
Charlie Schuetter,
Hal R. Aisthorpe,
Harry Halliday,
and Ned Aisthorpe.


Four Ladies in Hats

Photo Postcard from the early 1900's with the following ladies:
Laverna Ellis
Madge Stanwood
Netta Woodworth
and Cora Roberts


Photograph of the Photographers

This a photograph of 4 men who are comfortable
in front of a camera. The front of the photo says
"M. Tomlinson - Photographer - Plainfield ?, Ind."
The back has been written on by two hands.
One says "Ed Jackson, Frank and Worth Tomlinson ?"
The other says "Ed Jackson, Frank Tomlinson & Worth Tomlinson
Neither one tells us who the fourth man is.


Two Shopkeepers in front of their Store

Dorothy Houlding ( Houeding ?) and Bubr (Bob?) Demaver ( Demarere ?)


Nichols & Baker in Missouri

There are three very elderly people in this photo and two are identified.
Will Nichols and Addie Ellen Baker.
It was taken on Aug. 20, 1929 in Dunagan, Missouri.


Army Camp in Ohio

Two snapshots of Camp Willis
near Columbus, Ohio
- Company D - 8th Ohio
during what must be W W I.


Two Men from Gorin, Missouri

Jake Hackey and Charlie Parcell


Nazarine Men

The Original Male Quartet.
D. O. Essley Jr.
Abner Mace
Sylvester Mace
Ray Meyer
Taken by Marie Berga


Wedding Photo

Wedding of Charles Schriek and Minnie Bassett
with 2 other men and "Aunt Sarah and Aunt Lizzie".



Agnes Bottoms and her gal pal
on a one-cent postcard.


Men in Suits along the River

Clarence Frederick and Ira Gillilan


Elyria, Ohio in 1926

This snapshot was taken by Miss Ladrach
of her neighbors, in South Ridge, Elyria, Ohio, in May of 1926:
Frank Mc Donald with his horse Mary,
Thelma Mc Donald and
Oscar Phifer and his horse Prince.


Emma and Ella

Emma Danber ( Darber ?) and Ella Bower


Women with Brooms.

Six women and a man sweeping up a church ?
Their names are: Alice E. Ericson,
Millie C. Cossintina, Edith Colson, Charlotte Ericson,
Mrtyle Mc Gowan, Mr. E.Ericson and Mrs. Bucon.


Mary and her son were killed in a car wreck.

Mrs. Bertha Henderson and son of Mary Leopard ( Lepard )


Easter Sunday in 1914

This snapshot of 13 well dressed Ladies and Gentleman
was taken in a park. On the back it says:
"Mrs. Seeds, Mrs. Wilson Shaw Miss, Mrs. Goran, Mrs. Belk,
Mr. Shindler, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Mazie, Mr. Goran,, Miss Way
on Easter Sunday, April 12, 1914.


Oct. 1917 Officers & Servicemen

30 men at attention in front of the barracks.
One the back it says:
" ___ group to go to Houston Texas ____ Snyers __eve (Steve?) Walsh"


1941 Officers Unite & Ex-Servicemen

Another more recent photo,
this picture features the following men:
Louis Fellander, Holgan Coyne, Elmer Sentney,
Elmer Jarris, Walter Ahlering, Edward L. Bybee,
William Turner, A. J. Leuderalbert and T.L.Baxter


Ornate Picture Postcard

Mr. Lizzie Eyra, Rollie Logan and Maude.


Two Boys from Indiana

Carl Hughes and Charles Tipton
from Sulivan, Indiana


Grandpa and the Kids

Lewis Perry and his grandkids Clarence C.,
Mary Walcher and Gertrude Walcher


Musicans with Attitude

That's William Hutson and Deluas Luallen
on the Guitar and the Zither
Coal Creek, Tennesse


The Lyon Kings

Grandpa Lyon sitting with his brother Elias W. Lyon
and his sister Rachel's husband Lyman Young


Very Early Photo Booth pictures

Catherine Esken and Lorena Colvin


Cow Power

The cutiest photo in the entire collection.
Three little boys in overalls and big straw hats.
The two brothers (?) are sitting in a minature wagon that is equipted with hand brake.
The older boy is leading the Cow that is hitched up to pull the wagon.
The names are: Robert and Dwight Pyncle ( or Pynele ) and William Ramsay.


Loading the Horse Driven Lumber Trike

A large photo of Charles Anschuetz with Mr. Earl Lewis.
They are loading lumber or shake shingles on to a three-barrel-wheeled wagon.
It is hard to make out but it appears the town is Sagenaugh (Saginaw?) Michigan.

NOTE: The Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Gratiot County, Michigan- > 1917" lists ANSCHUTZ, Charles - (wife Cora) 6 children, farmer & merchant, owns 10 > acres, Rural Route No. 1 Merrill, LaFayette Township, Road No. 51


Wylie C. C. in Wylie, Michigan

This is an oversized photo of 41 men and a boy.
They are dressed in late 1800's clothing or early 1900'S..
It is hard to date the clothes but everyone is wearing a hat.
They are standing in front of a plain wooden barn/factory.
The name on the back says "Wylie C. C" ( C C Camp ?).
And then the name " Charles Anschutz " He is sitting out front.
Then it says Wylie, Michigan


Bay Ciy Beauties

Carrie Todd and Nillie Miller with the Beutel sisters Bertha and Tinnie.
Four young women in fabulous dresses
in a photo from Bay City, Michigan


The Baxter - Kiefer House

John and Mary Baxter on the front porch of their homestead.
Daughter(?) Alice Kiefer and five of her children are also in attendance.
John is a relative of Matta Maikley Baxter.


Four Angelic Children in White

?rnodine Robertson -- 8 year old girl
?gar Pingin ( Puigra ?) --- 3.5 year old boy
?olerta Dority --------------- 19 month old girl
?rl Robertson ---------------- 3 month old baby
This photograph was made in May of 1908.



The Carlisle Bunch at Chemaua

A photo postcard of seven people sent on December of 1912 to John Whitwall in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. There are no names listed but they call themselves "The Carlisle Bunch at Chemaua".


The Davenport Clan

Eight people around 1920 posing along the side of the house.
The only one named is Mr. L. D. Davenport


The Club called The Horseback Riders

This is a photograph of a group of women from Mt. Victory, Ohio
in which the only name called out is
that of Mrs. Boyd.


Two Ladies from Flat Rock, Michigan

.Emogene Stoflet and Alice Waltz


3 Men on Market Street

Geo. Eckert, A.S.Paterson and C. Paterson
Photographer is J.A.Linder from 506 Market Street


Busurbaik or Adair from Illinois

There are two names on the back of this picture of a little girl from Champaign, Illinois. They are Donna Busurbaik ( Busenbaik ?) and Flossie Adair.


Gehiher - Baurenfinel ( Baurenfind ?) from Wisconsin

A nice old photo of two men and two women standing in front of a new house. On the back it says: "Mrs. ad. Gehiher homes or Mrs. Baurenfinel ( Baurenfind ?) buildings at Appleton, Wisconsin"


Two Shopkeepers in front of their Store

Dorothy Houlding ( Houeding ?) and Bubr (Bob?) Demaver ( Demarere ?)


Four Women from Boise, Idaho

Ester ( holding a rifle ) , Belva and May
with Annie Whyman in 1913.


Three Kids on a Horse

Joe Biddle, Louis Biddle and Louise at Cousin Frances' Farm.


Eight People in the Forest by Canton, North Carolina

Josephine Fisher, Jennie Briggs, Belle Fisher,
Alfred Briggs, Will Fisher and 3 unknowns.


Seven Guys and a Dog

Leo Rector, Burt Reed and Fred Pinkham
are the only ones named.


Two Guys from Michigan

E. S. Drury and C. E. Lewis from Lawton, Michigan


The Alfred Nelson Wedding of 1898 or 1900

Beautiful photograph of the six members of the wedding party.
Front says "Alfred Nelson and Miss Durie ( Druie ?) Wedding -- 1898"
However the back says " Bakersfield, Missouri, December 1900"


Two men on Tin

Jim Christy & William Heckue in a Tin Type


Bobery and Company

Fifteen People and a dog at a picnic where the only food being served is alcohol in fine glass decanters.


Rabbit Hunters posing with guns & game & car.

Max Bacon, Peter Orlif, Wayne Sower and Fred Sower


A Boy and his Grandmother

Hugh Simpson & Grandma McClaskey(Age 90)--5/9/25


Two ladies from Billings

Mag Mohr and Grandma Pitts.
Two elderly ladies from Billings, Montana.


Two young German men

Otto Kramer & Adolf Hetrel from Fredericksburg, Texas


Men in Derbys

Claude Barrett and Jonathan Ross an unmailed personal photo post card


Man and Woman

Leta Amerman & C.A.Loughrey



Otto + Hattie

Hattie Sefinde and Otto Piskie from Fairmont,Minn. in-Lacrosse,Wi.


Ho Hoos Lumber Club


A Flagstaff Arizona club showing the Black Cat



Alonzo, Alice and Veronica King with Grandma Howell

Children of Julia Howell and Thomas J. King


Girard Fire Dept.

Vanatta, Land, Cherry, Hackworth, Hitch, Evans, Larmer,
Stonerock, Hackworth, De France, Shipman, Mills & Stwalley


Day Star Daughters

Alte Piles, Mamie Lindrey, Grace Aurther, Lissie Carmen,
Urnnie McFadden, Anna Austin, Josie Gerry, Effie Lagdon,
Ida May Kingston, Ava Bancroft & Laura Rankins


Miss Daisy's Boarding House
West Main Street, Fredonia, N.Y.

Miss Daisy & friend, Mr. & Mrs. Seymore,
Mr. & Mrs. Brown and Jacoba Nealson.


Female toddler and baby girl

Ruth Norman & Pearl Ford Collins
"Ruth is Grandma Brown's sister"


Farmers/Ranchers & Family probably from the Southwest United States

Aunt Jessie Martin,Mother Lula Stine,
Aunt Edna Duncan, Jess Stine, Tom Martin, Bill Stine,
Uncle Bob Duncan, Uncle Dan Nichols, Grandma
Manice Nicholas, Sam Martin, Inez Martin,
(Me) Norman Stine & Fred Hurst


3 Serious Men

Oliver Collins, Thomas L. Ford & Ralph Parker


Three Nurses

Gidy & Augusta Doeppensanidt and Alma Hetzel


William Dudley Pelley's Silvershirts in 1936

Pelley ran for president in 1936 on the Christian Party ticket.
This photo is from his Silver Cavalcade, with supporters,
decked out in campaign hats and shirts with a red L on the heart,
which stood for Love, Light, Loyalty and Liberation.
Pelley was very anti-Roosevelt & anti-semitic
and considered by most to be a Nazi.
He was an eccentric and photographs of the Silver Legion
of America, or Silvershirts, are very rare indeed.


Nine Young Men from Robinson, Illinois


Jim Mc Knight, Jim Comly, Guy Comley, Bill Stifle, Harry Mc Knight, Frank Stewart, Charlie Reed, Ira Clark and Jesse Reed.


The Independent Harvester Co.

34 employees sitting on the front steps for a company photo.


The National Creation Company


Eighteen unnamed people and a dog posing infront of the National Bank building and the Chief Physician's Office in Col., Ohio.


The Residents of St. Cloud, Florida

Photo Post Card from S. T. Thee to his mother Gertrude
in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio, showing at least 90 of the town's population.


Crosier Family Photograph


There are no individual names but this photograph of 13 elderly cousins was taken on the porch of Delia Watsons.


Five young men in suits

The name listed are Charley Hunt, Samuel Gains,
Charley Conn, Doran Hunt & R. C. H.


Cowboy Types

Bob Walker, Jess Jones and three other men ---- photo postcard


A couple of cute kids Viola May and Paul Beers


Four women of the Jimmerson Family from Liberty, Nebraska

Elvra Mason, Carrie Shannon, Ethyl Scott and Mrs. Jimmerson - their mother.


Men in suits and hats

Walter Tiaya & Lee McNely.


CCC Camp, Camp Albemarle in Virginia

338 th Co.CCC Camp, P-60-VA, Camp Albemarle,
Moormans River, Virginia, Dec. 1, 1938.

An over-sized photo which includes the following names:
Paul Alexonshk, Hubert J. Alwood, Traymnham Anderson, Virgil M. Arnett, George Arnold, Robert A. Ashby, Harold L. Atkins, Early M. Baber, Ralphe E. Baber, Hobert H. Baber, J. Harvey Bailey, Robert M. Barclay, George W. Barlette, Joseph E. Barlow, John Barto, Emmet C. Bass, John Baum, James W. Beaver, Earnest R. Beckner, Woodrow W. Bedsaul, Oscar R. Bellomy, Angelo Beri, Clyde Berry, Wilmer A. Blackwell, Willard H. Birckhead, Ray C. Boyd, Charles Brittian, Robert L. Brookman, Charles D. Brown, Harry E. Brown, John P. Bruce, Edward M. Bull, Mike Burchik, Addison W. Burton, Archie E. Burruss, Roy L. Carter, Hugh J. Carver, Gleeson W. Cash, Robert Cash, James E. Cason, William Casterline, Carson K. Cave, Frank Cervi, David J. Clements, Micheal J. Comer, Tony Comfort, George Conner, Harold Conte, Benjamin F. Cook, Freed I. Cook, Edward Copechal, Walter E. Cosner, Clarence H. Craig, Thomas A. Dalton, Aubrey L. Davis, Paul J. Davis, Terry H. Davis, Wilbert H. Davis, William H. Davis, John C. Dellinger, Calvin H. Dennis, Carl E. Dickenson, Thomas A. Dodson, Angus H. Donivon, Marshall L. Dowell, George Dreshler, William W. Driscoll, Frank C. Dunnivan, Franklin H. Early, Michael Eastman, Ernest Ellis, Walter Espey Francis D. Farish, James C. Feaganes, Nicholas Fedorka, Charles H. Fisher, Venable A. Fletcher, Howard K. Fox, James F. Franson, Augustus M. Freeman, Clyde H. French, James W. Gaar, Fred W. Gallihugh, Melvin A. Garrison, Wilton S. Gibson, William A. Giles, Harold C. Glass, Leon E. Glass, Clyde W. Goff, Clyde E. Goin, Paul Grim, Dominick Gaulterie, Lucyen G. Haga, Carl A. Hamilton, Earl Hash, William W. Hatcher, Lonnie B. Hawks, Julian E. Hillyard, John C. Hollinger, Robert C. Hucks, Truman L. Huckstep, Jesse L. Huffer, Charles E. Hullihen, Loyd A. Hurt, William R. Irving, Vernon Jenkins, Woodrow W. Keatts, William H. Kiblinger, Goergr W. Kimes, Alexandria A. Knight, Homer A. Knight, Payton J. Lawson, Alfonso D. Lee, Elbert T. Lee, Paul Lesefka, Vernon E. Lester, John R. Lipscomb, Lloyd M. Mc Cauley, Henry C. Mc Donald, David L. Mc Dowel, Clyde Mc Glothlin, James E. Mc Ray, Fred Malone, Enis Q. Marsh, Gale T. Marsh, William E. Marsh, William R. Mathews, Ira J. Maupin, George W. Mayo, Harry T. Mays, Arnold H. Metzner, James M. Moneymaker, James R. Monger, James R. Montgomery, Carmen Morano, Aubrey E. Morris, William M. Morris, William R. Morris, Lurty H. Mobrey, James Nelson, Doc Noel, Hugh R. Nunley, Charles C. Oakes, Fred G. Orange, Angelo A.Oriolo, Steve Ostop, James H. Pappas, Herbert J. Parker, Robert L. Parker, Ralph A. Peake, Ben W. Pesta, Elwood Payton, Hiram Payton, Charles H. Polk, Newt Porter, Eugene F. Powell, James A. Powell, Roy E. Price, Jackson A. Pruett, Clifford C. Rasnick, James V. Reeves, Edgar R. Rhodes, George Riemer, Elvin R. Roach, Roosevelt R. Roach, Washington J. Roach, Ousby L. Rogers, Raymond Rogers, Page A. Ronquest, William W. Rowan, Gilbert E. Rudman, Horace K. Sandridge, George W. Schenk, Ignatz Sczruba, William G. Seale, Frank Serwatka, Alfred Shifflett, Charlie H. Shifflett, Flemming E. Shifflett, John J. Shifflett, Oliver A. Shifflett, Matthew F. Shumer, Thomas F. Simmons, R. Samuel Simmons, Douglas L. Small, Herman M. Snow, Michael S. Sokok, William L. Stallard, Edward B. Stanley, John P. Stoneberger, James E. Story, Robert J. Tannehill, Holsie B. Tate, Willie Tate, Brooksie B. Taylor, Douglas L. Taylor, Carson H. Tevault, John L. Thacker, John W. Tomlin, Hilton H. Toms, John W. Tomushesky, Jessie J. Turner, Emmitte L. Tyree, Raymond Vaughn, Guy A. Via, Frank V. Voithofer, Robert B. Walker, Sam Ward, Thomas J. Warren, Roy R. Watson, Charles W. Weakley, Raleigh E. Wells, Carl E. Williams, Clarence M. Wilson, Talc H. Wood, William F. Wyland.



Gregg Family Photograph


Grandpa Gregg is posing with Aunt Jewell Hart, Aunt Gertie and Uncle Vesso. It appears that Grandma Gregg is also there with her father or brother.



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