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Photo Albums




13 Photos from around 1880 of the Kattas/Urban family from Ellsworth and Wilson,

in Ellsworth County, Kansas in a red album with a silver Shamrock on it



Mr. & Mrs. Kattas Family and 2 young daughters in a 1880’s photo from Ellsworth, Kansas


Mr. & Mrs. Kattas Family and 2 older daughters in a 1890’s photo from Wilson, Kansas


Man in a photo from Wilson, Kansas


Mr. and Mrs. Urban in a photo from Ellsworth, Kansas (Kattas dau?)


Mrs. Kozel


Man in a photo from Cleveland, Ohio


A tintype of a young lady


A tintype of a young lady (could be same woman)


A tintype of a lady from in a photo Wilson, Kansas (Mrs Kattas as young Miss Urban?)


Mary Urban in a CDV


A couple from in a photo Cleveland (Urbans ? Kattas dau? younger)


A lady from in a photo Cleveland, Ohio (Kattas dau?)


A lady from in a photo Wilson, Kansas (Mrs Kattas as young Miss Urban?)






Mary Urban b. 1874 d. 1937 in Ellsworth Cemetery in Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas


Thomas Urban b. Oct 27, 1863 d. May 16, 1933 in Ellsworth Cemetery in Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas


Anna Urban b. Jun 13, 1873 d. Jan 5, 1944 in Ellsworth Cemetery in Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas


Frank Urban b. 1865 d. 1931 in Ellsworth Cemetery in Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas




Also, the 1880 Census Columbia, Ellsworth Co., Kansas lists a:


Jo Kattas Head 47


Josep Kattas Wife 45


Mary Kattas   Daughter 18


Jim Kattas   Son 14


Joseppa Kattas   Daughter 12


Cherstean Kattas   Daughter 8


All born in Czechoslovakia







Reynolds/Parsel Family Album from Richland County, Ohio

including Milne, Patterson, Clark, Hindley, Woods, Taylor, Weber,

Hallman, Wright, Sparks, Kinsel, Tinkey, Ellis, Clark, Garrison and Gebert.

This large antique photo album is blue velvet with red berries on the cover.  

It has a Total of 44 Studio Portraits Inside. There are 28 Cabinet Photos & 16 Smaller CDV Photos.

All of the spaces are full and most of them are identified.

The antique dealer tried to erase several of the identifications to attempt to “clean up” the album for sale.  

I don’t want to guess at what they say but an investigator could probably pull them up.  

The names that are clearly visible include:

Lottie, Scott & Orin Reynolds in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

(Children of Mary Parsel 1853 – 1926 and William Lloyd Reynolds 1854 – 1910)

Great Grandpa Benjamin Reynolds in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

(father of William Lloyd Reynolds 1854 – 1910)

Great Grandma Reynolds in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

(mother of William Lloyd Reynolds 1854 – 1910)

A. Lottie being held by Mary Reynolds with Aunt Mat and Aunt Arvillah Milne,

from North Dakota in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

(Mary Parsel Reynolds 1853 - 1926, Arvillah Parsel 1851 - 1902 & Martha “Mat” Ella Parsel 1858 - 1864)

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Patterson who are Mable’s folks in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

Nora Clark Hindley in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

William Clark who is Alma’s father in a cabinet card from Indianapolis, Indiana

Lizzie Knight Clark in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

William Woods in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

Kate Hallman Taylor in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

A lady in a cabinet card from Cleveland, Ohio

Frank & Edna Weber in a cabinet card from Mansfield, Ohio

Dave Weber brother of Frank & Edna Weber in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

Mr. & Mrs. George Wright in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

Mrs. J. D. Sparks in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

Bert Kinsel in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

Mrs. George R. Tinkey “Eddie” in a cabinet card from Plymouth, Ohio

Ben, Roy & Frank Parsel in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

Dan Clark in a cabinet card from St. Louis, Missouri

Mary Ellis who is Mrs. Dan Clark in a cabinet card from St. Louis, Missouri

Carrie Garrison Gebert in a cabinet card from Clayton, Michigan

Lottie and Elsie Reynolds in a cabinet card from Shelby, Ohio

A family with 3 daughters and a son in a cabinet card from Lima, Ohio

(this definitely appears to be Great Grandpa Benjamin Reynolds’ family )

Floyd Sparks a boy in a dress with a winning smile in a cabinet card

Great Grandpa Parsel in a CDV from Shelby, Ohio

(Henry Parsel 1791-1864)

Great Grandpa Parsel’s 2nd wife in a CDV from Shelby, Ohio

(Sarah Conklin Parsel 1794-1847)

A CDV from Shelby, Ohio that appears to show Great Grandpa Benjamin Reynolds

A CDV from Shelby, Ohio that appears to show Great Grandma Reynolds

A man in 1875 in a CDV from Plymouth, Ohio

Aunt Mat in a CDV from Plymouth, Ohio (Martha “Mat” Ella Parsel 1858 - 1864))

Orin Reynolds in a CDV from Shelby, Ohio

Scott Reynolds in a CDV from Shelby, Ohio

A little girl in a CDV that appears to be Lottie Reynolds

Mrs. R.W. Ervin in a CDV from Crestline, Ohio

There are also people in photos from Cincinnati, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio,

Belleville, Ohio, Ashland, Ohio, Putnam, Ohio, Loudonville, Ohio and Grand Forks, Dakota.



Lottie A. Reynolds was born in 1883

to William and Mary E Reynolds in Plymouth, Richland Co., Ohio, Newburgh, Ohio,  

She married John Moon March 8, 1905 in Richland Co., Ohio



William Reynolds Head M 46 Ohio

Mary E Reynolds   Wife F 47 Ohio

Scott B Reynolds   Son M 21 Ohio

Lottie A Reynolds   Daughter F 18 Ohio

Elsie Reynolds   Daughter F 11 Ohio


Also in the 1870 US Census there is this family:

Benjamin Reynolds   47 Maryland

M Anna Reynolds     47 Maryland

M Samuel Reynolds   16 Maryland

B William Reynolds   14 Ohio

E John Reynolds         10 Ohio


William Lloyd Reynolds ( March 25, 1854 in Plymouth, Richland Co., OH – January 7, 1910 )

who married on April 13, 1876 Mary Parsel who was born September 23, 1853

to William Morgan Parsel born January 16, 1825 in Owasko, Cayuga Co., NY

and Martha Jane Kirkpatrick born July 11, 1825


According to Family Tree Descendants of Henry and Sarah Parsel Complete

from 1812 to 1917 Drawn by Morilla Garrison

Henry 1791-1864 and Sarah Conklin Parsel 1794-1847 had son William M. Parsel 1825

who had daughter Mary Parsel Reynolds 1853 who had

Elsie Erwin, Lottie Moon, Scott and Orin


William Morgan Parsel (1825-1926)

+ Martha Jane Kirkpatrick (1825-1889)

   2 Howell Parsel (1849-1902)

     + Martha J. Reynolds (1851-1944)

   2 Arvillah Parsel Milne (1851-1902)

   2 Mary Parsel (1853-1926)

     + William Lloyd Reynolds (1854-1910)

   2 Sarah Parsel (1853-1928)

     + Orin Franklin Garrison (1852-1886)

   2 Martha Ella Parsel (1858-1864)

   2 William Parsel (1863-1864)

   2 John Delbert Parsel (1866-1951)




The Scofield/Neff/Schultz/Bagwill/Aldrich/Whitney Family Album


The album appears to have been put together by Mary Maude Scofield

daughter of Howard Myron Scofield ( 1868 - 1954 ) and Alice Neff ( 1870).

It is a vintage album with a picture of the lady and two children on the cover.

The photos are almost all of the Scofield family and relatives.

The good thing is that she wrote their names and relationships by their photos.

There are Uncles, Aunts, grandparents, Brother in laws and cousins.

There are 23 photos with only one empty slot.   They include:

Grandma Scofield and dedicated to Howard and Alice

Sherman and Ida with their children, Ray and Nellie

Hallie Scofield

Mabel and Earl Scofield - the children of Walter and Hallie Scofield

Anne Brown our cousin

Ashley Bagwill our cousin

Wallie Whitney brother to Thriga Neff

Nellie Neff Alderidge

Florence “Flora” Shultz

Mrs. Myrtle Bagwill our cousin

Jessie Bagwill our cousin

Millie Neff Aldrich

Edwin Robertson my brother-in-law

Florence and Maira Shultz (originally thought to be Delia Shultz)

Robert Shultz uncle (Robert Henry Schultz married Nina Neff)

Grandma Neff on the back it says Maud Scofield and H.M.Scofield Kent End, Michigan

( Thirza Delia Whitney Neff b: 29 Dec 1847 in Newark, Kendall, Illinois giving a photo to

Howard Myron Scofield 1868 - 1954 and daughter Mary Maude Scofield b: 30 Jun 1891 )

Clyde Shafer our cousin

Howard Scofield my father (Howard Myron Scofield 12 Apr 1868 in Big Grove, Kendall,

Illinois - 13 Oct 1954 in , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada )

Zed Beauditle

Raymond Shultz our cousin (Raymond Neff Schultz born in Sandwich, DeKalb, Illinois to

Robert Henry Schultz and Nina Neff )

Russell Danny Scofield (in only 1 of 5 snapshots)

Otto Shultz our cousin

Ada Aldrich (Ada Marie Aldrich Birth: 17 Mar 1895 )

George Scofield 1yr old (George William Scofield 11 Nov 1899

- 29 Jul 1970 so this more modern photo is from 1900 )

Cornelia Scofield 4yrs old (Cornelia Scofield 21 Feb 1897 -

12 Feb 1986 so this more modern photo is from 1901 )

A card from Edith Bagwill

George A. Pearl uncle (in only 1 of 5 snapshots)

Delia Whitney (Thirza Delia Whitney 29 Dec 1847 in Newark, Kendall, Illinois - 9 May 1934 in

Millington, Kendall, Illinois who married George William Neff on 8 Nov 1866 in La Salle, Ill

which make the photo taken about 1861)

Edwin Browal – uncle

Lyle and Ada Aldrich – cousin (Ada Marie Aldrich Birth: 17 Mar 1895 in 1 of only 5 snapshots )

Nellie Scofield - cousin

Marie 12yrs with her dog Teddy 7yrs in 1915 (in 1 of only 5 snapshots)

Name written on back but photo taped into album


Howard Myron Scofield ( 12 Apr 1868 in Big Grove, Kendall, Illinois - 13 Oct 1954 in , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ). He married Alice Neff ( 29 Mar 1870 in Newark, Kendall, Illinois) on 9 Apr 1890 in Millington, Kendall, Illinois. Their children were: Mary Maude Scofield b: 30 Jun 1891, Elsie Scofield b: 11 Jan 1894, Cornelia Scofield b: 21 Feb 1897, George William Scofield b: 11 Nov 1899 and Thirza Mary Scofield b: 6 Nov 1903


George William Neff ( 27 Jun 1837 in Mission Point, Vermilion, Illinois - 1 Jan 1900, Newark, Illinois) son of Ebenezer Neff ( 4 Aug 1790 in Westfield, Richmond, New York) and Margaret Douglass ( 7 Dec 1799 in Pennsylvania. He married Thirza Delia Whitney b: 29 Dec 1847 in Newark, Kendall, Illinois on 8 Nov 1866 in La Salle, Ill. Their children were: Nina Neff b: 29 Sep 1867, Alice Neff b: 29 Mar 1870 in Newark, Kendall, Illinois, Millie Neff b: 22 Sep 1873, Stella Neff b: 30 Jul 1876 in Millington, Kendall, Illinois, Miles Grant Neff b: 13 Jun 1880 in Millington, Kendall, Illinois and Guy Whitney Neff b: 20 Apr 1886 in Millington, Kendall, Illinois


Nina Neff ( 29 Sep 1867 - 29 Mar 1929 ) daughter of George William Neff and Thirza Delia Whitney and she married Robert Henry Schultz (1865) on 4 Jul 1890 in La Salle, Ill. They had children were: Marie Schultz, Raymond Neff Schultz in Sandwich, DeKalb, Illinois and Nina Schultz


Millie Neff ( 22 Sep 1873) to George William Neff and Thirza Delia Whitney. She married Edward Perrine Aldrich b: 12 Feb 1863 on 3 Sep 1891 in Yorkville, Ill. Their children were: Lyell George Aldrich b: 17 Jun 1893, Ada Marie Aldrich b: 17 Mar 1895, Lizzie Aldrich b: 27 Feb 1897 and Nathan Mills Aldrich b: 20 Jun 1899




Henry Smith Kelley thumbnail tintype album from 1865 W. Amesbury, Massachusetts


This tiny red leather album measures about 2.5" x 1.5" but it is the best

documented family album I have ever had the pleasure to see.

It holds 48 images of ancestors of Dr. Richard Edward Kelly of Williamsville, New York.  

He added a note in 1975 that this photo album belonged to his second great uncle Henry Smith Kelly 1849-1916

W. Amesbury, Massachusetts, and that most of the writing in the album was of his

great grandmother, Harriet Louise (Thorn) Kelly 1860-1943, an ardent family historian.


The names handwritten in this album include:

Hannah Kelly Kelly (mother of Henry Smith Kelly)

Joseph B. Kelly (father of Henry Smith Kelly)

Job Oak

Mrs. Job Oak

Arthur W. Kelly

Myron Kelly b. 1814 (son of Willard Kelly & Clara Olive Beauregard)

Carrie Kelly Cram

Mrs. Ralph Sargent

Annie Little,

Ed Hopkins-2

Judge Moses Perry Sargent (born about 1800)

Stephen Kelly

Mrs. Stephen Kelly = Hannah Bartlett Kelly

Mrs. Alfred Bailey Nichols

Mary Adelaide "Addie" Kelly Peasley b. 1840 (possibly m. Newton NH)

Elvira Sargent

Willard L. Kelly Sr. 1892-1945(son of Willard Bartlett Kelley and Harriet Louisa Thorn)

Willard B. Kelly (son of Willard Kelly & Clara Olive Beauregard)

Charles W. Kelly Sr.

Herman W. Kelly (brother of Henry Smith Kelly)

Annie Kelly Brosey (Browning?)

Professor Clarence Erskine Kelley 1849-1923 -he changed the spelling of the

surname via the addition of the extra "e" – “ahimissine” unnecessary corruptive

Willard Bartlett Kelly 1861-1944 (brother of Henry Smith Kelly)

Clara Nichols Wells

Hattie Sargent Story (possibly b. ca. 1856 Amesbury, married in Merrimac,

Massachusetts to Henry H. Story from Newton, New Hampshire),

Linda Corrie – the one that Linda Kelly was named from

Don McKay - son of Edwin McKay

John Cleary

Clara Ionah Lockwood

John Chase

Moses Perry Sargent

Atkinson Kelly (Newburyport or Essex Massachusetts?)

Carrie Kelly Cram – daughter of Atkinson Kelly

Marion Gertrude Straw - Emmeline Kelly Straw’s daughter

Myra Straw - Emmeline Kelly Straw’s daughter

Reverend Arthur Willard Kelly 1859-1939


RESEARCH SHOWS: is in Essex County

1850 US Census

Joseph Kelly   M 34 Massachusetts

Hannah Kelly   F 29 Massachusetts

Henry Kelly   M 2 Massachusetts


1860 US Census

Josep B Kelley   M 44 Massachusetts

Hannah Kelley   F 39 Massachusetts

Harry Smith Kelley   M 12 Massachusetts

Hermen W Kelley   M 9 Massachusetts

Anna W Kelley   F 6 Massachusetts


A couple of possible Kelly/Sargent connection

Eunice Sargent 1770-1841 in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts

Married Stephen Kelly b 1764 in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts in 1788


Ezekiel Sargent 1748-1821 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Stephen Sargent b: 14 SEP 1710 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Mother: Judith Ordway b: 1712 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA

Married Betsy Kelly in 1784 in Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA



Maggie A. Gray’s Photo Album


Gray Family album containing 14 photos along with two larger loose photos.

Name on inside is for Maggie A. Gray. She has pictures from childhood and adulthood.

Measures 5 ½” x 4” x 3 ½” tall.

The names include:

A calling card for Maggie A. Gray

Maggie A. Gray ---- age about 2 ----- in a tintype in a paper frame

Alex and Jennie in a CDV from New Castle, Pennsylvania

John Gray ---- age about 5 ----- holding a book in a tintype in a paper frame

Edmund Gray ---- age about 4 ----- in a tintype in a paper frame

W. L. Gray ----------- age about 8 -------- in a CDV

Maggie and Edmund ---- ages about 4 and 6 ----- in a tintype in a paper frame

A young woman (Lizzie?) ----- in a CDV from East Palestine, Ohio

Father William Gray --- Father of Maggie A. Matliual on back ----- in a CDV

Father and Mother and Edmund ----- in a tintype in a paper frame

Wm. S. Gray – brother of Maggie A. Matliual on back ----- in a CDV

Lizzie - Lizzie Gray sister of Maggie Gray on back - in a CDV from East Palestine, Oh

Maggie --- age about 19 ------- Maggie Gray mother of W.E. Motheial on back - in a CDV from East Palestine, Ohio

A baby ----------------------------------------------------- in a tintype

W. L. Gray -------------------------- in a CDV from East Palestine, Ohio

Loose photos:

Edmund Matliual on back ----- in a cabinet card

W. D. Metluial on the back of a personal postcard photo



East Palestine is in Columbiana County, Ohio

1940 United States Federal Census

Name: Edmund J Gray

Spouse: Emma M Gray

Birth: abt 1900 - Ohio

Residence: 1935 - East Palestine, Columbiana, Ohio

Residence: East Palestine, Columbiana, Ohio


1920 United States Federal Census

Name: Edmund Gray

Spouse: Margaret Gray

Birth: abt 1871 - location

Residence: 1920 - city, Columbiana, Ohio



David W. Tyrrell’s Civil War Album from New York


This Red Leather Civil War album has family photos from Detroit, Michigan


Lieutenant David W. Tyrrell in his Civil War uniform in 1862 in Utica, New York just after he enlisted


David Tyrrell in a framed tintype from before the Civil War


D. W. Tyrrell sitting in 1864 just after being mustered out of the service in Utica, New York


D. W. Tyrrell in a standing pose in 1864 in Utica, New York


Amelia Tyrrell --- 1868 -------- Detroit, Michigan


Emma Tyrrell --- 1868 -------- Detroit, Michigan


Percy Henry Tyrrell --- 4 months old ---- Detroit, Michigan


Amelia Tyrrell --- 1870 -------- Detroit, Michigan


Percy H. Tyrrell --- 7 yrs old Sept. 7 -------- Detroit, Michigan


Ella Chapin and Amelia Tyrrell --- 1871 -------- Detroit, Michigan


Sam and Mahala Brall with Amelia Tyrrell in a framed tintype


Ella Chapin, Elya Callen and Amelia Tyrrell --- 1872

In 2 copies (both labeled) of the same photo -------- Detroit, Michigan


Ida Mary in a framed tintype


Kitty Hughes --- 1879 --- nurse girl for 7 yrs for Mrs. D. W. Tyrrell --- Detroit, Michigan


Amelia Tyrrell --- 1889 --- Fenton, Michigan


Grandma as a baby ----- Saratoga County, New York


Amelia Tyrrell ---------- Detroit, Michigan


Amelia Tyrrell -------- Detroit, Michigan


D. W. Tyrrell at Percy’s cottage in Wilmette, Illinois

after having come from New Mexico to attend

The National G.A.R. at Rochester, New York in Aug. 1911


Research shows: Second Lieutenant David M. Tyrrell. At age 26, he enlisted May 1, 1861 at Utica. He rose from Corporal,

to Sergeant to Second Lieutenant.   Battle Unit Name:14th Regiment, New York Infantry Company:E

14th Regiment, New York Infantry Overview:

Duty in the Defences of Washington, D. C., Battle of Bull Run. Little River Turnpike, Fall's Church Road,

Howard's Mills, near Cockleton, Siege of Yorktown, Battle of Hanover Court House, Richmond, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Chancellorsville.


-21 in New York, State Census, 1855

Place: Ward 4, Utica City, Oneida, New York

-53 in United States Census, 1880

Place: Erwin, Steuben, New York, United States

Occupation: Works In Saw Mill

-Death Date: 19 May 1915

Age: 82 Birthplace: N Y State

Marital Status: Widowed

Occupation: Miner

Residence : Bland, NM


Minerva Cook Duncan’s Family Album


This 4’x5”x 3’ Civil War era album no longer has a spine

but it does have 23 wonderful tintypes and 3 CDV photos.


It features individuals and family photos by the name of:

Cyrus Duncan ------------ in a paper framed tintype

Grandma Duncan --------------------------- in a CDV

3 women and 2 men----------- in a tintype photograph

A baby on his mother’s lap ----------- in a tintype

Ella Happes – School Teacher in a paper framed tintype

Willard and Lenna Bishop on album and Lenna

on front of picture but on back it says

Lenna and Ethel --- 2 children in a CDV

Elizabeth Cook Fowler ---- paper framed tintype

Cross-eyed Girl---- in a tintype

Wiley Cook --- paper framed tintype

Mr. Quint Anderson

Fred Fowler --- age 6 ---- in a tintype

Milford S. Bishop ----- paper framed tintype

Ellen Cook Bishop ---- paper framed tintype

Ellen Haselwood ------ in a tintype

Lenna Bishop – age 4 ? --- paper framed tintype

Robert O. Fowler ------ in a tintype

Lenna Bishop – age 1 ?--- paper framed tintype

Willard Bishop – age 2 ? --- in a tintype

Joe Mc Millan ---- in a CDV from Galesburg, Illinois

Ellen Cook Bishop and Ellen Howard Worley --- in a paper framed tintype

Lenna Bishop --------– age 5 ? ------- in a tintype

Fred Fowler --- age 3 ---- in a paper framed tintype

Herman Porter as a boy ------- in a tintype

A woman -------- in a CDV from Princeton, Missouri

Another copy of Lenna Bishop --- age 5 - in a tintype

Two children ---- in a paper framed tintype




Minerva Duncan 1833-1864 married John Cook b: Aug 14th,1830

Their children were: Lathe Cook, Cynthia Cook b: 1851,

Elizabeth M. Cook, b: 1854, Mary Cook b: 1856, Ailcy Ellen Cook, b: 1857,

Wiley Cook b: 1860, Francis Marion Cook, b: 1862 & Alice Cook b: 1864

John Cook’s parents were James B.Cook b: 15 Feb 1792 & Alice

(Ailsie) Cyrus b: 2 Nov 1795 in Stokes County, North Carolina


Ailcy Ellen Cook 1857-1944

Parents: John Cook b: 14 Aug 1830 & Minerva Duncan b: 1833

She married Milford S. Bishop d. 1930

Their children were: Lenna Bishop b: 1883,

Willard N. Bishop b: 1886 and Ethel Bishop b: 1897


Elizabeth M. Cook 1854-1939 was

John Cook and Minerva Duncan’s daughter.

She married Thomas J. Fowler b: 1853 and their

children were: John Fred Fowler & Robert O. Fowler




Two albums from the Ault and related families from the Seymour/Shelbyville/Columbus, Indiana area


The family names are Ault, Barklinner, Campbell, Cox, Gray, Harris, Heilman, Hodler , Kissling,

McMahan, Merrit, Merritt, Noblitt, Shroyer , Smith, Sprague, Swank, Warner and the name Bailey is mentioned.

There is a blue-colored album and the cover of this album is in very poor condition.

There is another album with a pretty lady on the front of it that is in much better condition but still has wear.  

In both albums; the majority of the photos are cabinet cards with just a few, smaller photos in the back of the albums.

There are 55 wonderful photos and 35 are identified but you may be able to put a name

with a face by comparing some of the other photos in the two albums on some of these.


The album with the Girl on the cover features all studio portrait cabinet card photos with these names:


Lilly Merritt ---- in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Ada Sprague Barklinner

Will and Kathryn Kissling “children of Aunt Kathryn” in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Jacob Hodler in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Homer O. Harris as a baby boy in a dress photo from Columbus, Indiana

Baby in a cabinet card from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Two kids in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

Girl toddler in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

Willis Ault in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Ruth Smith (Small) as a baby

Ethel Cox as a young girl

Jeff and Lily Merritt

Adam Swank

Roscoe E. Ault in a photo from Indianapolis, Indiana

And three carte-de-vistas featuring Lula Harris, a guy in bowler hat

and a girl in a photo called a French Gem


The Faded Blue Album has portraits made to look like studio shots but they come from a time earlier than most

when travelling photographers would hang a backdrop but still there is grass underfoot, because they had to be shot

outdoors to get enough light. They still are studio portrait quality large cabinet photos that feature these names:


V. D. Ault family with children Lula, Lily and Dave in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Rev. Campbel and family with (3) children

William Swank Family with children Adam, Lura, Frank, Ralph, Charles and Maude

Linder Sprague Family with children Oliver, John, Evert and Ada.

John Noblitt Family with children Lodeura, Laura, Myrtle, 2g, Charles and Loren

Evans Mc Mahan Family with (5) children

Shroyer Family in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Mr. Heilman in a photo from Columbus, Indiana  

Liza Heilman – Grandma Ault’s sister in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

Three photographs from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania which show a Man, a Woman and an Elderly man

Conrad Warner Grandpa Ault’s brother in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Frank Ault in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

A Man in a photograph from Columbus, Indiana

Willard Ault in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

Willes Ault in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana with tiny photos of a boy and a girl  

A portrait studio photo of a baby boy in a dress, in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Frank, John Henry and Laura Ault (3 children, in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

A man in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

Katie Kissing (Kissling) in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

Katherine Kissling in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana

Willard and Margaret Ault in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

A family with 3 children in a photo from Columbus, Indiana

A baby in a cabinet card from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

A toddler in a dress in a cabinet card from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania    

A small baby photo called a French Gem


These photos were loose in the above Ault Family albums:

Edward Gray …June 4, 1913 … 6 years old … in a personal postcard … For Wilme, Henry and Walter Bailey

Same boy ? with his mother ? … in a personal postcard

Harry B. … in a personal postcard

Little girl on Cherub Card

Jeff and Lily Merritt and their dog on their front porch

There is a sympathy card to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Merritt from Frank Birk dated Nov. 12, 1930 in Columbus, Indiana.

Mrs. Kate Kissling in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana dated April 1898.

Ralph and Bess Swank in a cabinet card from Columbus, Indiana from Shelbyville, Indiana

Willard and Margaret Ault with their son Tommy in an oversized photo

Jerry Poe … Uncle of Mary Mize in an oversized photo from Shelbyville, Missouri



Ivan Reed Flitcraft’s album from New Jersey


This family album has fallen apart but all ten photos are in wonderful shape.

They are all studio portraits on cabinet cards, except for one personal photo postcard.

One features Berth M. Bateman in a 1901 graduation photo from Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey

Another one shows the owner, Ivan Reed Flitcraft in a photo from Woodstown, Salem County, New Jersey, as a small boy.

Two of the Studio portraits are from Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Two are from Pittman Grove, New Jersey.

Three are from Vineland, New Jersey

and the photo postcard is from Atlantic City, New Jersey.


NOTE: Research shows: Ivan R. Flitcraft b. July 16, 1910 in Salem County, New Jersey. He was a Dye Works Operator

who died March 28, 1994 in Largo, Pinellas County, Florida at 83. His wife was Edith and his father: Isaac Flitcraft

b: Dec. 14, 1884 in Upper Pittsgrove Township, Salem Co. New Jersey

Son of Samuel Flintcraft b: Oct 1851 in New Jersey and Sarah Ballinger b: Nov 1846

Ivan’s mother was Edna Nutt b: April 1890 in Salem County, New Jersey

His siblings also included:

Carl E Flitcraft and F Leaman Flitcraft



Electa Decker’s photo album featuring the Joslin and other families’

from Lowell, Mass, Malone, New York and Charles City, Iowa


This Civil War sized photo album is marked property of Mabel Cowles Amherst, Mass

on the inside cover. However, most of the photos are dedicated to Electa Decker.  

The album is in poor condition but the photos are in great shape.

The brown album with gold trim measures 4" by 5 1/4" by 2" thick.

There are 11 carte-de-vistas and 10 tintypes.


Names in the album include:

Abe Lincoln


Rev. Stanley F. Thurferth in a tintype


Mrs. Stanley F. Thurforth to Elacta in a tintype


Woman from Malone NY


Mr. & Mrs. Steinberge


2 tintypes of a couple (Jaslen?)


James and Ella Whittemore – brother and sister from Malone NY


Jammie Karime Woodward in a tintype in a folder


Jennie..on back with a Civil War stamp on back


G. E. Back’s wife in a tintype in a folder


Anslin Persons with a Civil War stamp on back and a postmark from Malone NY


George S. Back … Lowell, Mass.


James Joslin to Electa J. Decker


Mary A. Joslin to Electa J. Decker


Belle Grinn…. Malone NY


Sylva Detn


Jerusha B Joslin in a tintype in a folder from Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa

(on back: From Jerusha Joslin age 20 years in 1874)  


Jerome Joslin in a tintype in a folder from Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa on back:

(Jerome Joslin to Electa J. Decker)


M. Signa (boy)… Lowell, Mass.


Signa (boy -probably brother to above)… Lowell, Mass.


Two ladies in a tintype



NOTE: Research shows Electa J. Decker was born in 1836 in New York.


Her residence in 1880 was Chateauguay, Franklin County, New York.


Her husband was Jason M. Decker who born in 1819 in New York.


Their Daughter was Dora J. Decker who was born in 1866.


James J. Joslin family was in Iowa in 1870 and Chateaugay, Franklin, New York in 1860.


James J Joslin 40 Vermont, Mary A 36 New York, Albert W 15 New York,


Jerome B 10 New York & Jerusia B Joslin 7 New York




James J. Joslin was a First Lieutenant in the 134th Regiment,


New York Infantry Company: K




The Carver / Thomas / Lincoln Family Album

This tiny 3”x3.5” brown and gold album

has 64 thumbnail tintypes in it.

The names in the album include:

Bradford Chase

John B. Carver

Letti Carver Thomas

Letti Carver Thomas

Lelia Lincoln

Joseph Carver – age 3 years

Grandma Tinkham Thomas

2 pictures of Mr. Paull

Mrs. Paull

Debrah Carver

Deborah Lincoln

Research shows:

A Lauretta T. Carver was born 1854 in Middleboro, MA

to Orlando W Carver and Hannah Thomas.

She married Lazell Edgar Thomas who was born 24 AUG

1850 in Middleborough, Plymouth. Married on 12 APR 1874

in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA and they had Etta Lazell Thomas

who was born 1876

also there was a

Sarah TINKHAM was born 1810 in Saratoga, New York

and died 15 MAR 1844 in New York. She married Amos CARVER

who was born 08 SEP 1807 in New York and they had Harriet

Therissa CARVER who was born DEC 1831 in New York



Waterbury Family Album from New York.


This little album is brown with gold leaf.  It features portrait studio photos which include

10 CDVs and 2 tintypes and amazingly they all have names on them.

The names on the photos include:

Roscoe Waterbury.

Note, research shows: Roscoe Edwin Waterbury was born April 17, 1887 in Ionia Co., MI and died in 1963 in St. Clair Co., MI. His parents were Edwin Sylvester Waterbury and Margaret Thankful Wheaton. He married Mabel A. Stoffs, who was born Aug 4, 1862 in Nassau, Rensselaer Co., NY. They had a daughter named Margaret F Waterbury. Roscoe’s grandmother, Almeda Wheaton lived with them in Michigan.

Also, Earle Waterbury from Nassau, Rensselaer Co., NY.

Note, research shows: Earl Waterbury listed in the 1910 US Census from Rensselaer, New York, as being born 28 Nov 1880. His parents were Samuel Waterbury – 61 – b. NY and Phoebe Waterbury – 51 – b. NY. By 1920 he still there but married to Cora. Webster Earle Waterbury served in WWI. He died in 1972.                      

Also, photos of:

Gus Waterbury,

Ray Waterbury and

Lew Waterbury.

Note, research shows Lewis H Waterbury in the 1910 US Census, as born 1862 New York and living in Rensselaer, New York, with Augustus H Waterbury, his 52 year old brother.

Also, Effie May Clark from Keesville, NY with the name and location confirmed on back.  

Research shows: Effie married Luke Hall on June 25, 1911, in Clinton, NY. They were both born about 1880. Effie’s parents were George A. Clark and S. Caroline Pitt.

Other photos include Phebe (Pitts?) from Troy, NY,

Jesse Pitts,

Grant Clark from Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY and

Warren Goodrich from Troy, Albany County, NY.

The tintypes include one of the mother of the album owner at 12yrs and one of Birdella Becker.


One page of the Baldwin family album 

This time only a single page of the family photo album survives

This single page has eight slots but only seven portraits.  

The empty slot has the name of George Baldwin

Luckily, all seven of the photographs are also identified.

Winslow Hanson

Helen Brown

Howard Walker

Susan Templeman

Louise Cleveland

George Carter

Charlotte Baldwin



Tintype photo album of kids from Stone Ridge

This 5.5 x 4 inch brown album is in good condition, considering it's age.
It has nine tintypes, which are all still in their original frames.
The children's names are written on the back of the photographs.
Included in this group are:

Minia Bush at 14 years old in a tintype
taken on July 21, 1882 in Stone Ridge

Minnie Lefever in a tintype in a paper frame

Lucinda Van Demark at 11 years old in a tintype
taken on July 21, 1882 in Stone Ridge

Jennie Wood at 12 years old in a tintype
taken on July 21, 1882 in Stone Ridge

I assume the Stone Ridge they are from
is the one in Ulster County, New York.


Family Photo Album of David Graham
and his extended Family

This large (9x11x5) photo album looks like a huge family Bible
but it is actually something better for the family researchers.
It has 62 Studio Portraits of family members, including one tintype

NOTE: David Graham b.1821 in Kentucky & d. 1894 in Illinois.
Son of Matthew Graham b. 1780 in S.C. & Jennette Wilson b. 1783
In 1846 he married Elizabeth Brown b: 8 Jul 1828 in Ohio

Their children were Clara Cecelia b. 18 Apr 1851, James Andrew
b. 18 May 1853, Mary Louisa b. 8 Apr 1857, Ralph Walter b. 20 Apr 1859,
Elizabeth Jane b. 28 Feb 1849 and Francis Mable (Fannie) b. 11 May 1867.
All of the children were born in Biggsville, Illinois

Fannie Graham also known as Mrs. J. B. Herbert

NOTE: Francis Mable (Fannie) Graham daughter of David Graham
She married John Bunyan Herbert b. 14 Sep 1852 in Cambridge, Ohio

James A. Graham

NOTE: James Andrew Graham married Mary Emma Martin in 1883.
Their children were David, Mary Elizabeth, Melinda and James.

David Graham in a baby photo

William Bradfule (Bradeite?) Bryson in a photo from Monmouth, Illinois

NOTE: William B. Bryson b. 1854 in Green County, Ohio & d. 1932.
He married Mary Louisa Graham daughter of David Graham in 1880.
Their children included James Robert b. 1884 & William Graham b. 1881

Clara Graham McCoy aka Mrs. A. G. in a photo from Mishawaka, Indiana

NOTE: Clara Cecelia Graham b. 1851 & d. 1916 in Monmouth, Illinois.
She was the daughter of David Graham.
She married Albert Gallatin McCoy on 17 Oct 1877.
Their children included Albert Gallatin b. 1879, Clara Elizabeth b: Jul 1882
James A. b. Mar 1885 and Hugh W. b. Aug 1886. All of the
children were born in Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois.

Albert Gallatin McCoy in a photo from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Beth McCoy in a photo from Monmouth, Illinois

NOTE: Clara McCoy married Gilbert Edgar Kirkpatrick & Jack L. Mench

Laura Graham McConnell in a photo from Monmouth, Illinois

Note: Laura Elizabeth Graham was the daughter of James Harvey Graham

b. 1823 in Todd County, Ohio and Mary Jane Brown b. 1822 in Ohio.

Laura b. 1859 in Morning Sun, Iowa, d. Aft 1941 in Marshalltown, Iowa.

She married Hugh McConnell and their children were Martha Theresa,

Mary Edna, Luther Graham and Marjorie Belle.

Mr. Hugh McConnell in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

Mrs. Hugh McConnell in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

NOTE: Mrs. Hugh McConnell is Laura Elizabeth Graham

Theresa McConnell in a photo from Columbus Junction, Iowa

Note: Martha Theresa McConnell was the daughter of Hugh and Laura

Margaret Mc Dill (Cousin Maggie) in a photo from Monmouth, Illinois

Dr. Edgar Mc Dill in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

There is an unnamed photo that looks to be another photograph
of Dr. Edgar Mc Dill in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

Mr. Howard Cory in a photo from Xenia, Ohio

Mrs. Howard Cory in a photo from Xenia, Ohio

Mrs. Leila Stewart Cooley in a photo from Xenia, Ohio

William M. Glenn in a photo from 1880

Anna Glenn in a matching photo

Dr. J. C. Hutchison in a photo from Chicago, Illinois

Mrs A. W. De Serisy is featured in a photo from Cincinnati, Ohio
which is dedicated to Mrs. Bertie Dremer

Clarence Hollmann (Hallman?) in a baby photo from Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. A. M. Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Campbell in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

Mr. W. J. Buchanan in a photo from Monmouth, Illinois

Mr. Stevenson in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

Mr. Sarimba Shaw in a photo from Galesburg, Illinois

Anna Duer in a photo from Galesburg, Illinois

Mr. J. C. Hamilton in a photo from Monmouth, Illinois

Ms. Virey McClellan in an 1879 photo from Wichita, Kansas

Thomas Brown in a photo from Washington, Iowa

And additional photos from Mishawaka, Indiana, Monmouth & Chicago,
Illinois, Burlington & Columbus Junction, Iowa & Wooster, Ohio

The honor of the first page of this album was given to their famous pastor.

Dr. Jackson Burgess Mc Michael in a photo from Burlington, Iowa

NOTE: Research shows that Rev. Jackson Burgess McMichael was born
near Poland, Ohio, on July 22, 1833. He was the pastorate of Sugar Creek
U. P. Church in 1862. After sixteen years as pastor, the Rev. McMichael
was elected president of Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. His
Presidency lasted until 1897 when he retired.


The Photo Album of the
Frederick Goss family from Indiana

This ( 6 x 4 x 2 inch) album is brown with a raised photo on the cover and the back.
The inside cover has handwritten dedication :
Presented to Jinnie Goss by Sallie Goss
and the date of January the 5th, 1875.

One block of pages have come loose but the photos are in great shape.
There are 22 studio portraits in this album.
There are 11 CDVs and 11 tintypes.

The names in the album are:

Mr. Frederick Goss

Mrs. Frederick Goss

Fred Morgan and on back Fred W. Morgan Dec. 1867

Sarah Goss / Sarah E. Taylor and confirmed on back

Fred Morgan in a tintype

James F. Goss in a tintype

Mr. Maxwell in a tintype

Mr. Fleming in a tintype

Jench Morgan in a tintype

Ephrian Goss in a tintype

Joe Morgan in a photo from Morristown, Tenn.

Fred Morgan in a tintype

Fannie Grange in a photo from Milwaukee

Lizzie Grange in a photo from Milwaukee

Margaret Hoadley and Dora Davis in a tintype

Dr. Osgood in a photo from Indiana

Lora Osgood

Cyrus Hoadley in a photo from Bloomington, Indiana

Ms. M. Hoadley in a tintype

NOTE: Research shows:
Frederick Goss b. 7 Oct 1810 in Morgan County, Indiana.
d. 19 Jan 1887 in Gosport, Owen County Indiana.
His parents were Ephraim Goss b: 30 Jul 1770 in Rowan County
North Carolina and Anna Workman b: 1776 in North Carolina
He married Catherine Wagle b: 26 Sep 1809 in Kentucky
on 19 Nov 1829 in Morgan County Indiana.
Their children were Workman G b: 17 Dec 1830,
Ephraim b: 3 Dec 1832, Bethsheba b: 17 Jan 1835, Anna b: 8 Dec 1837,
Ada Bryan b: 2 Mar 1840, Curtis Grub b: 30 Aug 1842,
Joseph E b: 22 May 1844, Catherine b: 17 Dec 1847,
Sarah Elizabeth b: 3 Oct 1849 & James Frederick b: 5 Jan 1854

Sarah Elizabeth Goss b. 3 Oct 1849 in Owen County Indiana d. 1 Feb 1941 in Indiana
Married John M Taylor on 22 Nov 1891 in Indiana.

Ada Bryan Goss b. 2 Mar 1840 & d. in 1934 in Indiana.
Married David W Morgan b: 1838 on 3 Mar 1867.
Their children were Frederick, John and Martha Catherine Morgan.

Ephraim Goss b.3 DEC 1832 in Owen County Indiana.
d. 1875 in Gosport, Owen County Indiana.
He married Nancy Cunningham b: 1842 on 13 Aug 1856.

James Frederick Goss b. 5 Jan 1854 d. 24 Aug 1910 in Indiana.
Married Margaret Ann Hensley b. 25 Jun 1860 on 9 Mar 1879.


Krauss Family Album from Germany to America

This 4x5x2 inch Red leather album with faux white pearls

is the immigrant album for the Krauss family.
It shows the Krauss family in New York

but also family when they were in the old country.

On the inside cover is written Mary Klopfer.
And the next page says
To Mary with babys love on Christmas 1871

The first photo is of a soldier in uniform.
The name is in German and looks like Misforal Lynobnot.
It was taken gnb 3 Oly 1869 in a photo from a shop on Olgastrafse
which is a street in Stuttgart, Germany.

A family photo from Mergentheim.
Mergentheim is in the Main/Tauber district
in the German state of Baden/Wurttemberg.

Cristian Krauss and family of four

Carrie Krauss who is married to Schunder
in a photo from New York, New York

John Krauss in a photo from New York, New York

Ms. Kenedter or Kenidter in a photo from Brooklyn, New York

A cutout of Bishop Whitaker
O. W. Whitaker for Virginia City, Nevada

And other photos are from New York, Brooklyn
and most from Geneva, New York.

There are also eight beautiful tintypes.

Research shows that there was a
John A. Krauss b.1854 in New York.
He was a Boot & Shoe Merchant.
In 1930 he was living with daughter,
Carrie, in Portage, New York.

His parents were Andrew Krauss b.1830 in Baden, Germany
and Magdalena b.1831 in France

In 1877, he married Fredericke Louise Mentz b.1860 in New York
Their children were John b.1884,
Carrie E Krauss b.1875, Andrew b.1879
& Helen b.1880, all born in Attica, New York.


James Daley & Sarah Hoag Weeks
Family Photo Album from Oberlin, Ohio

This brown and gold heirloom still has the manmade pearl on the latch.
This Civil War Era album is 4 inches by 5.5 inches and is
stuffed with family portraits 3 inches thick. It is the best
documented family album that I have ever come across.

It contains twenty-eight studio portrait C.D.V. photographs,
two tintypes and a little drawing of a girl and her cats.
Amazingly only one of the photos is not identified.
It is of a boy and girl in a photograph from Norwalk, Ohio.
But every other photograph is not only identified on the album
but most have the name confirmed on the back of the photo.

Several of the photos have Civil War tax stamps on the back.

The names written on the photos and in the album are:

Thomas Weeks in a photograph from New York, New York

Mrs. Thomas Weeks in a photograph from New York, New York

James Daley Jr. in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Sarah H. Weeks Daley in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Lydia Weeks Wright in a photograph from New York, New York

George W. McDonald in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Henry Weeks in an 1866 photograph from New York, New York

Mrs. Henry Weeks ? in a photograph from Xenia, Ohio

Eli Graves in a photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Mary E. Daley Graves in an 1866 photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Adelle Daley Vincent in a photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Elizabeth Weeks or Dorothy to Alma in a photo from New York, New York

John McDonald Jr. in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Lynn M. Rogers born 23 Nov 1883 to Lydia Dailey and Joel Rogers

Grace Nickerson born 29 Apr 1875 to Ella (Daley) & William Zarr Nickerson
Jean McDonald Berne wrote My grandmother Alma S. (nee Daley ) McDonalds sister
Ellas daughter. Grace was secretary to Dean of Oberlin College for years and years.
On back it says Grace E. Nickerson had a sister named Rheba.

Sarah Andrews in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Belle Barney in a photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Blanche Barney French in a photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Will Wright in a photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Charles Wright in a photograph from New York, New York

Alma S. Daley McDonald at 7 years old in an 1869 photo from Oberlin, Ohio

Alma S. Daley (McDonald) at 13 years old in a photo from Wellington, Ohio

John McDonald in a photograph from Oberlin, Ohio

Mr. Lynn C. McDonald at about 12 years old

Edith E. Lawton in a framed tintype sent to Alma Daley

Edith Lawton in a photograph from South Whitley, Indiana
On the back it says: my cousin by A. McD (Alma McDonald)

John McDonald about 1880 in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Alma S. McDonald about 1880 in a photograph from Wellington, Ohio

Lydia and Alma with names etched on the back of an immaculate tintype
(Lydia Daley Rogers and Alma S. Daley McDonald)

James Daley Jr. in a photograph with Civil War tax stamps on the back

Two slots in the album where the photo had been removed said:
Matt Daley & Lynn Charles McDonald

NOTE: Research shows that Sarah Hoag Weeks & James Daley, their five daughters
and their husbands and children are the family members most featured in this album.
James Daley Birth: 9 Jul 1815 in Onondaga, Onondaga, New York
Father: James Daley b: 27 Sep 1788 in Walkill, Ulster, New York
Mother: Catherine Regina Groat b: 4 May 1790 in Claverack, New York
Marriage Sarah Hoag Weeks b: 14 May 1820 in Mt Kisco, Westchester, New York
Married: 16 Oct 1841
Their five daughters were: Mary Elizabeth 1842,
Catherine Adelle 1845, Lydia 1847, Ella 1852 & Sarah Alma 1862.

Info on the five daughters shows:
Mary Elizabeth Daley
Birth: 19 Jul 1842
Death: 11 Jul 1928
Marriage Eli M Graves
Married: 12 Nov 1862
Frank D Graves b: 21 Aug 1866
Lida Graves b: 2 Jul 1870
Maurice Graves b: 6 Aug 1872
Lester James Graves b: 5 May 1879

Catherine Adelle Daley
Birth: 1 Mar 1845 in Ohio
Death: 25 Nov 1922
Note: The widow Adell C Vincent filed for Civil War pension benefits on 28 July 1913.
Marriage Thatcher Vincent b: Dec 1833 in Quebec, Canada
Married: 14 Nov 1878 in Huron, Ohio

Lydia Dailey
Birth: 4 Nov 1847
Death: 29 Dec 1904
Marriage Joel M Rogers
Married: 8 Dec 1880
Children included Lynn Rogers b: 23 Nov 1883

Sarah Alma Daley
Birth: 17 Jan 1862
Marriage John McDonald
Married: 15 Dec 1881
James Daley McDonald b: 17 Mar 1882
Lynn Charles McDonald b: 21 Jun 1883

Ella Daley
Birth: 6 Nov 1852
Death: 11 Oct 1925
Marriage William Z Nickerson
Married: 8 Aug 1874
Grace Nickerson b: 29 Apr 1875
Phebe Nickerson b: 31 May 1884

Also found in this album:

Thomas Thorn Weeks
Birth: 29 Dec 1798
Death: 6 Mar 1885
Father: Benjamin Kipp Weeks b: 22 Mar 1773
Mother: Sarah Thorn b: 10 Feb 1773
Marriage 1 Freelove Thorn
Marriage 2 Mary Hoag
Sarah Hoag Weeks b: 14 May 1820
Lydia Mott Weeks b: 6 Feb 1822
Elizabeth Weeks b: 4 Oct 1827

Lydia Mott Weeks
Birth: 6 Feb 1822 in Mt Kisco, Westchester, New York
Death: 18 Jan 1905
Marriage Edgar Wright b: 26 Aug 1824 in Long Island, New York
Married: Jan 1846

Eli M. Graves was born 22 Jun 1838 in North Evans, Erie, New York,
Father: Martin L. Graves b: 9 Aug 1812 in Nelson, Madison, New York
Mother: Jane Eliza Johnson
Marriage Mary E. Daley b: Abt 1842 in Ohio
Married: 12 Nov 1862 in Florence, Erie, Ohio
Frank D. Graves b: 21 Aug 1866 in Florence, Erie, Ohio
Lida A. Graves b: 2 Jul 1870 in Florence, Erie, Ohio
Morris E. Graves b: 6 Aug 1872 in Florence, Erie, Ohio
Lester J. Graves b: 5 May 1879 in Florence, Erie, Ohio

Blanche Barney Birth: 25 Apr 1865 in Berlin, Ohio
Death: 12 Aug 1944 in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio
Father: Andrew Barney Mother: Rosetta Daley
Married Alvah Joseph French b: 21 May 1858 in Osage, IA
Married: 19 May 1886
Lucie French b: 21 Jul 1887 in Wakeman, OH
Lawton B. French b: Apr 1891
Leland Shepard French b: 7 Aug 1892
Dorothy Minerva French b: Feb 1900

Rosetta Almira Daley
Birth: 15 Sep 1828 in Croyhauger, New York
Death: 19 Sep 1885 in Berlin Heights, Berlin Twp. Erie, Ohio
Father: James Daley b: 27 Sep 1788 in Walkill, Ulster, New York
Mother: Catherine Regina Groat b: 4 May 1790 in Claverack, New York


Several Families in a Photo Album from Oxford, Ohio & Indiana

This large ( 8 x 10 x 2.5 inches) photo album has a cracked beige cover with gold trim.

There are 22 beautiful cabinet studio portraits and 2 portrait photo
postcards of men, women, children and families.
Amazingly 19 of them are identified.
So there are 16 surnames and three of them repeat.

The names in the album are:

Mrs. Jennie Brady Stout from Whitcomb, Franklin County, Indiana
in a photo from Chicago, Illinois on album and confirmed on the photo.

Lida Myers Moin in a photo from Chicago, Illinois

Emma Wade in a photo from Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana

Della Wade in a photo from Oxford, Ohio

Ethel Van Ness in a photo from College Corner, Ohio

Anthony (Appleton) in a dressing gown photo from Oxford, Ohio

Louvenia Knowles Hodges in a photo from Oxford, Ohio

Myrtle Spradling in a photo without a location

A couple in a photo from Logansport, Indiana

Della, Ernest and Charley Howard in a photo from Anderson, Madison County, Indiana

Ernest Lee in a photo from Oxford, Butler County, Ohio

Edward Lee in a photo from New Castle, Henry County, Indiana

Marion Lee and his sons and daughter, Warney, Maud and Harry
in a photo from Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Harry Lee son of Marion Lee in a photo from Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Dora Appleton and Anthony (Appleton)

Ernest Lee in a photo from Oxford, Butler County, Ohio

Etta Lee Welliver and daughter Bessie

Bessie Welliver and half brother Lee Wadleigh

Eva Crawford Swiggett and husband Frank and their son
in a photo from Holdensville, I.T. or Tecumseh O.T.

A woman in a photo from Oxford, Butler County, Ohio

Pearl Hetrick in a photo from Oxford, Butler County, Ohio

Two children in a photo from Medina, Ohio

2 post cards studio portraits of women and families.

Two blank spaces have the names of Lura Lee and Warion Pierson.

Research shows John Stout 7 May 1835 - 7 Dec 1898
Father: Ira Stout b: 26 Jul 1812 Mother: Elizabeth McNutt b: 1811
John married Maggie Wynn first and then married Jennie Brady.
They were married 27 Dec 1863 in Franklin Co., Indiana
Their children were Indiana Stout b: 1866 and
Ira Clifford Stout b: 2 Jun 1873 in Franklin Co., Indiana
Mary Etta Lee was born 09 Oct 1874
She married Ernest Welliver b. 28 Feb 1866 in Reiley, Butler co., Ohio

NOTE: A loose photo found has the same Welliver clan.
It is listed in Group Photos under Very light photo of three men with rifles and three women


Twenty Five Families in a Photo Album from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

This was a large (8.5 x 11 inches) album that had two photographs per page. What is missing is the back and both covers. However, the pages are pristine condition and suitable for framing. Most importantly the 61 studio portrait cabinet photos are in perfect shape and well labeled.

The names in the album include:

Mrs. Snyder in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mr. Snyder in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Aldeifer in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Mrs. E. K. Miller in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bert Snyder in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Henry J. Kallenthaller (Kallenberger ?) Jr. on his 1st birthday on
Nov. 29, 1897 in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wayne Keiser in a photo from Columbus, Ohio

Horace Peixoto in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ed Malsburger in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Minnie Stump Armpirester in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Earnest Forward in a photo from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Bessie Forward (Howard?) in a photo from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mr. A. R. Moyer in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Ms. J. E. Christman as a baby in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Mr. H. G. Prutzman a baby in a photo from Reading, Pennsylvania

Mr. A. K. Kulp in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Kati Stauffer Brinder a baby in a photo from Reading, Pennsylvania

Sarah Isabelle Prutzman 5 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Prutzman

Mr. A. G. Krause in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The second Mrs A. G. Krause in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reverend Schmucker in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reverend D. K. Humboldt in a photo from Allentown, Pennsylvania

Anna Krause in a photo from Reading, Pennsylvania

Reverend O. P. Smith in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mr. E. Knappe in a photo from Springfield, Massachusetts

Mr. William Coulton in a photo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mrs. (William) Coulton in a photo with no location

Nelson Prutzman in a photo with no location

George Prutzman in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Seeds family (mother & 2 daughter) in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Mr. H. A. Prutzman in a photo from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Snyder & Mrs. Coulton in a photo with no location

Robert Miller in a photo from Frankford, Pennsylvania

Annie Lenhart in a photo from Reading, Pennsylvania

Horace Ashenfelter in a photo from Bridgetown, New Jersey

Lydia Moser in a photo from Reading, Pennsylvania

And 25 more photographs that were made in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (10),
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5), Reading, Pennsylvania (2), Norristown, Pennsylvania,
La Trobe, Pennsylvania, Lebanon, Pennsylvania in 1892,
Altoona, Pennsylvania, New York, New York and Akron, Ohio


The Photo Album of Hattie Dempster from New York

This ( 6 x 7 x 2 inch) album has green background and gold flower border.
The inside cover has the signature of Hattie Dempster
and the date of Christmas Day, 1877.

There are 48 cdvs in the album.

The names in the album are:

Aunt Sarah Brockett in a photo from Little Falls, New York
on the back it says Sarah Brockett died Nov. 8th, 1880 at age 52

Will Jackson in a photo from Elgin, Illinois in 1877

Albert Fox in a photo from Gloversville, New York

Lillian Van Denburg in a photo from Gloversville, New York

Joe Wyatt (about 18) in a photo from Fort Plane, New York

A girl in a studio portrait from Warwick County Leamington
which is a spa town in England, known for the medicinal qualities of its water

Nellie Realer in a photo from Little Falls, New York

Joe Wyatt (about 20 years old) in a photo with no location

Mrs. Emma Smith Gros in a photo from Troy, New York

Aunt Sarah Cockreill (born about 1826 in England )
in a photo from Fort Plane, New York

Jane Walrath and no location

Toddler in a photo from Fort Plane, New York
on back it says Bertha Floyd 2 years 4 months (Hatties daughter)

Aunt Grace Dempster in a photo from Lockport, New York

Frank Pealer (Realer?) in a photo from Little Falls, New York

Delos Cockreill (born Jun 1859 in Palatine, New York)

Will Cockreill in a photo from Cooperstown, New York
(Willard Cockreill born 1 Dec 1860 in New York)

Helena Perkins in a photo from Newark, New Jersey

Kirton & Will Perkins in a photo from Newark, New Jersey

Edith Caldwell in a photo from Chicago, Illinois
(on back Edith Cadwell eight months)

Aunt Emma Michael and no location

Miss Van Denburg in a photo from Fort Edwards, New York

Aunt Ruth Brockett in a photo from Johnsville, New York

Lillian Van Denburg in a photo from Albany, New York

Floyd Michael in a photo with no location

Lilah Dempster in a photo with no location

Bertha (Hatties daughter) in a photo with no location

In addition 14 names were found without photos.
They are My Great grandfather Kirton, My Grandma Dempster,
My Grandma Brockett, Sarah Goodbread, Uncle Clinton Brockett,
Uncle Reuben Michael twice, Aunt Keziah Wyatt, Asa Cole,
Rutherford Van Denburg, Laura Lyker, Jake Richard,
Bertha Floyd and K H S Brome.

And eight more photos with locations from Gloversville, Little Falls, Fort Plane,
Johnsville Lockport and Potsdam, New York, Lake City, Minnesota & Benton Harbor, Michigan

According to the 1892 History of Montgomery County, New York by Washington Frothingham

Hattie Dempster was the daughter of James W. Dempster b: 11 Dec 1817 in NY & Theresa Brockett b: About 1818 in New York. She married Dwight E. Floyd b: 4 Aug 1845 in Palatine, Montgomery Co., New York. They were married in 1878 and had Bertha Floyd and John D. Floyd.
Hatties mom Theresa had a sister named Sarah Louisa Brockett (Aunt Sarah) who was born 17 Jun 1828 in Brocketts, Bridge, New York and a brother (Hatties uncle) Clinton Brockett was born 6 Nov 1826 in Brocketts Bridge, New York. Clinton married Ruth Hayes (Hatties Aunt Ruth Brockett).

Walter Cockreill resided in Palatine, Montgomery, New York in 1880. He was born about 1820 in England. He married Sarah Cockerel and they had Delos Cockreill b. Jun 1859 in Palatine,New York, Willard Cockreill b. 1 Dec 1860 in New York & Amelia Cockerel b. abt 1863 in New York.

Lillian T. Van Denburg was born 2 Apr 1863 in Bleecker, Fulton County, New York to Hiram Van Denburg b. Abt 21 Apr 1832 in Northumberland, Saratoga County, New York and Prudence Elizabeth Van Denburg b. 27 Oct 1835 in Hope Falls, New York. She married Walton E. Werner b. 12 Nov 1855 in Gloversville, New York. She died 27 June 1927 in Northville, Fulton County, New York. She had a brother named Rutherford Van Denburg 1876 in Bleecker, New York.


Walker Family Tintype Photo Album from Illinois

This unique (3.75 x 4.5 x 1 inch) album is full of tintypes.
This was the type of album that was taken with soldiers into the Civil War.
It contains 16 studio portrait photographs and all of them are tintypes.

The names in the album are:

Charley Walker

Mrs. Geo Walker

Miss Weltha Walker

Mrs. S. Lyons

Sallie Read

This album was found with loose tintypes from
Decatur, Bloomington and Jacksonville, Illinois


Fannie Packs Photo Album

This Civil War era (5.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches) album is brown with gold trim.
It contains 26 studio portrait photographs and 2 of them are tintypes.
The photos were taken in: Allentown and Reading, Pennsylvania,
Wilmington, Delaware, Chicago, Illinois, Ogdensburgh, New York,
Worchester, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut.

The names in the album are:

Mr. J. A. Porris in a photograph dated 9/1891

Melissa Gattimer

A man in a photograph to Emma

Fannie Pack in a photograph from Addison, New York

Mr. H. Lester Arnold in a photograph from Brooklyn, New York

Bellinger boy in two photographs from Chicago, Illinois

Bellinger girl in a photograph from Chicago, Illinois

A man with the initials A.E.W.

Daughter of Clara Bennet


Watkins Family from NY Miniature Tintype Photo Album

This ( 3.5 x 5 x 1 inch) album has green backing overlaid with gold.
There are 61 thumbnail tintypes and 5 paper photos

The names in the album include:

Albion Watkins

Mary H.R. Watkins

Foster Watkins

Charles Watkins

Fred W. Richardson

Josephine Henrietta R. Rouse

Frave Brown

Mary Brown

Mr. Eastman

H.H. Rouse

Samatha Morse

Miss Jose Rouse

Mary Cobb

Albert Cobb

Mary Cobb

Mrs. William Cobb

Frave Brown

Amos Ide

Mrs. Belle Ide

Ida Newkirk

Minnie Scott

Note --- The One World Tree from has
Albion H Watkins born 1848 in Speedsville, Tompkins, New York,
Son of Lyman Watkins b. 1818 in New York and Lucia Experience Hastings b. 1823 in
Speedsville, Tompkins, New York,
Also Albion H Watkins had a brother Charles Dexter Watkins b. 1850 in Speedsville,
Tompkins, New York, USA
And others have
Albion Hastings Watkins born 20 Jun 1845 in West Newark, Tioga, New York
Married to Mary Helen Richardson (Mary H.R. Watkins)
b. 05 Dec 1842 in West Newark, Tioga, New York
They were married on 28 Feb 1871 in West Newark, Tioga, New York
Also, Mary Helen Richardson had a brother Fred Waldo Richardson b. 16 Feb 1845 in
West Newark, Tioga, New York


Reusser, Stucky, Krehbiel & Goebel
Extended Families Photo Album
from Mound Ridge, Kansas

This ( 8 x 10 x 3 inch) album has a faded red cloth cover and a
metal latch that still works. The spine is broken but the photos are sharp.
It has 26 studio portraits on cabinet cards and almost all are clearly identified.

The names in the album are:

Mr. and Mrs. Sarah and Jacob Krehbiel --- Mound Ridge, Kansas

Gussy (Ms. Augusta) Goebel --- baby photo --- Mound Ridge, Kansas

Herb Stucky--- baby photo --- Mound Ridge, Kansas

Mr. and Mrs. Pete and Rachel Krehbiel --- Mound Ridge, Kansas

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Anne Stucky --- Mound Ridge, Kansas

Mrs. Annie Reusser Stucky and a baby photo

Amelia, Clara and Peter Goebel ------ Mound Ridge, Kansas

Mr. and Mrs. Anna and Pete Schowalter --- Newton, Kansas

Anna Goebel Stauffer and Mr. Stauffer,
Anna Stauffer & Katie Stauffer Meuller --- Newton, Kansas

Mr. and Mrs. Henry & Katie Stauffer Meuller --- Newton, Kansas

Mr. and Mrs.Will Lehmie --- Wedding Photo --- Newton, Kansas

Anna Welty Gerber --- Grandma Reusser sister ------ Mound Ridge, Kansas

Anna Reusser and Sarah Reusser -----------------------

Jac Voght and family --- Newton, Kansas

Clara Risser Rex --- Newton, Kansas

Anna Risser Bonsamer --- wife of Rob Bonsamer --- Newton, Kansas

Elmer, Roy and Omer Schowalter --- Mound Ridge, Kansas

James Lugbill --- Newton, Kansas

Dan Vogt --- Halstead, Kansas

Lydia Reusser, Sarah Reusser, Anna E. Reusser and Rachel Reusser
daughters of Abraham and Verena Reusser --- Halstead, Kansas

Chris Reusser Family of 7 ----- Halstead, Kansas

NOTE: Research shows:

Abraham Reusser b.1845 in Ohio d.1928 in Ohio he was son of
David Reusser b.1813 Switzerland & Katherine Utz b.1808 in Switzerland
Married Verena Welty b. 1845 in Switzerland in 1868 in Pandora, Ohio
Their children were Lydia 1869, Sarah 1870, Anna E. 1872, Samuel Abraham 1873,
Rachel 1875, Emma 1877, John 1879, David 1881, Ferdinand S. 1884, Edward 1886,
Otto N. 1888, Abraham Carl 1891 in Moundridge, McPherson County, Kansas

Sarah Reusser b. 1870 in Indiana d.1923 in Moundridge, Kansas
Daughter of Abraham Reusser b. 1845 in Ohio & Verena Welty b. 1845 in Switzerland
She married Jacob C. Krehbiel in 1894 in Moundridge, Kansas
Their children were Carl 1895, Roy Peter 1896, Otto Jacob 1898, Orlin D. 1900,
Elda I. 1902, Paul John 1906, Harold Christian 1907 and Frieda Elizabeth 1909

Anna E. Reusser b.1872 in Indiana, daughter of Abraham Reusser & Verena Welty.
Married Christian J. Stucky in 1892 and had Herbert Erich 1894, Richard Raymond 1896,
Emma A. 1899 and John Weldon 1910 all born in Moundridge, Kansas.

Herbert Erich Stucky b.1894 in Moundridge, Kansas d. 1974 in Moundridge, Kansas.
Son of Christian J. Stucky b. 1864 in Russia and Anna E. Reusser b.1872 in Indiana.

He married Agnes B. Schroeder b. 1895 in Newton, Harvey County, Kansas
Their children were Melbourne 1919, Curtis Lewellyn 1921 and Herbert Bismark 1923.

Christian J. Stucky b. 1864 in Russia d.1921 son of John & Freni Voran Stucky.
married Anna E. Reusser b.1872 and married in 1892. Their children were Herbert Erich
1894, Richard Raymond 1896, Emma A. 1899, John Weldon 1910 in Moundridge.

Jacob Goebel b.1868 in Illinois d. BEF 1930 in Garden, Kansas .
He was the son of Christian Goebel b. 1824 and Anna b. 1839 in Ohio.
Married Lydia Reusser b:1869 in 1891 & had children Augusta Emma 1892,
Ellen Marie 1897, Anna Lydia 1900, Emma Verna 1901, Lloyd Lestor 1903,
Marvin 1904, Velma 1906, Roland 1908, Arlo 1909 & Mildred 1911.

Peter Christian Schowalter b. 1862 in Iowa, d.1947 in Moundridge, Kansas
Son of Peter Schowalter b.1819 in Germany & Maria Eymann.
He married Anne E Goebel b. 1866 in IL on 30 APR 1893

Daniel J. Vogt b.1887 in Moundridge, KS d.1958 in Moundridge, Kansas
Married Marie Henrietta Rilling b. 1897 MN in 1909 in Moundridge, Kansas
Their children were Mildred Marie Vogt 1911 & Alida May Vogt 1912.


Wolcott Maltbie Families
Photo Album from Ohio

This ( 8 x 11 x 2.5 inches) album has a red fabric covering with a white rose on the cover.
It features 63 portraits and 6 of them are tintypes and at least one has a Civil War stamp.
There are four antique greeting cards from friends and family.
This unique album has pages of single cabinet cards, pages of 4 carte-de-vistas
per page and similar pages cut to accommodate double cabinet cards.
The amazing thing is the almost without exception the names
in the album are duplicated on the backs of the photos.

The names in the album are:

Harold C. Wolcott ---- Newton Falls, Ohio

Orvis Orlando Wolcott --- Wedding picture ------ Warren, Ohio

Carrie Maria Maltbie --- Wedding picture ------ Garrettsville, Ohio

Pansy Gertrude Wolcott and Harry Pierre Wolcott ------ Warren, Ohio

Julia Louise Maltbie ------

Maria Hosmer ---- Maryville, Missouri

Julia Bostwick – Grandma Maltbie

a baby photo of Hazel Burns who is to become Mrs. Sam McFall

Frank Burns ----- Warren, Ohio

Hazel Burns as a young girl who is to become Mrs. Sam McFall --------

Julia Louise Maltbie Stow ----- Jefferson, Ohio

Dosia Haines or Haine -------

Stepmother Maltbie ----- Warren, Ohio

Harry Pierre Wolcott ----- Warren, Ohio

Hazel Burns as a toddler who is to become Mrs. Sam McFall -------- Warren, Ohio

from Mother(Julia Bostwick Maltbie) to Carrie --- 58 years of age 1892 ----- Warren, Ohio

Edwin Maltbie ---------------- Warren, Ohio

Ralph and Ruth Maltbie ----- Warren, Ohio

Julia Louise Maltbie ----- Warren, Ohio

Sophronia, Altine & Rose Alcock

Minta Osborne (Osborn ?) wife of Tom from Berea, Kentucky

2 photos of the same man
One as a young man ----- Ashtabula, Ohio
And the other as a middle aged man ----- Warren, Ohio

Sophronia Alcock --- 2 yrs 5 mos. --- Painesville, Ohio

Rev. and Mrs. Holiett from Braceville --- Zanesville, Ohio

The greeting cards are from Howard C. Young, Angie M. Young, A.E.Degler & Olive Lucas.

NOTE: Research shows:

Orvis Orlando Wolcott, b. 1859 to Catherine Maria Stowe and Orlando Wolcott
married Carrie Maria Maltbie and had Harry Pierre 1885, Clarence Burdette 1887,
Pansy Gertrude 1890, Clarence Eugene 1892, Harold Clermont 1895,
Howard Joseph 1899, Robert Theodore and Dorothea Kathryn Wolcott.
Carrie parents were Isaac Maltbie b. 1828 in OH & Julia Bostwick b. 1830

Marcus Edwin Maltbie b.1858 to Isaac Maltbie and Julia Bostwick
married Miranda Celestia Wolcott in1879. They had:
Lena 1881, Carrie Ethel 1883, Ruth Wolcott 1885
Ralph K. 1888 and Lawrence Austin 1891

Hazel Burns b.1892 to Edward P. Burns and Jennie A. Maltbie
married Roland Eagan in 1915.

Julia Louisa Maltbie b.1871 to Isaac Maltbie and Julia Bostwick
married Frank Norman Stowe in 1897 and had
Fred Ernest 1899, Eva Eudora 1900 and Julia Rachel 1902.


Chester County, Pennsylvania & Wilmington, Delaware Families Photo Album

This is a Civil War era photo album that measures 7 x 5.5 x 2 inches.
It is a black leather album with a raised golden rose and white faux pearl pegs.
One section of pages have pulled away from the back
but the important thing is that the portraits are in excellent shape.

There are 24 cdvs, 10 tintypes
plus a negative of a man & a horse.
Almost all of the photos are from Pottstown, Coatesville, West Chester
or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or else Wilmington, Delaware

The names in the album are:

Thomas Naylor ----- Wilmington, Delaware

Helen Mc Elheney --- a tintype of two women ---

Anna Jane Wright ------- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Esther Moore ----- Wilmington, Delaware

Thomas Naylor Jr. ----- Wilmington, Delaware

Jas. P. Wright ----- Wilmington, Delaware

Erline Wright ----- Wilmington, Delaware

Jose (Josephine?) ------ Wilmington, Delaware

Sallie Pollero --- Coatesville, Pennsylvania

A photo of Dr. Reney --- who brought me into this world

15 Dec. 1884 Daniel L. Britten ------- Pottstown, Pennsylvania

NOTE: Find A Grave has
Birth: Dec. 15, 1884, Death: May 29, 1959
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Buried in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Daniel Britten was a veteran of both World War I and II.


Olson/Mathre/Lund Families Photo Album from Illinois

This (8.5 x 11 x 3 inches) album has a cloth covering.
The album itself is nothing special but the carte-de-vistas
and the full sized cabinet photos are wonderful.
There are 18 studio portraits, of men, women and children.

The names in the album are:

Wedding photo of Julia Mathre and Ivar Lund
She is the daughter of Lars Mathre in a photo from Chicago.

John Olson ---- Sandwich, Illinois

Julia Olson ---- Aurora, Illinois

Mr. Olson --- school teacher ---- Aurora, Illinois

Aunt Carrie -------------------------

Aunt Mattie -----------------------

Uncle Severt (Mathre) --- to Lena --- Arlington, South Dakota

Oscar Larson & wife Rullestad --- to Lina --- Paxton, Illinois

Great Grandpa Mathre = Wier Mathre --- Morris, Illinois

Great Grandpa Mathre = Anna Mathre --- Morris, Illinois

Uncle Peter Mathre and his wife --- Morris, Illinois

A baby --------------------------- Story City, Iowa

Uncle Severt Mathre --------------- Morris, Illinois

Julia Tegland Lund --- sister of Louise Lund ---

A tintype of 2 little boys-- Albert and William Mathre

NOTE: Research shows:

Wier Weirson Mathre b.20 Mar 1818 in Norway d.12 Dec 1874 in Illinois
Married Anna Nacs b: 30 Nov 1827 in Itre Matre, Norway
Children include:
Wier Jr 1849, Guro 1851, Peter 1855, Severt 1859
Oscar 1862, William 1864 & Julia Malinda 1868

Lars Sjursson Mathre b. 24 May 1830 in Norway d.1894 in Story City, Iowa
Married Martha Olson Tegland b: 1831 in Norway
Children include Martin Lewis Mathre b: 15 Jul 1873 in Newark, Illinois

John Olson b.1864 in Lisbon, Illinois d.Bef 1955 in Illinois
Father: Iver Olson b: 1832 in Norway Mother: Anna T. Hanson b: 1828 in Norway.
Married Julia Malinde Mathre b: 28 May 1868 in Illinois on 13 Jan 1892 in Illinois


Freiberg Nimmer Families Photo Album
from Chicago, Illinois and Oshkosh, Wisconsin
featuring August Bauman

This ( 8.5 x 11 x 3 inches) album has quite the decorative
display in metal on the cover and quite an ornate latch.
However, it is the 24 cabinet photos that are the real treasure.

The names in the album are:

Mr. August Bauman ---- Chicago, Illinois

Mr. August Bauman as a boy in Chicago, Illinois ---- Chicago, Illinois

Teresa Babbler ------------- Oshkosh, Wisconsin

John C. Freiberg ------------- Oshkosh, Wisconsin

William Freiberg ------------- Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Mr. Bartz ---- Chicago, Illinois

William Freiberg from Oshkosh, Wisconsin
shooting a rifle on the Herman Nimmer Farm

William Nimmer from Fond Du Lock ----- Fond Du Loc, Wisconsin

Names included in the album where the photo was removed:

Bertha Freiberg and Henry Beduku --- parents of Leona Zwicky

Mr. August Bauman and John Beduhn

NOTE: Research shows:

Johann Christian Theodor (John C.) Freiberg
b. 1847 in Germany son of Ludwig Freiberg & Christine.
d.1930 in Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., WI
Children: William E.R. 1874, Charles F. 1876, John O. 1878,
Otto A. 1880, Edward 1882, Max Julius 1885, Rose C. 1887
and Else 1895 all born in Fond du Lac, WI

Herman L Nimmer b.1862 in Germany d. 1948 in WI.
Son of Carl & Mary, he married Ida Bauman in 1890.
Children: Helen 1891, Erna 1893 & Harry 1895.

John Freiberg b.1823 m. Johanna Bauman in 1849 in Germany.
Children: August F. 1850, Albert J.1852, Henry Freiberg 1855,
Herman 1856, Charles J.1859, Bertha 1862, Eda F.1863,
Emma C. 1867, Hulda A.1871 and Anna J. 1875.


Hokey - Brooks - Milligan - Renfro Families Tintype Photo Album
featuring Martha Washington

This very early tintype album has every person identified.
That is extremely rare and very lucky for a descendant.
The names on these 12 studio portrait tintypes, in this album are:

Martha Washington
Tabitha Brooks
Cora J. Hokey
Lily Hokey

Tabitha Brooks
Cora Hokey
Ella Milligan

Nora Hokey

Griffin and Ada Renfro

John Wesley Brooks

John & Ella Milligan

Cora J. Brooks (when she was a baby)

Cora Hokey

Mrs. Henry Hokey (Rosa)

Grandma Tabitha Brooks

Tabitha Brooks
Cora Hokey
Ella Milligan

Rose Hokey
Cora Hokey & Family


The Sarah Millard Album from Marion County, Iowa,
which includes the Mease, Busec, Robison, Beamer,
Mease, Henry, Rooda, Bridges, Brouce, Dixon , Durhan,
Phelps, VanderVeer, Whaley & Zyletra Family's Photo

This is an amazing collection of individuals from Marion County, Iowa.

The names in this album are:

Sarah Millard

Sarah Dale Millard & Sylvester Millard

Myrle Sarah Millard on a photo postcard

Sylvia Millard

Grandma Millard

Aunt Luellen Millard Zyletra

Pa Zyletras sister

Mom & Dad with Vernon & Welma at Attica in front of homestead

Pearl and Albert Rooda (Rodda) - on New Year’s 1917 -
in their convertible roadster on a photo postcard
sent to Chebbe Zyletra in Osceola, Iowa

Richard Lee Roarda (Rodda)

Gallen Mease on a photo postcard

Gallen Mease on a horseshoe photo postcard

Walter Beamers boy and girl

Ralph Brouce on a photo postcard
sent from Adia Brouce to Miss Sarah Millard in Harvey, Iowa

Wedding photo of Mabel and Byron - Sept. 12, 1906

Bell Robison

School teacher (that may be Bell Robison)

Flo Allen Busec -- wife of Charlie

Mr Henrys two daughters

Martha Henry on a photo postcard

Martha Henry and her mother Mrs Aron Henry

Sarah worked for them.

Miss Zora Dixon in 1919

Mrs. Zora Dixon Phelps

Jack Dixon Whaley age 4 months on a photo postcard

Arthur Bridges

Lem Durhans daughter

Aunt Bertha astride a horse

Clarence and Josephine VanderVeer (van Der Veer)


The 1910 US census, Clay, Marion Co., Iowa, shows
John H. Millard, 52,, b. WI; wife, Olive A. 48, b. IA;
dau. Pearl G. 18, b. KS; son, Sylvester, 16, b. KS; dau.
Luellen, 15, b. KS; dau. Sarah D. 13, b. KS; dau.
Sylvia B. 9, b. IA; dau. Bessie J. 8, b. IA; dau. Lizzie G. 5, b. IA

Another of John Elmer Millards daughters was
Sarah Myrtle Millard b: 27 Apr 1877 in Iowa.

Arthur T. Bridges b: 11 Jan 1871 in Attica, Marion
county, Iowa d:: 27 Nov 1963 in Marion county, Iowa


Thaddeus J. Peters Family

Important note: There were 23 loose photos that came with this antique photoalbum!
The photos are listed on Page 18.

This unique scrapbook size (8.5 x 10 x 1) album has a typed
family history as the first page and family photos on every other page.

The history is of Joseph Piotrkowska who was born in 1886 in Poland.
He married Apolonia Jablonowski daughter of Peter Jablonowski and Katherine Nuska.
He Americanized his name to Joe Peters and called his wife Pauline.
They had three children, Jean Peters Haworth, Henryka Peters Arcus
and Thaddeus Joseph Peters 1916 - 1988.
The info covers the family from 1861 to 1988.

The album contains studio portraits and
snapshot photographs and all of them are identified.

The names in the album are:

Pauline and her brother Frank in 1908

Joseph Peters and Frank Jablonowski in 1908

Pauline and her sister in 1909

Her sisters wedding with Pauline and Frank in 1909

Pauline and Frank in 1909

Pauline in 1910

Pauline and daughter Jean in 1913

Jean and Henryka in 1917

Jean Peters in 1915

Thaddeus in 1916

3 pictures of Jean and a friend

Ted and his entire 1st grade class in 1922

And 39 more photos of the brother and sisters growing up.

The photos also include Joe Kolci, Grandma Hill and someone named Honey.


Civil War Photo Album from
Canandaigua, Lima & Buffalo, New York
and Ann Arbor & Felton, Michigan

The spine is gone on this small (6.5 x 5 x 2 inches)
brown album but it is almost 150 years old.
It has 24 CDVs and two tintypes.
There are CDVs with Civil War stamps which were used
by President Lincoln to raise money for the war effort.

The names in the album are:

Aunt Lecrelia Miner ---- Lima, New York

Aunt Amanda, Aunt Julia Davis, Jani and Sarah Tiffan (Tiffany or Tiffin ?) from Canandaigua, New York

Dan Houkken (Hobchken ?) ----------

Wife of Dan Houkken (Hobchken ?) ---- Buffalo, New York

Vine Francis in a thumbnail tintype in a frame -----

Cousin Michigan Artemish (Artemisk?) --- woman from Canandaigua, New York

Aunt Jule Davis from Canandaigua, New York


May Wm. H. Polleys/Woodcock Album
from State Normal College at Albany, New York,
San Francisco and Stockton, California.

This photo album is completely full of 40 carte-de-visites portraits.
This album is covered with brown leather and the binding is nice and tight.

Inserted into the album is a presentation in calligraphy that reads
Presented To May Wm. H. Polleys By her Brother T. F. Woodcock.
Written on another loose piece of paper is 1118 South 6th. St East side.
It appears that whoever put this album together was very organized
because there are three distinct periods to their life.

The first group of 9 pictures appear to be from the album owners
college days in Albany, New York. It was State Normal College
at Albany. All 9 photos were taken by the same photographer and at least
one of the pictures refers to the Class of 77. On-line I found a list of students
from 1877, which included all of these students names. Several of the
students have signed the backs of their pictures and names include:

Lucie G. Adams - Handen, Del. (listed just that way)

Fannie E. Best - Niverville, Columbia County, New York (listed just that way)

Helen M. Whedon, (listed just that way plus West Paulet, Washington)

J. H. Potter - Hartwick, Otsego County, New York (listed as Julius )

and staff members Fanny Hubbard and a distinguished male professor.

The next group of 7 pictures are all from Stockton, California.
Including Mary Moore.

The rest of the 24 pictures are all from San Francisco.

Names on these pictures:

George West,

Jacob Johnson,

Mona Polleys Green,

Addie Brooks,

Sister Tucker & Miles Tucker,

and Marian Hart.

NOTE: A kind researcher sent us:
1. William H. Polleys, born about 1828 in Nova Scotia, Canada.
He married Dorothy Woodcock, about 1853, born about 1833 in Maine.
Their children were:
2 Edgar Hovey Polleys, born 1854
3 Frank Oscar Polleys, born about 1855,
4 William Ernest Polleys, born about 1855,
5 Abner Dexter Polleys born 3-May-1856.


Civil War Era album
from the Jerseyville / Virden area of Illinois

This is a 5 x 6 x 2.5 inch early 1860s to 1870s album
that holds portraits from the beginning of photography.

Included were the location of photographers and these names:

Grandma Kirby from Jerseyville, Illinois

One of the Baptist Preachers two daughters in 1870s in Virden, Illinois

One of the Baptist Preachers two daughters in 1870s in Virden, Illinois

Grandpa Davidson from Virden, Illinois

Vester Davidson from Virden, Illinois

Fannie Calhoon from Jerseyville, Illinois

Etta from the 1880s in Girard, Illinois

A lady from Jacksonville, Illinois

A girl from Payson, Illinois

A lady from Virden, Illinois

A man in a tintype from Virden, Illinois

A man from Virden, Illinois

A woman from Litchfield, Illinois

A young lady from Springville, Illinois

An elderly lady from Jerseyville, Illinois

A woman from Virden, Illinois

A man from Edwardsville , Illinois

A couple from Edwardsville , Illinois

A man from Edwardsville , Illinois

Nettie Snell Leighs from Jerseyville, Illinois

Silas Wright Snell from Jerseyville, Illinois
And 3 other men. He died at age 33.

Mary Boyer from the 1870s in Verden (Virden?), Illinois

Charles Boring in Virden, Illinois

Russell and Mary Bohaunon in Jerseyville, Illinois

There are three blank spots since
the following three photos were claimed already.
Gussie Waddle Clark and Susie Waddle Witt ------ Jerseyville, Illinois

Mabel Voorhees Everts from Jerseyville, Ill.
Bess Voorhees Brainerd also from Jerseyville, Ill.

However, the vast majority of this remarkable album is still intact.


The Dickerson & Botsford Family Album from Michigan

This large (10"x 8"x 2") red velvet photo album has 37 studio portraits
including 2 tintypes. With only one empty slot, the photographs
in this album are in great shape. One photo is of a Priest, another
a Black woman and her child and a third shows the child alone.

The names in the album are:

Maude ( Maude Botsford Dickerson ) - Howell, Michigan

Mr. Dickerson (prob. Maude's husband) - Howell, Michigan

Ellen Botsford Dickerson -- age 4 mo.--- Howell, Michigan

Maude Botsford Dickerson - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Katie - "Mother of Josephine" - Rochester, New York

Smith Botsford - on back - Katie's Father, Josephine's
Grandfather and Lynn's Great Grandfather.

Maude and Katie (sisters Maude Pearson Botsford
and Katie Botsford ) - Albion, New York

Marnie Jones ( Marnina ) photo taken on Nov. 14, 1891
At age 13 years 7 months.

Uncle Lewis Godfrey - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Nellie Deyo - Cousin - Chicago, Illinois
Note: An empty slot has Nellie Deyo - Dead Cousin ' written under it.

Ms. Fredi Sittett- Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lee Jefferson Caldwell - Palmyra, New York

Lee Jefferson Caldwell and mother
She worked on the farm.

Ellen B. Bach - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fan Terren - June 1906 - Dear Mali - with the love of Belle
Mother in our parlor - at the age of 78.

Cherlin Lophern - Rochester, New York

Seven of the photos are from Ann Arbor, Michigan,
three from Howell, Michigan and Albion, New York.
Two are from Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California.
The rest are from Washington, D.C., Denver, Colorado
and Saline, Michigan. As well as Canandaigua, Rochester,
Lockport, Palmyra, New York State.

NOTE: It appears to me that Rootsweb shows that:

Maude Pearson Botsford b.1868 in MI d.1956 Howell, Livingston Co., MI
Is the sister of Katie Botsford b. 1876

Ellen Botsford Bach is dau. of Philip Bach and Anna Botsford
Anna Botsford is a sister to Smith Botsford the father of Maude Pearson
Botsford. Their parents were Elnathan Botsford and Eliza Smith

Two of these photos are from San Francisco. It is reported that Botsfords
were in San Francisco at the time of the 1906 earthquake and fire.
They took refuge near Golden Gate Park and sent accounts
of their experiences back to a newspaper in Michigan.


Shortridge and Related Familes' Tintype Photo Album

This tiny (3" x 4.5"x 1") Civil War era photo album has 13 studio portraits and
10 of them are tintypes. But even greater than that, is that it has handwritten
family connections. It is too hard for me to figure out, but wonderful clues
for a family tree researcher.

The names in the album are:
Miss Armstrong - A distant cousin on the Ashba side.
Grandpa Clark, My Grandpa Clark - Grandma's first husband.
Grandma Shortridge (Elizabeth Smith Shortridge)
Mrs. Sagers - Wife of John Sagers - an aunt of my mother.
My mother - photo from Delphi, Indiana
John Sagers - My mother's uncle.
Rebecca Shortridge - Step-daughter of my grandmother Shortridge.
(on back of photo:) Rebecca Shortridge Hoel - my step-grandfather's daughter
Della Byrkett - her first cousin & my mother- no photo

NOTE: A kind Shortridge Family researcher adds:
Rebecca Shortridge b. abt 1874 in Indiana, was the daughter of Samuel B. Shortridge and Elizabeth Smith. Rebecca was married on 7 July 1903 to James Hoel b. abt 1857-1859 in Ohio. He was the son of Wesley and Mary Hoel. Rebecca and James had a son named Russell Hoel born about 1909 in Indiana.


Civil War era Tintype Photo Album of the
Benson Family from New York and Massachusetts

It is the typical Civil War size album at 4.5 x 6 x 1.75 inches.
There are nineteen photos in this black and silver album.
Fifteen are Ferrotypes and Tintypes and four are CDVs.

Dates on the photos show that they are from 1869 and 1870.
They come from Plymouth, Massachusetts and Troy,
Waterville and Utica, New York.

On the first page is a tintype labeled
Jehomiah (Jeremiah?) Benson from Plymouth, Mass.
The photo was taken Sept. 22, 1870.
Research shows: Jeremiah Benson appears as a
Civil War participant from Wareham, Mass.

Another photo is a CDV that was taken in Troy, New York and shows
Elias and Lydia Benson who are brother and sister, on Sept. 27, 1870.


Wilkinson / Sweeney / Gallagher / Henry Families'
Photo Album from Wayne County, Ohio and Hartford, Conn.

This large brown album (10 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 3 1/2") has a beveled
mirror on the cover and appears to be from the late 1800?s.
It features 22 large cabinet cards studio portraits, a funeral card
and an envelope with business cards and calling cards.

The names in the album are:

Kathryn Sweeney ------------ Wooster, Ohio
Kate Gallagher -- toddler --- Wooster, Ohio
Kate Gallagher --- baby ------ Wooster, Ohio
Alice Sweeney -- baby --- Creston & Shreve, Ohio
Kathryn Wilkinson ------------ Wooster, Ohio
Mr. Jas. Wilkinson ------------------ Akron, Ohio
On back: J.M.Wilkinson - Louelwilh,Ohio (Louisville?)
Bill Wilkinson ---- baby ----- Creston & Shreve, Ohio
Bridget Leech ---------------------------- Wooster, Ohio
Nell Henry ------------------- Hartford, Connecticut
John Henry ------------ baby ------- Hartford, Connecticut
John Henry --- toddler in a dress --- Hartford, Connecticut
Aunt Alice Coughein --------------- Hartford, Connecticut
Sister of Mary Hines ------------- New Haven, Connecticut
Mary Hohen ---------------- Hartford, Connecticut
Anna Hoben ---------------- Hartford, Connecticut
Uncle Jas. Fitzgerald ------------ Wooster, Ohio
Miss Lillian Dahill ----------------- Hartford, Connecticut
On back: Lilly Dahell - Hartford, Connecticut
Rose Sweeny's brother -------------------------
On back: to Miss Sweeney
Julia Mahoney ------------------------- Akron, Ohio
On back: Miss Julia Mahoney Tallmadge, Summit Co., Ohio
Jim Mahoney ------------------------- Akron, Ohio
Nell Wilkinson ------------------- Jonesville, Michigan
Ms. K. Gallagher ---------------- New Castle, Pennsylvania
Finally a Funeral Card from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ---
Michael Fitzgerald died April 28th, 1888 age 42 years.
Also, there are 5 business cards/calling cards in an envelope addressed to:
Miss Mary Wilkinson, Creston, Ohio



This large brown album has the word album in silver metal lettering .
The album is worn but the 45 studio portraits are in very good shape.
They consist of 29 cabinet cards and cdvs from Warren, Ohio,
Youngstown, Ohio and Buffalo, New York, plus 16 tintypes.

The names in the album are:
Minnie Myers -------------------------------------- Warren, Ohio
Chyst Myers --------------------------------------- Warren, Ohio
George Fox Jr. ------------------------------ Newton Falls, Ohio
Emma, Rob and Earl ------------------------------ Warren, Ohio
Jacob, Jake, Myers ----- Fred's father ---------- Warren, Ohio
Charlotte Myers -------- Fred's mother --------- Warren, Ohio
Justine --- To Aunt Amelia ---------------------- Geneva, Ohio
Sherrill Myers ----- square photo --------------------------------

Of the cdvs, one is from Ashtabula, Ohio, one from Warren, Ohio
and one is of Immigrant Ancestors from Goeppingen (Germany).

Note: If the names Haughton, Reeher, Lymn or Hurd are related, let me know.


Libby G.'s Album From Tioga County, Pennsylvania
and Steuben County, New York

This vintage album is 9" x 7" x 1".
It has 24 photographs and 6 of them are tintypes

The names in the album are:
Rev. James -------------- Westfield, Pennsylvania
Rev. Spencer ---------------Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Bert Wildman to Libby ------- Elmira, New York
Mr. M. S. Rees --- print ------------
Harry Lyon ------------------------ Corning, New York
Dr. Rumsey --------------- Knoxville, Pennsylvania
Edgar Woodbury ------------------
Dr. Reese Sr. ------------------------ Elmira, New York
Leonard Haynes small photo included - Addison, New York
Mr. Bellows ------------------
Walter Bowman ----------- Westfield, Pennsylvania
Lee Goodrich ----------------------- Corning, New York
Frank Cornelius ---------------------- New York, New York
Mr. N. H. Selley ------------------------ Corning, New York
George Cornelius ------------------------ Elmira, New York
Samuel Bartlett to Libby G. Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Monroe Ackley -to Libby G. --- Gaines Pine - Oberlin, Ohio
The last two were teachers of Byron Grenolds
John Dangle - to Libby
Byron Grenolds & Monroe Ackley
A print of clergy from newspaper

NOTE: Research has shown:

Byron Albert Grenolds b. 1862 in Troupsburg, Steuben County, NY
m. Sarah Josphine Bailey b. 1869

George K. Cornelius b.1863 and J. Frank Cornelius b.1875 in Bedford County,
Pa. parents were Benjamine F Cornelius and Anne E. Grove

James Monroe Ackley b. 1861 in Stueben , New York to Samuel and Aurinda Ackley


Van Buren / Van Horne / Wolcott Families from New York

This 4" x 6" photo album has 30 photographs including 11 tintypes.
Very unusual items like ferrotypes, a couple of photos probably transferred
from a glass photo to a print, a thumbnail CDV, a thumbnail tintype
in a gold frame and Black woman dressed to the nines.
The photographs and the album, with it's double latches, are in exquisite shape.

The names in the album are:
Rosa Kaufman
Rev. David Van Horne - Rev. Dr. D. Van Horne - Tiffin, Ohio
Charles Nuley
Marvin Bigford
Jenny Grant - Fancy Black woman ---- Ansterdam, N.Y.
Emily Van Buren Hudson
Enders Van Buren ----------------- Fultonville, N.Y.
Mother & Son
Christy Bowhart Friday -------------Ansterdam, N.Y.
George Koons
Maria Cody Koons
Jacob H. Enders - Autographed print
Cornelius Van Buren
Ephraim Van Horne & Family
Arthur Van Horne ----------- Jackson, Michigan
Timothy Handy
Elizabeth Handy
Schuyler Van Horne thumbnail CDV from Ansterdam, N.Y.
Marie Mickel
Hannah Searles - thumbnail tintype in gold frame
Caroline Wolcott ------- Troy, N.Y.
Tertius Wolcott ---------- Troy, N.Y.
Caroline Wolcott ------- Hudson, N.Y.
Mr. Wolcott - R.D. Wolcott ----- Troy, N.Y.
Hannah Wolcott Searles
Miss Crowley
Jermiah V B Parker Newark, New Jersey on Oct. 11, 1879
To Jim Van Buren with regards of namesake and cousin J.V.B.Parker
John Bunn - ferrotype from NY
Nancy Polhamis Bunn - ferrotype from NY
Fisher Polhamis


Warner & Farrell Families Photo Album
from Iowa and Illinois

This unique (7" x 5" x 2") album has two photos per page.
It contains 26 studio portrait photographs and 4 of them are tintypes
and all of the photos are in remarkable shape.
The photos were taken in: Fort Dodge, Independence & Waterloo, Iowa;
Lansing, Saginaw City & East Saginaw, Michigan; Lincoln & Atlanta, Illinois;
Hartford & Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Elkhart, Indiana.

The names in the album are:
Henry Warner III (was original owner's father) ---
Henry Warner II ----------- Fort Dodge, Iowa
Leonidas Farrell Sr. ------------- Atlanta, Illinois
Mrs. Leonidas Farrell Sr.---- Hartford, Conneticut
Kate Myers - all 4 sisters of Henry Warner III -- Bridgeport, Connecticut
Burt Farrell --- Elkhart, Indiana
Lee Farrell --- Independence, Iowa
Estella Warner Early
A cousin --- Saginaw City, Michigan
Estella --- Lincoln, Illinois
Ezra Fox daughters --- a cdv from Atlanta, Illinois and a TinType
Estella Warner's mother --- Danielsonville, Conn.
Henry Warner III ---- Saginaw City, Michigan
L. Stooll -- East Saginaw, Michigan
Plus there is a cdv of a young girl that says: Property of E. Rahiborn on the back.

Names included in the album where the photo was removed:
Lysta (Mrs.Henry Warner III) (Catharine Seas was original owner's mother)
Lee Farrell & wife - Eddon's folks, Arthur Hart's father, Mollie Fox,
Susann Heart & Lydia Hoover - my aunts, Henry Warner III.
Lydia and Mollie, Aunt Kate, Laura [Furlong] Warner.

Note: Research shows:

Henry H. Warner b. 1812 in Oh. d. 1899 in Oh . He m. Catharine Seas b.1813.
Their children were Aaron Warner b. 1832, Moses Warner b. 1834,
Susan Warner b. 1836, Christina Warner b. 1838, Elizabeth Warner b. 1841,
Lydia Warner b.1842, Mary Ann Warner b.1846, Andrew C. Warner b.1850,
Henry Warner b.1854 & Catherine Warner b. 1858.

Mollie (Mary Ann) m. Ezra Fox

Susan Warner m. Henry Hart

Lydia Warner m. Daniel Hoover

Catherine Warner m. Alexander Fremont Myers

Henry Warner III m. Celestian Farrell

Celesta Catherine Barnum b. 1861 in Mo. to William Barnum and Rebecca Ellen.
She m. Benjamin Franklin Farrell b. 1854 in Oh. Their children were:
Walter Lee Farrell b. 1890 in Clarinda, Iowa, Ethel Farrell and Bertha May Farrell .


The Compton Family Photo Album

This small red photo album has raised red flowers on it.
Every page is full, with a total of 32 studio portrait cdv photographs.
They were taken in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Wisconsin

The names in the album are:
Grandfather Compton ----------------- Urbana, Ohio
Grandmother Compton --------------- Urbana, Ohio
Both were sent to Mrs. Louisa Compton, Clay City, Illinois
Milton Johnson
Granddad Compton --- Eaton, Ohio
Mr. S.V. Rice & Mrs. A. W. Rice --- Pomona, Kansas
Estella Addis -- Ottawa, Illinois
Mr. Selby Gandy


Hesseltine - Weed Tintype Photo Album

I love albums like this. The previous owner wrote what she recalled about nearly every photo. Not only are people identified but there is genealogical information given freely. Relationships, ancestry and even history of the surname changes.

This Civil War Era album is in bad shape itself but the photos are flawless. That is the beauty of finding an all tintype album. The photos look like they could have been taken yesterday, except for the outrageous fashions.

The names in this album include:

William Weed - "Grandfather of Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine & of Pearl Hesseltine Davis",
Nellie (Ellen?) Hesseltine Bullis & George Edward Hesseltine - "Their father Walter Hesseltine was born in England in County of Kent", Pearl Hesseltine Davis,
Sarah Weatherwax Hesseltine "Wife of Walter Hesseltine - She was Half Scottish and Half Dutch Ancestry",
James Herbert Hesseltine "son of Sarah and Walter Hesseltine",
Jane Lyon Weed "wife of William Weed - Mother of Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine",
George Hesseltine and Nellie (Ellen?) Hesseltine,
Pearl Hesseltine "daughter of Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine and James Herbert Hesseltine"
Spraque Girls "related to Jane Lyon Weed in some way",
Sister of Jane Lyon Weed,
George Edward Hesseltine,
Nellie (Ellen?) Hesseltine Bullis & Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine,
Charles Hesseltine "cousin of George Edward (Hesseltine), James Herbert (Hesseltine) & Nellie Hesseltine Bullis. He had no children", Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine,
Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine,
George Hesseltine and Nellie (Ellen Hesseltine) "Brother and Sister",
James Herbert Hesseltine - Elizabeth Ellen Weed Hesseltine "husband and wife"
Walter Hesseltine "husband of Sarah Weatherwax Hesseltine"
One of Jane Lyon Weed's sisters,
Nellie (Ellen?) Hesseltine Bullis and Elizabeth Weed Hesseltine "sisters-in-law"
And along with the photos, this helpful note:- Name was also spelled Hazelton but originally as above - but maybe with only one "s"


Miniature Photo Album with 30 Thumbnail Tintypes

This 2" by 3 1/4" bright red and gold album, with a gold latch, is in excellent condition.
It was very expensive but I knew this album would go into the hands
of a collector and the family would never find this fabulous heirloom.

The names inside are:
J.R.Heard - "age 6 years"
J.R.Heard - "age 16 years"
Persis Reed - (about 40 years old)
Olive [Reed] Gilmore - (about 30 years old)
Albert Dailey
Geo. Dailey
J.R.Heard -(about 8 years old)
J.R.Heard - (about 10 years old)
Mary A. Heard - (about 3 years old)
Mary A. Heard - (about 6 years old)
Mary A. Heard - (about 16 years old)
Mary A. Heard - (about 10 years old)
Herbert Collingwood- (about 4 years old)
Herbert Collingwood- (about 6 years old)
Myra Horswell and May Tilton
Jennie Pool and friend
Mary A. Heard - (copy of 6 yr old photo)
Horace Andrews
Persis Reed - (about 50 years old)
Olive Reed - (about 40 years old)
Arthur Brigham
Susan [Heard] Colton
E. Wells Colton
Moors Buys- (about 3 years old)
Moors Buys- (about 4 years old)
5 more un-named photos of older folks

Note - Rootsweb has:

John Reed Heard b: 29 Jan 1856
Father: John Jay Heard
Mother: Fidelia Reed b: 13 Aug 1822

Daniel Reed b: 22 Mar 1797 d: 2 Oct 1879
Father: William Reed b: 8 Jun 1755 in Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts
Mother: Olive Pool b: Abt 1763
Marriage 2 - Persis C. Hammond
Married: 10 Feb 1828
Persis H. Reed b: 26 Jun 1829
Marriage 3 Betsey T. Hammond b: 1 Dec 1803
Married: 15 May 1832
Charlotte Augusta Reed b: 21 Feb 1833
Almira Hammond Reed b: 9 Feb 1835
Melissa Cobb Reed b: 6 Feb 1837
Olive Janette Reed b: 20 Mar 1839
Thomas Hammond Reed b: 25 Mar 1841

Mary Ann Heard b: 18 Aug 1858
Father: John Jay Heard
Mother: Fidelia Reed b: 13 Aug 1822

Albert Henry Dailey b: 3 Mar 1848

George Edward Dailey b: Jan 1858 d: 15 Dec 1884


Buswell / Drew family album from Skowhegan, Maine

This Civil War era photo album is 6" by 5" by 2" thick.
It is in great shape and has 30 CDVs and 11 tintypes in it.
8 Photos were taken in Skowhegan, Maine, 3 in Lowell, Mass.,
2 in Boston, Mass. and 1 in Newburyport, Mass.

The names in the album are:
Joseph Buswell
Jane [Drew] Buswell
Turner Buswell (as a middle aged man)
Anna Buswell
E. B .B
Gertrude (about 4 years old)
Eva C. Drew
Gertrude (about 8 years old)
Turner Buswell (as a young boy)
Joe Drew
Kate Drew
Janie E. Drew
Joseph Buswell

NOTE: Research has shown that the Honorable Turner Buswell
was the Town Clerk of Solon, Somerset county, Maine in the 1870's.


Tintype photo album from the Skinner / Burns / Hawkins / Bruce Families

This small (5 3/4" x 4 3/4" ) white album has ten photos in it.
Nine of them are identified and eight of them are tintypes.

The names in the album are:
Miss Ader Skinner
Robert Hawkins - "Son of Tom & Emmer [Burns]"
Callie Hawkins - "Son of Tom & Emmer [Burns] "- Gainsville, Georgia
Essie Hawkins "age 17 months for grandma
Carl Bruce - "First son of Harris & Mattie"
Harris Bruce - "Husband"
Mattie Burns Bruce - "wife"
Dovey Burns Evans
Ella Skinner - "Mother to Ader & Emma"
One unidentified tintype and two names without photos:
Ella Esmeralda Burns
Emma Skinner



Doolittle and Langs Family's Tintype Album
Related to the Parsons and Judsons Families

This sweet little 4"x5" Civil War era photo album has the signature
of "Miss Mary Francisco" on the inside cover.
This treasure features forms of the earliest types of photographs.
Tintypes in paper frames, carte-de-vistas and thumbnail tintypes.
This dream book has names written on the backs of most of the photographs
and even has the "Index to Photographs" page filled out.
The photos that are named match the names on the index.

On the back of the photos, are the following names:
William Langs - Mini tintype in paper frame from Delavan, Wisconsin
Edith Heminway - CDV from Delavan, Wisconsin
Edith Comstock - tintype in paper frame
Frank Smith - CDV from Delavan, (Walworth County) Wisconsin
Silvester, Frank & Hezakiah Smith - CDV from Delavan, Wisconsin
Charley Langs - Mini tintype in paper frame
Lavina Langs - Mini tintype in paper frame
Amaza Doolittle - CDV from Whitewater, Wisconsin
Mrs. Frances Neare Doolittle- CDV from Whitewater, Wisconsin
Ella Kelsey "daughter of the photographer" in a
CDV from Kelsey's Temple of Art on Parson's Block in Delavan, Wisconsin
There are four more un-named tintypes.

UPDATE: Ella Kelseys photo has been claimed by Carol Kelsey

The names listed on the "Index to Photographs" page are as follows:
William Langs
Edith Heminway
Edith Comstock
Frank Smith
Silvester, Frank & Hezikiah Smith
Dr. Joseph Collie
Mrs. Irma R. Doane
Laura Parsons
Chauncy Parsons
Charley Langs
Lavina Langs
Chauncy Parsons
Laura Parsons
Talmadge Parsons
Emma Parsons
Amaza Doolittle
Fanny Neare Doolittle
Mrs. Martin Mulville
Ella Kelsey
Lisa Judson
Mrs. Judson
Frank Isham


Little Lottie Lang's Christmas Album

This is a 5.5" x 6.5" photo album with the following inscription:
"Presented by Phil. and Annie Schumacher,
To Miss Lottie Lang, Christmas, AD 1879".

The album is worn but there are 13 small cabinet card portraits
in the pages and one photo which was loose in the album.

The names in the album are:
Phil. and Annie Schumacher -- on the cover
Miss Lottie Lang ---- on the cover
Wilson -- suppose to have married Lottie Lang
but didn't -- man in CDV from Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Louis Hoeffler - No Photo
Annie Koontz - Woman in CDV from Woodsfield, Ohio
Lottie Lang - No Photo
Clyde Lang - son of Louis and Alice Lang - died in infancy - No Photo
Clarence P. Schumacker - No Photo
No Name - little girl in CDV from St. Louis, Missouri
Lucy Okey - sister to Martha Okey Lang - never married - No Photo
Mrs. John Straub - a woman in CDV from Millersburg, Ohio
Salmone Lang - No Photo
Alice Gramps - Cousin - A woman in CDV from Souix City, Iowa
Clyde Lang - A boy in a dress in CDV from Woodsfield, Ohio
Ella Yockey Schumacher & cousin - No Photo
Margaret Straub - On back: Susan's - A woman
in CDV from Allegheny, Pennsylvania
James Wilson - A man in CDV from Wheeling
Geo. Straub - cousin - lived in St. Louis - his mother
was a Lang - A man in CDV from St. Louis, Missouri
Mrs. Geo. Straub - A woman in CDV from St. Louis, Missouri
Michael Lang - taken in 1896 (the year he died) - No Photo
Elizabeth Yockey Lang - No Photo
Wm. Rose and son - No Photo
Annie Helfeic - A woman in CDV from Canton, Ohio
Eliz. Yockey - No Photo
Lawrence Yockey - Parents of Eliz. Yockey Lang - No Photo
Charles Burkhart - No Photo
Catherine Lang Burkhart - No Photo
Marge Straub and an un-identified woman - Two women in a CDV from Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Yockey - A young girl in a tintype
Elizabeth Lang Straub - A woman in a CDV with a 2 cent tax stamp

NOTE: Research shows:

Annie Lang (b. 13 JUL 1847 - Fayette, Allegheny Co., PA &
d. 19 JUL 1932- Woodsfield, Center Twp., Monroe Co., OH.)
Married Phil Schumacher Jr. (18Oct1845 in Schonau, Pfalz, Germany ?
d. 21Dec1922 in Woodsfield, Center Twp., Monroe Co., OH )

Lawrence Yockey's daughter
Elizabeth Yockey (b: 5 Apr 1821 in Rumbach, Germany d: 5 Jul 1896)
Married Johann Michael Lang (b: 11 Apr 1818 in Alsace, Germany)

Miss Salome Lang was the daughter of
John H. Lang and Martha Okey

Woodman Okey had daughters Martha Okey
and Lucy Jane Okey

UPDATE: Lynne Moffitt bought Lottie Langs Album for her mother!


Boss/Verbridge Famlies
Civil War era Photo Album from NY

The photographs in the precious Family Album are all tintypes.
It appears from 1860's to 1880's.

They are (in order):
Dan Vanclester - Photo given to Emma
John Frine - Curley haired man with finger missing
Matie Boss - Young Girl
John Boss - Young Man
Susan Day - Young Woman
Issac Vandebough - Young Man
Lena Verbridge - Young Woman
Philip Berzine - Young Man
Mary Verbridge - Woman
Jake Johnson - Middle Aged Man
Mary Magee - Middle Aged Woman
John Frine - Middle Aged Man(Same as #2)
Jim Boss - Boy
Abe Lagesse - Boy
Marice Wage - Woman
Peter Frine - Middle Aged Man
Mary Frine - Woman 40
Jacob Johnson - Man 20
Kate Magee - Woman 30/40
Frank Fields and Frank Norton - Young Men
Lena and Mary Verbridge - Look like Sisters
Irene Boss - Girl - 18 years old?
Frank Smith - sent to his son Ray in Sodis NY
John Boss and Lena Verbridge - Couple in their 30s / 40s

NOTE: Research shows:
Location most Likely:
Williamson, New York

On the Lena Verbridge and the Philip Berzine photos:
Rootsweb Trees:
Name: Mary Verbridge
Birth: Nov 1853 in Williamson, New York
Death: 1928 in Williamson, New York
Burial: Marion Cemetery Marion, New York
Father: Pieter Verbrugge b: 1827 and Mother: Leuntye Cense b: 1822
Married Phillip Berzine b: 9 Oct 1852 in Williamson, New York
Their Children were:
Ella b: 14 Dec 1876, Ida b: Jan 1886 and James A BERZINE b: Aug 1889
All were born in Williamson, New York

On the John Boss photos:
A Boss Family Researcher:
Betty Pease Boss said:
In 1999, Looking for relatives or information regarding Leopold Boss who married Louise Weimes and emigrated to Williamson, NY approximately 1900. Leopold (also known as Paul and Louise had 3 children, Harry, Stanley and Elsie.
And in 2002 -Looking for information regarding a John Boss who lived in the Sodus - Williamson - Ontario, New York area.

On the Marice Wage photo:
Rootsweb Trees had only one Wage in Williamson, NY
and her mother was a Vestibridge.
Name: Jennie Verbridge
Married William Wage
One child was: Anna Blanche Wage b: 7 Nov 1909
in Arcadia Twp. Wayne Co. NY

One Boss/Verbridge researcher wrote to me and said that
these pictures are indeed from Williamson, New York.
Lena and Mary Verbridge were sisters. Mary married Philip Berzine
and Lena (short for Magdalena) married John Boss.


Kuehn / Miller / Stotz Family Civil War Era Album from Wisconsin

This wonderful red cloth covered album is 4.5" x 5.5" x 2" thick.
As a matter of fact there are 13 tintypes and 10 Carte de Vistas.

My research is not conclusive but from all appearances,
this album belonged to Mrs. Bernie F. Miller.
A beautiful tintype shows her and her husband.
It's still in it's paper holder from Stark, Wisconsin.

Ma, Pa, Mr. Stoltz and Ida Stoltz are all shown in a rare tintype
group shot, taken in Tomah, Monroe County, Wisconsin.
Two matching tintypes show Ida Stoltz & Mr. Stoltz.
Are these aunt and uncle to Mrs. Miller?

One tintype shows Mrs. William Sommerfield
& Millie Hofman in matching dresses and stylish hats.

Arnold Keene and George Keene same photographer photo taken in
Norwalk, Wis. (so probably brothers). A third unnamed photo by the same
photographer shows what is probably one of the brothers (or a third one).

And in matching photos taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Henery Keene
and ?Ma?s sister? - same photographer so probably man and wife.

And dramatic photos of William Kuehn and Aunt Kuehn
from Tomah, Wisconsin - suggest another aunt and uncle.

And finally a drawing of mustashed hero and a 150 year old Valentine.


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Tintype Album

This Civil War era tintype album was found in excellent condition.
Many of the tintypes, some in paper frames, are identified as people from Wolfeboro, N.H. This is a very nice antique leather album with gold inlay, which measures 6.5" x 5" x 2" thick.

The names in this album include:
Mr. Samuel Eaton,
Mr. Dudley Hardy from No. Wolfeboro, N.H. in a C.D.V. taken in Boston
Asa Witham
Mrs. Asa Witham,
Hannah Wiggin, Salem, MA.
Walter Sherborne from No. Wolfeboro, N.H.
John H. Wiggin, Nov. 1872
Etta Blake from No. Wolfeboro, N.H.

NOTE: Research shows:

Wolfeboro is a town in Carroll County , New Hampshire. A venerable resort area situated beside Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro is "The Oldest Summer Resort in America", indicating its long tradition as a summer colony.

On the Dudley Hardy photo:
Dudley Hardy -Birth: 5 Oct 1803 in Wolfeboro, Carroll County, New Hampshire
Death: 30 Aug 1878 in Vernon, Van Buren County, Iowa
Father: Dudley Hardy b: 1776 in Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Mother: Hannah Johnson b: 12 May 1772 in New Hampshire
Married Almeda Olney (b: 27 Dec 1818 in New York)on 31 Mar 1839 Children:
Charlotte H., Sarah A.,William D., Nathan O., Mary J., Charles M., Harriet, E., James Franklin ,Ellen L., Stephen A.D. and Maria L. Hardy

On the Hannah Wiggin photo:
Hannah Wiggin - Birth: Abt 1827 in Wolfeboro, NH
Married Benjamin F. Thompson (b: Abt 1823 in Wolfeboro, NH) on 17 Sep 1848 in NH


Civil War Era Photo Album of the Tingue Family from New York

This antique photo album is leather bound with gold inlay and brass latches.
This CDV & Tintype photo album is packed with Tingue Family photographs.
The album itself measures 5" x 6" x 2" thick. This album is showing it's age but it is holding together with no spine splits. Several photos of women in civil war era dresses, young boys & girls & groups of gentlemen and ladies.

The photos include 6 CDV photos & 10 Tintypes of the Tingue Family
from Watertown, New York. One tintype photo is dated June 9th, 1869.

The ID'ed photos include:
Johnie Tingue - Watertown, New York - about a 1 year old boy
Johnie Tingue - Watertown, New York- about 3 years old
Douglas Hayes of Oswego, New York. "His mother was a Tingue"
Mr. Aleck Tingue - Watertown, New York
Anne Tingue - wife of Terry - Ella's half-sister - Watertown, NY
Terry Tingue -- husband of Annie Tingue - Watertown, New York


Pre-Civil War Album from Washington Court House, Ohio

This is the absolute earliest photo album that I have encountered. It is an esquisite example of a treasured album from when photography was brand new.

This magnificent heirloom features 27 Carte-de-vistas and 1 Tintype in a paper frame. It is covered in worked leather and measures 4.25" x 5.5" x 2" thick.

The names in this album include:

"Mary Burdette May 18, 1850"

- "Bill Cluff " - photo taken at Elyria, Ohio

- "Mrs. Q. Sharp L.A." - on back "Mrs. Sharps Schovey"


Photo Album of Elizabeth Williams

This small post Civil War album has "Elizabeth William's Album"
written inside the front cover. There are carte-de-vistas, tintype photos
and a cut-out of an advertistement and yet every one is labeled.

The individuals in this album include:

William Rohrbough
Martha Griffith (probably a relative of Elizabeth's) advertistement for AQUA VITAE
John Rohrbough
Nancy Rohrbough
Jim Rohrbough
Esta Rohrbough "of Grafton"
John Griffith - "Seth Williams - on back"
Marrittre (Marriott?) Griffith - "Seth Williams - on back"
Clark Griffith "when little"
Clark Griffith "Mariet Son"
Charly Williams " 6 "
Charly (Williams) " 4 " and Everett "6"
Sister Virginia

The album itself is missing the back cover but the portraits inside are in pretty good condition, considering it's age.


Civil War Era Album of the Shipman Family
From Ontario, Canada and Watertown, New York

This is an esquisite example of a treasured family album
from when photography was brand new.

This magnificent heirloom features 25 Carte-de-vistas and 21 Tintypes.
Only two or three of the pages are blank, but even these provide
clues as to the identity of the family, since they are still labeled.

The names in this album are:
Ezekiel Snyder
Daniel Hubble Shipman - No Photo
Almeron & Grandma Shipman
Uncle Almeron - Pembroke, Ontario
Aunt Amanda - Brockville
Elma Shipman 5 years old - "Sis, Pa & Ma" - Brockville, C.W.
Theodore - Brockville, Ontario
Katie Bearn
Anthony Laidmore
Aunt Julia Heniamay
Cousin Carneil
Cousin Katherine Gardnor
Uncle Lew
Aunt Amanda and Aunt Sarah - Watertown, NY
Gordon 6 months - Carleton Place
Aunt Julia & Fred - Watertown, NY
"Lucy (?) & J. Alma" - "Rev. Hyde - Father" - No Photo
Ida Shipman
Western Cousins - Ingersoll, Ontario, D.C.
May (Mary?) & Alma
Ma, Pa & Sis - (I believe the daughter is Elma Shipman)
Elma Shipman - 9 years old

NOTE: According to research done by several researchers,
Daniel Harvey Shipman was born in 1796 in Albany, New York
and died 20 Sept. 1877 in Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada
Daniel Harvey Shipman married Mary McEathron on 11 Sept. 1827
in Elizabethtown, Leeds County, Canada. Their children were:
Alexander Shipman born: 11 June 1828
Almeron Shipman
Reubin Shipman born:1833
Nancy Shipman born:1839 in Elizabethtown, Ontario,Canada
George Wooster Shipman born: About 1840 in Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada
William Almeron Shipman born: 1846 in Brockville, Leeds Co, Ontario, Canada
plus some other daughters

It appears that the Ezekiel Snyder was
probably the father of Harriet A. Snider who married William Almeron Shipman She was born: About 1846 in Brockville, Leeds, Ontario
Died: 9 Aug 1906 in Augusta, Grenville, Ontario

Daniel Hubble Shipman was the son of Reubin and Mary Ann Shipman

Theodore Shipman was the son of Almeron William Shipman


Gladue or Gladu Family album from Illinois & Michigan

This large gold and red album features a catholic family
from Mantino and Bourbonnais,Kankakee County, Illinois.
Photos were taken in Escanaba, Michigan, Ft. Wayne, Indiana,
Concordia, Kansas and Chicago and Kankakee, Illinois.
There are sixteen beautiful and unique photos in this album.
Nuns are prominently featured.
Esmail X. Gladue appears to be the father.
There are several photos of Andie Gladu from St. George, Illinois.
Two of the photos from friends.
They are Delia or Julia Lonone from Kankakee, Illinois and Louise Lambert


James H. Doyle's Family Album

The inside cover says "James H. Doyle's Album.
Bought at B.G. Dec.19"
The first photo is a little boy photo of Ralph Mitchell,
A tiny photo of Henry Doyle,
A boy-in-a-dress photo of James Ralph Mitchell at one year old. It was taken on July 4, 1905
Uncle Willie Doyle
Aunt Addaline Doyle
Little girl Lena B. Mitchell with "L.B.M. to D.F.D."
Jimmy Doyle
Family Photo of Bill and Cora Osborns Family (with 5 kids)
Baby Photo on Postcard of Porter Doyle and even a lock of his hair
Porter Doyle on a Photo Postcard a year or two later.
John and Emma Doyle with " from John W. and Emma F. Doyle, To James H. and Dora F. Doyle
Sherman and Ethel and Eva Doyle

Note: Research shows:
James H. Doyle
was born 13 March 1876 in Fort Madison, Lee County, IA.
He died 10 Aug. 1953. On 19 Sept. 1900 he had married Dora Frances Doyle
born Dec. 10, 1883 and died June 26, 1964.
Porter E. Doyle was the son of James and Dora.
He was born Feb. 9, 1910.

Dora was the daughter of John Harrison Doyle and Louisa Frances Jackson.
Their other children are:
Sherman Howard Doyle who was born Oct. 4, 1885 and married Ethel Roofener in 1905.
John H. Doyle who was born Oct. 8, 1875 and married Emma Florence Roffener.


Toad Glenn's album from Louisana, Mo.

Front cover:
Henry Glenn Louisanna, Missouri
Maggie Glenn

Labeled photos:

Toad Glenn - Aug. 5th, 1872
On picture: Oh, Willie, we have missed you.
Left of photo: John W. Glenn Esquire
Right of photo: June 23, 1872
Above picture: Ed
Photographer : J. M. Parks - Louisana, Missouri

M. Stoutemyer (tintype photo was loose)

Left of photo: J. Sam Beower - "Oh, I guess not"
Right of photo: J. Sam Beower
Photographer : Prichard - Louisana, Missouri

On Photo : " Old Gen. Jackson"
Photographer : L. A. Rice - Louisana, Missouri

Mr. C. M. Mitchell Esquire
Photographer : Gibson - Louisana, Missouri

M. E. Strong (or Ma Strong or Mc. Strong)
Photographer : Gibson - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

On Back :"Compliments of Bettie J. Gilmore"
M.E. Strong
Photographer : Marsh - Painesville, Ohio

On picture: Little Maude
On Back : "Toad will send you a better one."
Signed Jennings
Photographer : Quincy, Ill.

Ed Morehouse - Clerk of Steamer Andy Johnson
"Compliments 0f ---- ---- to Toad Glenn, August the one, 1867"

Bill Jennings - St. Louis Missouri

There are 16 unnamed photos mostly from Louisana Mo.


Tall Narrow Family Album from Franklin Grove, Illinois

This album is in great shape with almost all of the photos being labeled.

The names are:

John Mielke & his sister Maude,

Mr & Mrs Levi Wettlaufer,

Will and Sadie Ling,

Mr. & Mrs. Walt Sunday,

Charlie Sundy,

Mr. & Mrs. Jake Fissel,

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Riddlesberger,

Willis Wreight,

Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Stulty,

Earl Buck,

Alice Boyle,

Mary Hawthorne,

Maude Mielke,

Edna Mielke,

John Meyers,

Hannah Meyers,

Al Meridith

and Uncle Joe.

The vast majority of the 51 photos were taken in Franklin Grove, Illinois

but some were taken in Dixon, Rockford, Chicago & Oregon, Illinois.
The other locations are Reading & Gettsburg, Pennsylvania, Mansfield, Ohio & Hagerston, Maryland.



Etta Houser Photo Album from Liberty, Indiana

This is the only snapshot album in the collection. However, I included it because of
the amazing early personal photography. This small (5 x 5.5 x 1 inch) brown album
has a combination of early automobiles and horse drawn carriages from 1915 to 1917,
in 92 very clear early Brownie camera snapshots.

On the inside cover it announces that the album belongs to
Etta Houser from Liberty, Indiana.

It shows the Nebraska Moline Plow Company near the RR Station
at Omaha, Nebraska as well as the depot itself. The adventurous
ladies in this album have photos at the Mesa Verde Cliff dwellings,
Indians at Colorado Springs, Helen Hunt Falls, Catalina Island,
Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods, San Diego Expo, San Francisco,

Council Bluffs, Iowa., Pensacola, Florida, Depot at Williams AZ,
Pan American Expo, Temple in Salt Lake, Niagara Falls,
Pikes Peak, Lookout Mountain and the Grand Canyon.

The names in the album are:

Etta, Edna, Leah and Bird.

Bird and Etta

Edna Unsicker and Leah Conway

Mr. Oscar Williams and his dairy farm

Mr. Williams lumber camp

Mrs. Williams

Etta, Aunt Eva, Lulu, Mary and Effie

Etta and Helen May

Etta, Effie, Lulu and Aunt Eva

Aunt Mary, Aunt Eva, Helen (May) & Robert

Uncle David Wingert from Shenandoah, Iowa

David Wingert (old man) and Helen May Wilson (girl)

Dr. Houser and his grandfather

Dr. Houser and family with Edna Stewart

Mrs. Herbert and children

Mr. Herbert and children

Christine and Lewis Herbert

Little Georgie Herbert

NOTE: In individuals photos, I have
David Wingert -------------------------------------- Cincinnati, Ohio


Small White Album with Birds on the Cover

This charming little photo album tells the story of one
family's immigration from the Old World to the New.
From a four story ancestrial home in Europe (probably Germany)
to a quaint little American house (probably in Evansville, Illinois).
The only name in the album is a photo postcard
of "Robert Adam Becker 3 mo. old".
There are 19 Carte-de-vistas and Tintypes.
They were taken in Evansville, Sparta & Peoria,
Illinois as well as Farmington, Missouri.



Captain A. S. Long (with the 93ed in the Civil War) in the Uhrich Family Album from Pennsylvania




This tiny treasure has 81 Tintypes and Carte-de-vistas


from the 1860's. They have the stamps to finance the Civil War dated March 1865.   Photos include Union soldiers in uniform and out.


Some of the photos are labeled and a couple are even autographed.


Some of the names are:


David Uhrich in a photo from Myerstown, Pennsylvania


Mary and Catherine Uhrich in a photo from Annville, Pennsylvania


Mother Lizzie Uhrich in a photo from Middletown, Pennsylvania


Captain A. S. Long in his Civil War uniform with the 93ed during the war


A. S. Long in top hat and tails autographed in 1863


Captain A. S. Long in his Civil War longcoat uniform with the 93ed during the war


Lydia Wagner as a young woman in a photo from Harrisberg, Pennsylvania


Lydia Wagner as a young girl in a photo from Harrisberg, Pennsylvania


Henry Poorman in a photo from Lebanon, Pennsylvania


Aunt Kate Poorman in a photo from Lebanon, Pennsylvania


David Sherk a photo from Harrisberg


Daniel Nitraner in a photo from Toledo, Oh.


C. J. Seltzer M.D. from Philadelphia, Pa.


Ella Dorcuz in a photo from Tipton, Ia.


Unknown from Cedar Rapids, Ia.


Ed Williamson in a framed tintype




NOTE: The 93rd Pennsylvania were in about every major battle of the Civil War including the Siege of Yorktown, Battle of Williamsburg , Battle of Antietam , Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Gettysburg ‘ Battle of the Wilderness, Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Battle of Cold Harbor By June 12 the 93rd Pennsylvania could muster only 325 men. Fifteen officers and 310 enlisted men had been killed or wounded and another 95 disabled by sickness or accident in the four weeks of the campaign. Only nine men had been lost as prisoners, all forced to have been left badly wounded on the battlefield. The regimental history states that during this time the regiment marched 350 miles, including 26 night marches. There were only five days that the regiment was not under fire, Assault on and fall of Petersburg, Appomattox Court House


Surrender of Lee and his army.





Small Album with Red Trim

John, Kate & Bill Gravey, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Grave,
Uncle Joe Duffe, Mother & Father Duffe,
Henry Duffe & his wife, Grandma & Grandpa Borcherding,
an unknown tintype and a browntone photo
from Hamburd, Germany that is autographed and dated 1872.


One Page from a Tintype Album

A tintype says "Aunt & Uncle Jessand Minerva Rex"
The other side with no picture says "Josephine Hall Lesley - my mother"


The Tye that binds is in this Family Photo Album

The Tye Family
"Lena Tye found this book when she was 10 years old in Rolla, Mo. Now I am 76 years old."
Portraits include:"Susan Tye Rullege, mother of Lucy Jane Tye;
"Lucy Jane Tye at age 34"; "Jeff Tye, A brother of Lucy Jane Tye."
"Henry Tye"; "Mary Tye Camp, Lucy Jane Tye's sister."
"Sabre Tye, John Henry Tye's mother"; "July Tye Leach"
"John Henry Tye when a young man"; "John Henry Tye (age 75)"
"George Leach";
"Effie Tye, July Tye Leach and Minnie Leach."
] and "Little Wilt Tye"





Giddings Family Photo Album

I recently purchased an 1865 embossed leather album that has lots of identified family photos.
It appears to have belonged to Charles Monroe Giddings who was born in 1852
in Nunda, Livingston, New York and died in 1937 in the same town.
He married Mary Louisa Page who was born about 1847 and died Dec 4,1920 both in Nunda, Livingston, New York.
So the Sinclair, Page and Giddings families of Nunda and Batavia, NY are widely represented.
Some pages have additional genealogy information such as names
of people's children, etc. The people in the photos are identified as follows:

Ed Page,
John Page,
Deacon Albert Page,
Carrie M. Page Sinclair;
Page Sinclair,
Anna Gail Giddings,
Andrew Giddings,
Herman Page,
Caroline Tyler,
Ava Page,
Bert McMaster,
Mary Hurst McMaster,
Mary Willis; Gordon Giddings,
Jennie Page and John Page,
Mrs. Wisner;
Fred Carver,
and Mary Willis Dickey.

Two of the photos are from Charlotte, MI; the others are from Nunda and Batavia, NY.



Photo Album with Indian in Canoe on cover.


This red leather photo album is more recent than most of our photos but I had to include it because of it's yearbook type layout of students in what is apparently Toronto High School in Jefferson County, Ohio.

T.H.S. 1931
Kathleen Byrs, Billie Scott

T.H.S. 1939
Wayne Armstrong, Virginia Ball, Arline Bowytz, Leneve Crites, Paul Deardo, Shirley Doerr, Bob Evans, Betty George, Will Householder, Dorothy Jones, Margaret Karaffa, Hazel Kunkel, Betty Mc Caslin, Adele Mc Million, Mary Lillian Pentland, Betty Pollack, Jeanette Potts, Bill Price, Paul Quinlan, Peggy Rearden, Madge Ralston, Don Schaefer, Eunice Stock, Tom Straka, Jack Williams, Myrtle ?

T.H.S. 1940
James Allen(2), "Boone" Armstrong(2), Wally Brandfass, Kemp Banfield, Kathleen Byers, Betty Byrd, Bill Campbell, Margaret Carlise, Harold Cooper, Harry Cope, "Tass" Elliott, Bud Fitz, "Chuck" Ford, Helen Ford, Bill Franey, Judy Geraghty, Ben Groves(2), Paul Guzik, Betty Hagen, Jack Hayes, Marthe Holtzman, Jerry Jarvis, "Mag" Jones(3), Margaret Karaffa, Margaret Keratta, Doretha King(2), Hazel Kunkel, "Deak" Leasure(2), James Liddick, Kate McConnell, Barbara Metcalf, Bob Morgan(2), Jean Steele, Tom Steele, Virginia Steele, Sara Stone, Wayne Taylor, Ed Pope(2), ? Vogelsong, Ruth Waltner, Dorothy Ward(2), Wynkood, Bill Young

Note: A kind reseacher named Donna helped with the location of this album by checking in the 1930 census of Jefferson County, Ohio and finding the following genealogical information:
Madge Ralston - age 5 - dau. of Orrin & Maud Ralston
Arline Bowytz - age 8 - dau of Joseph & Sadie Bowytz
Margaret Karaffa - age 6 John & Annie Karaffa
Lillian Pentland - age 8 dau of John & Daisy Pentland
Betty Pollack - age 6 - dau of C. M. & Charlotte Pollack.


Stack of Family Photos from an Estate Sale

These Cabinet Cards (Sepia prints on cardboard) are large photos which include the names:
Aunt Blondie and Granddad Harmon from Rifle, Co.
Grace Adams, the daughter of Florence Adams from Kansas City, Mo.
Ona May Ford Tullerton, sister of Thomas P. Ford
Jessie Ford Blakemore
May Ford(age 3) and Pearl Ford (age 4 1/2)
Tom, John & Earl Ford from Riverside, Ca.
Eva, Belle & Frank Thompson the children of Jim and Annie (Harmon) Thompson from Rifle, Co.
Louie Ammerman son of Tillie and Al from Rifle, Co.
Walt and Georgia Adams with their children Earl, Mary Blanche, Dottie and Edward from Gunnison, Co.
Jessie Brown (age 18)
Miss Blanche Hormsem (Harmon?) and family of 10
Alfred J. Bats(Bates?) from Meadville, Pa.
Fanny, Helen & Sarah Prentice from NY



The Savanna Wentz Family Photograph Album from Hanover, Pennsylvania

Inside the front cover, of this large, black and gold
ornate photo album, is a name , Savanna B. Wentz.
All of the photographs are studio portraits with
Pennsylvania photographer marks on the back from
Hanover (the majority), Chambersburg, Littletown and Glen Rock.
Included in the album are 31 sepia photographs.
The people identified in the photos include:

Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah Eisenhoath
Emory Margie, Edward & Beulah ----- Hanover, Pennsylvania

Aunt Mazie Wentz

Aunt Emma Crawford

Grandma & Grandpa Wentz

Saranda S. Swartzbaugh

Edward H. Wentz -- Eaton 12 -- Littletown, Pennsylvania

John K. & Lydia Lohr Wentz ----- Hanover, Pennsylvania

Lohr Kids ------------------ Littlestown, Pennsylvania

H.K. Wentz & Rebecca Matthias

Great Grandma

There are a couple of more names that are partly covered
by stickers. These can be revealed but I will leave that up
to the person who claims this album. Both of these photos
are of men. One appears to be a Mr. Swartzbaugh.

Research on-line shows:

Savannah B. Wentz (1874 - 1943)
bd. 21 Aug 1874 dd. 20 Dec 1943
& Edward Swartzbaugh (1875 - 1956)
bd. 1 Jun 1875 dd. Aug 1956 m. 12 Jan 1897

Mazie Wentz (1878 - 1955)
bd. 10 Aug 1878 dd. Sep 1955

Emma Alice Wentz (1880 - 1947)
bd. 15 Mar 1880 dd. 11 Sep 1947
& Clarence Raymond Crawford (1884 - 1965)
bd. 1884 dd. 1965 m. 27 Sep 190477

Lydia Lohr (1843 - 1913)
bd. 11 Jul 1843, Carroll County, Maryland dd. 12 Oct 1913
& John Kreidler Wentz (1843 - 1918)
bd. 18 Oct 1843, Adams County, Pennsylvania dd. 30 May 1918 m. 30 Oct 1867

Sarah Susan Wentz (1868 - 1939)
bd. 14 Jul 1868 dd. Jul 1939
& Andrew Eisenhooth (1869 - 1918)
bd. 11 Apr 1869 dd. 15 Mar 1918

Henry Kreidler Wentz (1838 - ~1908)
bd. 13 Jan 1838 dd. abt 1908, Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania
& Rebecca Matthias

Lynn Dolski, a kind decsendant and family researcher, also adds:

Saranda and Savannah were twins .. and I believe that is who this Saranda and sister photograph
would be... their father Josaih "Jesse" Swartzbaugh was married to Mandilla Lesse ...
who is pictured with all the children: Ellenora, Saranda, Savanna and Edward
I suspect Mr. Swartzbaugh is Edward.
Jesse Swartzbaugh had a twin brother named Levi.
The family group is Mandilla Leese Swartzbaugh with all the children..
the twins, Saranda and Savannah are in the black dresses.
Jesse Swartzbaugh died in 1879 and Mandilla later married Jacob Utz.



Mary E. Browns family album from New York

Dated Nov. 30th, 1890 in New York, this album is
6 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches long and two inches thick.

The people in the album are identified as: Eva Brown -----Dwight, Illinois
Minnie Brown --------- Fulton, New York
Dora Wood Brown -----Dwight, Illinois
Janet Brown Barnes w/ child --- Utica, New York
James Browns children:
George Brown -----Dwight, Illinois
Frankie Brown -----Dwight, Illinois
E. G. Ellis ------------------------
Jonah Eynon------ Poland, New York
Mrs. E. G. Ellis -------- Chardon, Ohio
Catherine Ellis Eynon - My Grandmother Kittie Brown - Utica, New York
Libbie Howell ------ Little Falls, New York
Mr. and Mrs, Rowlands with 11 yr old dog -- Portmadoc
John Ellis ----- Utica, New York
Sinus Cobb ------- Malone, New York
Elias Mumford --------- Syracuse, New York
George Mains ----- New York, New York
Earl Brown ---- Fulton, New York
Earl S. Clapp ------------- Utica, New York
Mary Brown Clapp ----- Utica, New York
Lizzie and Earl D. Clapp ----- Utica, New York
This photo has a Civil War Tax Stamp on the back
Grandpa David Brown ----------------

There is a sketch of S. L. Moody

For reference sake, here are the names in the album,
where the photo was removed:

Ada Brown
Mr. William Mains
Mrs. Mains
Mrs. E. G. Ellis
Millard Brown
James Brown
John D. Eynon
Fred Clapp
Conielia Brown
Libbie Howell
Cora Lunt
J. N. Brown
Charlie Andrews
Charlie Brown

There is also a newspaper clipping on the 90th birthday of D.M.Brown.
Monday, Oct. 6th, 1947 An original pioneer, he used to be mayor.

And two Memorial Cards:
Ellis G. Ellis d. April 12, 1889 at Age 67
Mrs. Elizabeth Howell d. Dec. 27, 1888 at Age 55 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Stites/Richardson/Mead Civil War era Album

This well documented album contains 35 photographs.
There are names written on the sleeves and in the index.

Some of the names written on the sleeves are:
and DR MEAD.





Doverspike - Bittinger's Tintype Photo Album from Armstrong County, PA.

This Civil War era album has 30 photos inside and they are all tintypes!
On the inside cover it says "Emma C. Bittinger"

The names in the album are:
John Doverspike
John D. - also it says "Aunt Leuina"
Sam Coll
Wim (William ?) Cleaver
Mary Jane Jams (James?)
John B.
Aunt Ellen
Bill Bittenger
Baughman (Margret Ellen Baughman)
no name - (but must be Cornelius Bittinger)
Bill Johnson & John Bittenger (and 4 other men)
no name (but Wim Cleaver)
Wim (William ?) Cleaver
Mr. Baughman
Mag Anthony
Mag Smullen (future Mrs Clever)
William Bittinger
Elloc & Sam Coll and Sam B.
Bill Johnson & John B.( Bittenger)
Gracie McCallough
Bob Clever
Tailor McClelland
Charley B. (no photo)

NOTE: Research shows:

Emma Bittinger's parents were Cornelius Bittenger b:1826 in Md
and Margret Ellen Baughman b:1832 in Armstrong, Pa

Emma C Bittinger b.1863 in Pa. - m. John M Doverspike b. 1858 in Pa.
Their children were Nora C. 1887, George C. 1889, Isaac D. 1891, David 1894,
Mary Margaret 1897, John Walter1900, were all born in Armstrong Co. Pa.



Stocker, Demuth and Related Families in a
Civil War Era Album, from Tuscarawas Co.,Ohio

This heirloom is the size of most Civil War era albums. The book measures 4 1/4" wide by 5 1/2" long x 3" thick. All of the pages are filled and many are named. Some simply state "Uncle Lee" or "Uncle Lee's Girl" and do not list the last name, but I checked on-line and found research done by others, that leads me to believe these are mostly from one extended family, from Tuscarawas Co.,Ohio. It appears that the album was put together by Rebecca Demuth. Rebecca was born 1821.

She married Absolom Stocker on 30 Nov 1845 in Ohio. Absalom Stocker b.10 Mar 1814 in Stockertown, Northampton Co., Pa. d. 23 JUL 1885 in Tuscarawas County, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Note: Absalom was 71 years, 4 months, and 13 days old when he died. Rebecca Demuth b: 28 Dec 1817 in Franklin Co., Pennsylvania. Married: 19 Nov 1845 in Gnadenhutten,Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Their children were:
1. Sarah Ellen Stocker b:22 Sep 1847 in Gnadenhutten, Ohio.
2. Mary Catherine Stocker b: 3 Mar 1850 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio
3. Josephine Stocker b: 23 MAY 1852 in Gnadenhutten, Ohio
4. George Franklin Stocker b: 1 Nov 1854 in Gnadenhutten, Ohio
5. Maria Amelia Stocker b: 3 Dec 1856 in Gnadenhutten,Ohio
6. Eliza Almeda Stocker b: 29 Dec 1858 in Gnadenhutten, Ohio

The names in this album include:
Uncle Lee
Uncle C. S.
Rose Ann Stocker (tintype)
Mr. and Mrs. Knauss
Delila Wright
Joshua Demuth
(Mrs) Eliza Hoy
Maria Stocker
Jesse Engler
Joseph Stocker Sr. and wife
Andrew Stocker
Bejamin Demuth & wife
Will Stocker
Nellie Stocker
Rose Stocker
Agnes Stocker
Wesley and Eva Flickinger & Aunt Marie
Charlie Stocker
Sam & Ida Knauss (Siblings)
Charlie Stocker
Uncle Lee?s girl
Jim Peter

Examples of research done on each of these families show:

-Andrew Stocker
Absolum?s father: Andrew Stocker , Jr. b: 25 May 1778 in Northampton County, Stockertown, Pennsylvania

-Maria Stocker
Absolum?s mother: Maria Magdalene Haas b: 30 Mar 1788 in Northampton County, Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania

- Mr. and Mrs. Knauss
Whom I believe is Alcinda Stocker b.7 Aug 1834 in Gnadenhutten, Ohio to Absalom Stocker b: 10 Mar 1814 in Northampton County, Stockertown, Pennsylvania and Sarah Stecher b: 20 Apr 1814 in Pa d. 22 Oct 1927. Alcinda m. John Benjamin Knauss on 15 Jul 1855 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio.

- Delila Wright
Researcher Jane Smith Grezlik states:
John C. Wright and Nancy A. Smith. Married in Tuscarawas Co. OH on 2 Jan 1834.

- Jesse Engler
Jesse E. Engler b.10 Apr 1868 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
Son of Lewis Jonathan Engler (b: 25 Nov 1834 in Tuscarawas County, Gnadenhutten, Ohio) On 9 Jan 1859 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, he m. Elizabeth Stocker (b.7 Mar 1836 in Tuscarawas County, Gnadenhutten, Ohio d. 7 Jan 1905)

- Joshua Demuth
Joshua Hiram Demuth was Rebecca?s brother. Joshua was born 2 May 1813 in Pennsylvania.

- Bejamin Demuth & wife ? Bejamin was Rebecca?s brother.
He was a child of Joseph Allen Demuth and Catherine Susanna Schumacher.

- (Mrs) Eliza Hoy
Eliza Demuth was born 1827. She was a child of Joseph Allen Demuth & Catherine Susanna Schumacher. She married Solomon Hoy. Eliza died 1914 at Iowa City, IA.



Civil War (7th NH) Soldier Family
Gem (Miniature)Tintype Album.

A sweet little circa 1865 to 1870 gem tintype photographic album
from the family of D.Webster Colburn of Hollis, New Hampshire,
a soldier in the 7th New Hampshire Infantry during the American Civil War.
This 3 1/4" by 3 1/2" by 1" gold embossed red leatherette hard covered album
holds 24 gilt edged pages and 74 gem size tintype images of men, women and
children, with 40 of them identified by a family member's pen.

The images are of the Colburns friends and family including:
The soldier's brothers:
Luke Colburn and 2 photos of Franklin Perry Colburn,
and other friends and family named:
Sally Farley Colburn,
Mary Ann Hardy Colburn,
3 photos of Bertha Louise Colburn,
2 photos of Frank Edward Colburn,
2 photos of Charles Webster Colburn,
Sarah Leslie Colburn,
Newton Worcester Colburn,
Charlie and Edward Colburn together,
Lot Colburn,
Eunice Leslie Burge (1st) Colburn (2nd),
Lizzie Burge (dua. of Eunice)
Letitia Davis,
Daniel Farley,
Rebecca Hardy Richardson,
Charles Richardson,
Adelaide Colburn Russell,
Clara Colburn Russell,
Asenath Melendy and Nathaniel Wheat Colburn,
Frank Steele,
and a woman named Rachel (maybe Frank Steele's wife?)
2 photos of Elmyra "Myra" Steele Colburn,
Jewett Colburn,
2 photos of Jefferson Farley,
2 photos of Charlotte Farley Farley,
2 photos of an elderly woman named Ball,
Emmeretta Colburn Nelson,
and they also include one Eugene Nelson,
a Veteran of Co. F of the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery,
1863 to 1865, in civilian clothing, and one young black woman.

Some of the pages have small age stains, and some images have some failure or surface bubbles.
The album is sound, with only minor cover flaws and a partial catch to the closure.
A handsome little gem album with provenance to a New Hampshire soldier's family.




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