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Classmate & Military Photos


Classmates & Comrades


The names are copied as handwritten on the photo.
So the spelling may be very wrong.
So consider all near misses as a possible hit.
Not all of the schools are located yet. So any
information you might have, would be greatly appreciated.




Four Classmates from Norfolk, Va. at Christmas 1893

S. Kenneth Chapman

J. Dixon Eckles

W.T. Warwick

Arthur J. Howard


The starting five members

Captain Ditmer,
and another Grosby.


Ohio State Basketball --- Champs of 1949

Photo includes the whole team.
Manager Elgene Mainous
Joe Okruhlica
Don Knodel
Ike Wells
Lowel Kiger
Joe Mc Guire
George Janetos
Bob (Peppy) Smith
Bernie Griesinger
Don Wieche
Jim Bailey
Bill Wilks
Eugene Baldwin
Coach Warren Scholler


Otterbeins Relay Team 1908 First Prize
Record Holders from Westerville, Ohio

Photo includes the whole 6 man team
Captain R. F. Martin,
D. C. Shumaker
P. H. Rogers
M. A. Ditmer
L. R. Libecap
Manager J. F. Smith


Butler County 1947 Tourney Winners from Hamilton, Ohio

Photo includes the whole team:
Robert Longley,
Coach John Ganas,
Willis Bachman,
Tom Stump,
Manager Boland,
George Schnackenburg,
Tony Ambroski
and Len Visci.


Mother - School in Wilmore, Kentucky


This photo shows over 50 students and their teachers.
The only individuals identified are:
Charlie West and Chester West.


School No. 2, Newbery Township, Miami County, Ohio 1896 to 1898.

This is a full sized cabinet card with a photo of the teacher J. H. Spitler.
The amazing thing is that on the back are printed all of the names
of all of the students (33 boys and 18 girls) with their ages listed.


A photo postcard from teacher to student

Four teachers and eleven students on a postcard
sent to Herbert Cowles from his teacher Mavia


The Seventh Grade class (2 students and 1 teacher) of 1924.

Miss Hattie Riley is the teacher.
Mary Ella Armstrong is the scholar.
And 13 year old Frank Afterkirk Jr.
The photo belonged to Mr. A Brasher from Covington, Kentucky.


A beautiful young schoolteacher from the 1800's

This cabinet photo from 1881 says
"School Teacher Burens"
and was taken in Washington D.C.


Joe H. Mollenkof and the class of Girls E.R. S.S. No.3

The eight young ladies are listed as
Theresa Rockey
Verna Clady
Salome Rockey
Flossie Markly
Ruth Mc Leod
Salome Bauer
Zola Heitzman
And Vella Klrine (Kline?)


53 Students and teachers in front of their brick schoolhouse Ashtabula, Ohio Sixth Ward 1902-1903

Carl Hogan IV
Harry Visconti
Angelo Rocco
Carl Hogan V
Ascel Anderson
Labrat Vitale
Stanley Garbutt ( Garbatt ?)
Jeno Hartey ( Hartey ?)
Carl Brink
Fred Gucrine (Guerin ?)
Nicholas Barone
Alfranz Morell
Harry Froyd
Will Lane
John Brink
Alvin Carlson
Antonio Mastrinne
Frank Tobias
Charle Lantz
Annie Dimare (Demare ?)
Angeline Cimonelle
Lena Peterson
Mary Cartwright
Sora (Sara?) Lorentzen (Lorensen?)
Josephine Paveolino ( Pavolino ?)
Anna Nelson
Mary Spiotlie ( Spiotta ?)
Andrew ? Hunter
Louis Soet
Harry Stein
Harry Anderson
Albert Gustafson
Ernest Gustafson
Oscar Olson
Gertrude Wallen
Lizzie (Elizabeth) Pavolino ( Paveolino?)
Violet Lockwood
Esther Lindblom
Alice Benson
Mary Davino
Emma Johns
Magdalene Schmerder
Anna Ohlsen (Olsen ?)
Signie Anderson
Hattie Schneider
Grace Moude
Annie Rose
Lily Lindblom
Florence Grasmehe
Adeline Grant
Hilda Johnson
Arthur Larson
Gertie ( Gertrude ?) Larson

Note that research shows as an example:
Gertrude Emelia Larson b. 1891 in Ashtabula, Ohio
d. 1985 she was the daughter of Swedish immigrants.


Seven young schoolmates on a photo postcard

Lenna Rhodes
Helen Shively
Merciel Campbell
Naomi Hontz (Homitz?)
Ruth Oberlin
Lois Jessen
And me.


School Photo from Bingham, Maine

The photographer is from Newburyport, Maine
But this photo of 42 elementary age kids and their teacher
was taken for Clarence M. Frith, of Bingham, Maine
on Nov. 23, 1916


Classmates W.W.Thompson - Westfield

Eleven Students on the steps of their school
"Harvard or Howard, Ethel, Newton & Harold M."
"90 (1890 ?) W.W.Thompson - Westfield"


Two classmate photos from the turn of the century

39 students and their teacher, Adda Mead in 1898.
Later she was Adda Marvin, mother of Helen Marvin Beasley.

The second classmate photo, taken at the same school, is unlabeled.
However, it appears that it was taken about 8 years later.
It shows 27 students and 5 teachers.


Bonaparte High School

32 students and teachers in front of a brick schoolhouse
Taken March 2, 1910


Two photos of College Boys from Mount Pleasant, Iowa in 1884

These photos are apparently from Iowa Wesleyan College.

The first photo shows 15 young men. The names listed are:
Charles Morrison
N. C. Stott
George Sater
Charles Blakeney
Charles Peuick
Mr. Reitman
Mark Cauffman
Charles Gregg
Jim Davenport
Howard Parcal
Mr. Newsom

The second photo shows 10 young men. The names listed are:
Mc Donnald



Ute High School - Senior Class of 1908

Photo Postcard of the seven seniors
Josie Buskirk
Dorothy Wilkins
Anna Hitchens
Anna Turpine
Wayne Downing
Stanley Overfelt
June Smith


The students of St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A Catholic College features 23 students and a priest
on a personal photo postcard from 1910.
This card was sent from Priest Benedict to his mother.
She must have been proud.


Four classes from Portsmouth, Ohio

These four photo-postcards show four years of classes,
in the early 1900's' from Portsmouth, Ohio.


33 Graduates and their teacher from Creighton, Nebraska

The graduates from Creighton, High School in this photo, are:
Lydia M. Wiegert,
James C. Oppen,
Walter A. Scott,
Elma Fern Bonge,
Ethel Lucile Jose,
Delia Lucinda Johnson,
S. Hartvig Jorgensen,
Damon E. A. Roemer,
Mable M. Parkhurst,
Charles H. Burt,
Irene E. Brooks,
Augusta Johnson,
Elda C. Jundt,
Ralph C. Anderson,
Mabel Leonia Hoferer,
Marie G. Witwer,
Ruth Alyce Pratten,
Wendell F. Hammarley,
Olive R. Bonge,
Helen B. Copeland,
Margaret L. Carder,
Marvin Wendell Kile,
Marie Opal Mead,
Albert H. Wiegert,
Anna Marie Christiansen,
Ethel Johnson,
John A. Horn,
Ada Adell Morley,
Judith Johnson,
Eulah Lorraine Johnson,
Albert Seeck,
Leo Jundt,
Mary Dorothy Matthews and their Sponsor
Mrs. Vera M. Beach.


60 Schoolmates in West Branch (school), Adrian, Michigan

Posing in front of their brick shoolhouse in their knickers.
Appears to be approximately 1910.
There are no names other than Pauline, who is pointed out.


48 Schoolmates in 1900 in North Judson, Indiana

Posing in front of their brick shoolhouse
are 48 Schoolmates in their knickers.
The only name is Mr. L. H. Peterson - age 10.


21 College Grads and one professor

I'm assuming all these folks are graduating college because of their ages.

The names are: Glen Nordyke, Phil Hudson, George Golling,
Carl Smith, Mr. R. H. Drake, Ward Patterson, Mearle Lydic,
Joe Holly, Oren Nordyke, Dorthy Walker, Lela Roach,
Ruby Addington, Mary Alice Van Desenter, Viola Sudden,
Marian Lyle, Doris Thompson, Sterling Smith, Joe Deatsch,
Ira Murphy, Carroll Hays, Lester Parker and Kendrick Cannon.


Two Photos of a Long Beach Vocational School

The first photo shows 27 students and the second photo
shows ten teachers and over a hundred students of the
John Dewey Vocational School in Long Beach,
California. The picture of this vocational junior-senior
high school, appears to have been taken in the 1930s.
The only name in both photos, is Steve Harris, who is pointed out.


1890's Girl's School Academy in Detroit, Michigan

29 young women (in their late teens/early 20s) in white dresses
and 5 stern task masters on the steps of their
brick school house with stone foundation and wood sidewalk.


1911 B.M.E.

P.Paul Anderson - Dean - Professor of Mechanical Engineering
A.M.Wilson - Professor of Electrical Engineering
L. K. Frankel - Professor of Machine Design
A. L. Wilholte - Professor of Steam Laboratory
J. S. Hozine - Instructor in Steam Engineering
T. F. Hudgins - Instructor in Electical Engineering
L. E. Nollau - Assistant Professor of Drawing
J. A. Needy, W. C. Duncan, C. E. Daniel,
J. A. Boyd, J. Campbell, P. Cassidy, M. A. Cleveland,
O. L. Day, E. T. Douglas, V. L. Downing, S. C. Ebbert,
J. J. Fitzpatrick, J. M. Foster, A. B. Haswell, W. A. Lurtey,
F. T. Miles, G. C. Mills, H. L. Moore, A. B. Phister,
J. B. Sanders, G. B. Shanklin, T. Slade, B. M. Smarr,
W. W. Stevenson and R. S. Webb


A dozen pristine photos of college students
in Massachusetts in 1929.

I don't know what college for sure. Cambridge is very near but
the only college that I could find in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1929,
was the Peterson School of Steam Engineering.
It was probably one of those two.
Only first names are signed on these photos, except for
Dewey Born (Now a resident of Humboldt, Az.).
The first names are: Albert, Buddy, Don, Eddie, Harry,
George, Morris, Ray, Robert, Tom all from the class of 1929.
There is also a Mildred - Class of 1942.


Bone Lake School, Washington Co., Minn.

Black and White photo from the 1930's.
Neal Reynolds ( the teacher ) and 32 students
are posing on the schoolhouse steps..


Denver Classmates

This is a photo of 43 students and 2 teachers
on the steps of their school in Denver about 1910.
Everyone signed the back of the picture. The names are:
Gertrude Abel, Dorothy Allen, Selma Almbery ( Almberg ), Robert Archard,
C. M. Asenbaugh, Beulah Bryant, Jesse M. Chase, Theodore Chrysler,
Annette Clayton, Dollie Collins, Oscar Ekblad, Lillie Gibbs, Charlotte Gooding,
Robert Gray, Maude Hair, Elizabeth Herbert, John Imhoff, Helen Jackson,
Jessie Long, Bayes Lownsberg, Mae Mauly, Florence Meridith,
Carrie Meyers, Charlie Miller, Carl Morrison, Bessie Noble, Louis Paulicheck,
Helen Robinson, Irene Schenker, Harry Speakman, Alfouse Tompson,
Ethel Warren, General Wibel, Gertrude Weeks, Helen Wolcott.
Then it says: "Yours in Mourning - All Coons look alike to me" Madge T. Hurst


Southwestern Women

Fourteen women about 18 years old from what appears to be
the Southwestern United States in about 1920.
All but one wrote her name on the back of the photo. The names are:
Adele Aggeler, Kathleen Donlon, Polly Welsh, Mary O'Sullivan, Estelle Soto,
Monica Flaherty, Florence Mc Bride, Florentine Goodwin, Betty Van Cleave,
Ilma Rathman, Edith Dynes, Bertha Kearney, Beatrice Place

Then on January 19, 1939,
(20 year Class Reunion?) six of them resigned it with their married names:
Polly Welsh Catudal, Mary O'Sullivan Pancoast, Estelle Soto Redlingshafer,
Monica Flaherty, Florence Mc Bride Davidson, Bertha Kearney Chatterton


Blythe, California in 1916

Twenty-two students and two teachers in a
(School Class?) photo in Blythe, California in 1916.
Everyone signed the back of the photo. The names are:
Ruth B. Darling, David E. Hill, Jesse Hill, Paul Ocheltree,
Virgie Fitz, Aurora Lugo, Phyllis Juarez, Cyril Juarez,
C. A. Simms, Allene Buck, Muriel Burgess, Minnie White,
Willie Glaze, Wells Bates, J. B. Bentel, Violet Beck,
Josephine Daniels, Emmylou Rains, Dorothy Wolford,
Theresa Fassett, A. J. Newman, Evangeline Mulkey & Leora Culpepper


Thirteen 8th Grade Graduates

This photo is a great 8th grade graduation photo.
All thirteen students and the teacher are identified.

They are:
Amy Benson, Harlan Eggers, Jenny Ruth, Earl Bennett, Cleona Potts,
Edith Beer, Flo Lamb, Mammie Eggers, Lora Knable, Vera Luman,
Lula Ross, Laura Cope, Rachael Figard and the teacher Mr. B.A.Hill.

UPDATE: A repeat customer, Paul LaCombe, has brought this photo home.    


Fullerton School in 1905

This is a photo of 172 students and 6 teachers
at Fullerton School in 1905. It doesn't say what state
but the school was on the corner of Harvard and Chap.
so it is probably Fullerton City College, in California.


The Orphans Home about 1917

Jenette Anderson and another girl about 16 years old
on a porch swing at the orphans home.


Graduates from Lyons, Michigan

Four Men and two women graduates.
"Jay F. Baker is the only name.


Eleven Classmates(?) Reunion in the Winter

Mildred Miller, Laura Baker, Mona Baker, Jeraldine Baker Hannay,
Althes Robinson Lamson, Beatrice Baker Habby, Lenora Matilder Everlena Cilly,
Mary Carney, Mary Ann Foss, Bertha Clark (Robinson), Emily Mitchel (Beane)


A Principle and eight Teachers(?) against a Brick Wall

Harston (only male - the rest are female) Phiffany, Barry,
VanOrnim, Cummings, Plummer, Young, Porter and Brown.


Five Classmates in 1918

Tyynis Wahlman, Elsa Aaltonen, Alli Nieminen,
Aini Paavola, Sylvi Walonen & Ranma


Girls Basketball team from N.A.U. in 1910

19 girls in long dresses and a coach in a suit.
B-ball court is grass.



School Photo from New England

A teacher and 34 students are shown, but only one is identified
in this photo from around the turn of the century. She is Adna Colburn.
The photographer was from Nashua, New Hampshire but he could have traveled.
Note: Research shows that the only female Adna Colburn outside of Illinois or Ohio was:
Adna Freeman COLBURN - Born: 27 Apr 1871 in Island Pond, Essex, Vermont
Father:Alonzo COLBURN Mother: Janet PETRIE


Catholic School Photo Probably From Flagstaff, Az.

41 students, 4 nuns and a Priest on front porch.
No names - but very interesting photo.
Probably taken about 1900.


School Class Photo From Edwards, N.Y.

43 students Only name is Betty Allen.
Photographer is from Canton,N.Y.
Probably taken about 1920.


School Class Photo From the Hammono School (Flagstaff,Az.?)


13 students and a teacher. Only name is Joanne O' Loughlin
It is the 1st & 2nd grades from the 1941-1942 school year.


School Class Photo From Freehold, Pa.


28 students and a teacher. No names - but great photo.
Probably taken about 1910.


A Class Photo of the High School
from Avon, Illinois

Fifty students and two teachers in about 1910.


Class of 1914 - 1915 Aldridge Thorley is the only one identified
in this "Second year class" of college.
note: He married Ada Ellen Whittaker in 1924.
She was born in 1898 in Utah, acc. to A.W.T.


School Class Photo From Flagstaff,Az.


28 students and a teacher.
No names - but great photo.
Probably taken about 1910.



Part of our Sunday School Class

Gertrude Hampton, Beulah Lee, Ellen Wendell,
Kate Wood, Rena Miner, Rose Vose


California classmates

1902 Class photo of 24 students from Visalia, California
The only name called out is that of Lucy Cochran.


West China Union Mission of S. D. A.
Chungking Sechwan, West China

Elinore Haker, Victoria Larun, Walter Howe, Gerald H. Mivehin,
Henry Preston, Bedford Ward, Hazel Huingman, Alton Hughes,
Eunice Mantz, Irma McMohn, Karvel M. Christian from Mitchell, S.D.,
Marian Busse from Iowa, Atlantic, Frankie Deerborne from Valley Falls, Kansas,
Ruth Downing from Wichita, Kansas, "Abe" Lincoln from Moscow, Iowa,
Walt Howe, Hazel Heinzman, Myrtle D. Runmuth from Clinton, Missouri,
Gladys Shafer from Siloan Springs, Arkansas,
R. Chester Banger from Fountain, Colorado


Class Photo From Taylor School.


27 students and a teacher.
Photo postcard, probably taken about 1915.
Probably in Flagstaff, Arizona


Classmate Photo of Alan J. Cope.

18 students and 7 teachers in an
unidentified upperclass school.
Probably taken about 1915.
Anyone who went to school with Alan J. Cope
will want to inquire about this photo listed on the Family Group Page.






Two Photocards of the Iowa Soldiers Home in Marshalltown, Iowa 

Iowa Soldiers Home in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1897

With photographs of 10 buildings identified


Iowa Soldiers Home in Marshalltown, Iowa. It is in a professional drawing on a cabinet card

by Webster of Des Moines. This one is from the days before photography when Col. Milo Smith

was the Commandant and B. Ebhart was the Quartermaster.



The first one is of 25 soldiers relaxing
It says "Day Room of H&S Company 63ed Engineers
at Fort Lewis Washington in 1943"

The second photo is of 136 soldiers.
It was also taken at Fort Lewis Washington in 1943. They are holding a flag that says 63 HQ Engineers.

The third photo is of 142 soldiers.
It says "Company "E" 131Engineers (c) Camp Shelby,Mississippi
June 20,1942.


Soldiers, Cooks and their Camp

56 Soldiers in uniform and holding their rifles, along with 3 cooks
posing in front of their teepee type tents and the rest of the camp.
At the bottom it reads "Battery "H" 251st CA (AA) C.N.G.
Capt. V. J. Brustkern, Cmdg., Ventura, California 1939"


A photo-postcard of 5 (Army?) cooks

Virgle Poulter is the only one named


Warsaw N.Y. Drum Corps 1888 - 1892
2 Drummer Vets

Charles Knight (50)
And E. A. Brininstool (55)
On a photo postcard from Chicago, Illinois

Three U. S. Army photos

Miami U. Basketball team --- Champs of 1910


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