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Your Ancestry Photos (formally Family Photos On-Line) has been featured on
Cindy's Lists,
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter,
Worldwide Genealogy Topsites,
Baltimore photographers/residents,
Connect With Surnames Genealogy Directory,
Michigan's Orphan Artifacts
and many genealogical newspapers.
Recently we were featured in a front page article

in the nationwide version of "Antique Week"

and in our local paper "The Prescott Valley Tribune".

Other places on-line this site can be found being recommended at:,
at the Fotos de Emma Watson site
and the Honoring our Ancestors site at
Plus the Cyber Christians site lists us at

The for Fall River, Massachusetts has us listed right next to ?Women that Kill!? at

A site called Family Photos Information has us at

And the webring Ancestral Images has us at

And for some reason you can find us on a Columbian site with porn at

A site called Film Development has us listed at and at site we were listed at

We are linked at the Historical Photos Found Looking for Families to Claim Them site at

The site called ABOUT has us listed under genealogy at and
Plus we are a recommended site at the Family Info Center site at

All-Genealogy Sites has it listed in the Genealogy Directory at and, where it was rated 10 out of a possible 10 and received a 5 star rating from viewers.

At the ILPEORIA-L Archives on Rootsweb Jane Kuck says: ?This is a fascinating, well-organized (easily searched), and indexed site with an excellent introductory page explaining the purpose and goals of the provider.?

Thank you for all of the thought and effort that these kind folks put forward.


If didn't find the name you wanted?
Check out some of these other websites.

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Page 1 = Introduction and instruction.

Page 2 = Index of all of the Surnames on these webpages.

Pages 3 thru 12 = Individual Photographs -
These are photographs which have only one surname listed.

Page 3 = A - B

Page 4 = C - D

Page 5 = E - G

Page 6 = H - J

Page 7 = K - L

Page 8 = M - N

Page 9 = O - P

Page 10 = Q - R

Page 11 = S - T

Page 12 = U - Z

Page 13 = Couples Photographs - These are photographs
of married couples.

Page 14 = Family Photographs - These are photographs
of two or more individuals from the same family.

Page 15 = Maiden Name/Married Name - where two surnames are listed.

Page 16 = Group Photos - where more than one surname is listed.

Page 17 = Classmates and Comrades - School days and Military photographs.

Page 18 =First 1/2 Family Groups - multiple photos from one family.

Page 19 = Second 1/2 Family Groups - multiple photos from one family.

Page 20 = Photo Albums - where multiple surnames are listed.

Page 21= Yearbooks- where surnames are too numerous to be listed.

Page 22 = Customer's Comments - Hundreds of satisfied customers.

Page 23 = Links to other lost photo websites.

Page 24 = After finding a photo, come to this page to purchase it.


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