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Family members in one photo.



The names are copied as handwritten on the photo.
So the spelling may be Very, Very wrong.
So consider all near misses as a possible hit.
The location is where the picture was taken.
The person may not have lived in the location given
but had a photo taken while visiting there.





                             Marie Nelson Bentsen and baby Mabel in a 1911


                              photo postcard to J.A. Emerson, Churdan, Iowa


                         RESEARCH SHOWS: Marie Jennie Nessen married Elmer Bensten



14 members of the John Bond family in an oversized photo


Anna Gram ( Dawson ) Porter and son John Porter ------- (This photo is missing)


William Dawson -- (Anna's brother) with nephew John Porter



Wm. Heitman and Anna England Heitman with their children:

Ed Heitman, Erna Heitman Bucchannes and Fredrick W. Heitman.



Beula Bennett Lewis and Mable Ostler Lewis ------------



William Emrich Jr. (Arts dad)

and his brother Art Emrich


Charles, Amelia and Ferdinand Finchum on July 5, 1907 in Brown County



NOTE: Research shows Ferdinand Harry Finchum


was born in 1908 in Indianapolis, Indiana to


Charles Ernest Finchum b: 25 Sept 1882 in Owen, Indiana


and Amelia B. Klotzeke b: 20 Aug 1884


He married Mary F. Etter on 2 Jun 1928 in , Marion, Indiana


Interesting note: DEATH: Indianapolis Star Monday April 18, 1932

A local officer, Patrolman Ferdinand Finchum, 26 years old, member of the

Indianapolis police department, drowned this afternoon when a row boat in which he was riding struck a snag and pitched him into White river.

Late tonight Finchum's body had not been recovered from the swift waters.

Indianapolis police were called to bring grappling hooks and a submarine light for use in seeking the body.


Finchum had a dramatic career as an officer. He engaged in a shooting affray with a gang of alleged burglars.  During the battle Finchum was shot and was in a critical condition, but recovered from the bullet wound in the abdomen.   Finchum again later distinguished himself  by capturing Jewell Corbin, an alleged safe cracker and bandit.   Finchum was off duty at his home when Corbin fled from a police squad raiding his house.   Finchum heard the shouts and running unarmed from his own home saw Corbin escaping.  He pursued Corbin, made a flying tackle and succeeded in capturing the fugitive.




Roy and Bedie Lauham in a photograph from Columbia, Missouri



The Mc Clarane (Mc Claran ?) Sisters



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Happes and daughters Florence and Helen



Charles Martin

and Hattie Martin




Ruby Miller and Lottie Reed



Cousins on an unused personal photo postcard

Grace Adair and Lillie, Celice & Thelma -- photo postcard --

Akins Family of three -----------------------------

A. J. Albertson from Baldwyn, Mississippi was sent
this photo postcard of "The Old Albertson Mill"
and eight people, from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1910

Everett Andrews and his two children ---------- Colorado
son of Mary Sais who is sister to Rosa M. Montgomery

Emile, Bertha and Carl Aran (Allen) ------ Old Orchard, Maine

Two sons of W. C. Archer but Eda & Helen are not pictured
In a photo postcard from Willow Creek, Montana to
Mr. and Mrs.William Rachel in Corona, South Dakota

Leah May Arnett and Norma Ruth Arnett
daughters of Willard & Leah Arnett
NOTE: Research shows:
Norma Ruth Arnett b: 26 Aug 1924 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Oh.
Leah Mae Arnett b. 20 April 1921 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Oh.
Death: 29 June 1926 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Oh.
Newspaper article June 29, 1926 Diptheria Fatal to Young Girl
Leah Mae Arnett, five years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Arnett of Cleveland
passed away in that City early today after a short illness with diptheria.
Funeral services will be held at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Daisy Arnett.
Father: Willard Preston Arnett b: 1 Feb 1901 in Osgood, Darke Co., Oh.
Mother: Leah Blanche Hunter b: 6 Dec 1903 in Irondale, Jefferson Co., Oh.

Fred Arnold and brother Robert Arnold
in a photograph from Calumet County, Wisconsin

Edna Asgood and her cousin -- Lake Crystal, Minnesota

The E. W. Atkins residence in Raymond, New Hampshire
5 women on the porch, may be related to the Pleasant cottage.

Willis and George Baker ------------------ Kansas City, Missouri

Robert Balls and his family of seven -----------------------------

Asa Barnett family (of five) ------------ Urbana, Ohio
NOTE: Asa W. Barnett b.1873 in Union Co., OH & d.1947 in Urbana, Champaign Co., OH
son of Ruben Barnett b: 1829 in OH & Eliza Viola Jackson b: ABT 1849 in OH
he married Florence D. Draper and had Beulah 1894, Russell 1896 & a third still living.

Charles E. & John Henry Bateman -- Scott's boys ---- 1916

Deusen Bauitr ( Bauter ?) and Family at the House ----------

Geo & Pauline Beberstein's Wedding Picture,
in 1904 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Sarah Becham and two older gentlemen -- Provost, Alta

Donat Beland Family --------------------------------------------------

George Beres with wife and 2 children -- Braddock, Pennsylvania

Josephine, Agnes and Agusta Bessing -- Kate's 3 Oldest girls

Uncle Jacob Bessing's Boys -- four boys close in age --

- Jacob, Joseph and Isaac Best taken before 1908.
Note says Jacob Best was Lawrence Clark's grandfather.

The Best Family Reunion with over 100 men, women and children pictured.
It was taken on Sunday, Aug. 31, 1924 in Minerva, Ohio.

Hazel Begley with daughter Ruth and Alice Begley Bishop ----
Note:An Alice Deaton Begley was born: 3-22-1885 in Greyhawk,Kentucky
Died: 9-14-1936 in Redding,Cal. m: Hiram Otto Bishop in Topeka,Kansas

Elis Bjorkstrom with his wife and seven children in Sweden in 1897

Felton, Zola & son Felton Blaisdell ----- Champaign, Illinois

Robert Stewart Bly, who was born in 1893 or 1894,
and his sister Eleanor Bly, who was born in 1891 or 1892, in a
photo taken in 1894 in either Anoka, Minnesota or Deland, Florida

Ephram, Philip & Christina Boicamt (Boicaurt) ------------

Oliver & Marie Boisvert ------------------------------------------

Oliver, Marie, Maria and Ovila Boisvert -----------------------

Yrlic and Erma Boisvert --------------------------------------------

Rose, Yvonne and Herve Boisvert ------------------------------

Mr. & Mrs. Yrlic Boisvert ------------------------------------------

"Ada Boulware and her man and their girl" -------------------

Florence and Mae Bower -----------------------------------------

Maggie and Hazel Boyer ------------------------------------------

George and Charles W. Brennstuhl -------- Newark, Ohio

Rosa Schram or Rosa Sander and John Sander,
the children of Sophia Brodbeck ------ Platteville Wisconsin

Alice Brown with Jennie and mother ---- 1923 --------------

Mrs. P. A. Burdick posing with two small kids named Ella and Charles.
An older kid named Rich and a woman named Jessie.

The Burk Family ----- Tarentum, Pennsylvania

John A. Butler with his wife and son and daughter
in two large photos from New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Arther, Aslie, Arlandes, Baldhlee, Allabelle and Julia Byrds

Seven members of Angie Calhoon's Family --- Milan, Missouri

Cecile Leona Carothers b. 1904 & Lee Isaac Carothers b. 1902 Shoals, Indiana

Eva E. Carrall (Carroll ?) and Clarence Carrall (Carroll ?) --- big sis & little bro.

The H. N. Carey family of four in Wyandotte, Michigan on a postcard
sent to Mr. & Mrs. A. D. Miler in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1943.

Bernice & Ila Carroll -- (probably sisters 2-3 years apart) ---

Clarence Chambes & his mother -- he was born 3/18/1918(14)

Char. Chitty ( Chinney ?) 's two girls - Mae? & Fowestew?

Beatrice Colburn & (her son) Alwyn Colburn

Mrs. Coles and three sons ------Waterloo Street, Weston Super Mare, England

Seven people on the porch of the Colter farm house in a photo postcard

Dr. and Mrs. Comp and their son in costume on a photo postcard

James & Alice Cook with their children:
Bess, Will & Chester Cook ------------ Lincoln, Nebraska

Mrs. Mary Corpelan and three children
Dagmar, Frans and Mirjam ------------ Red Jacket, Minn.

Mayme Corwin Family infront of home at Groveport, Ohio

The "Dam" Family without the "Dam" dog.

Ruby M. Dann & son Walter - 6/11/1903 - New Haven, Conn.

Esther Roeder Dapper and daughter Gail in a frame -----------------

The Jim Darby Family from North Calais, Vermont
The caption includes "Nettie Ulton - Aunt Sarah's daughter".

Nine members of the Jim Davis Family and Residence

John and Allis Davis in a photo from Chicago
with their children, Frank, Deborah, Clyde and Lottie

Edgar Davis, Robert Davis and Mary Davis

L. L. Davis residence in Aley in 1909
showing himself, his wife, son and father-in-law

Della, Eddie and Fred Dennis -------------- Danville, Illinois

The Dill Family Reunion with 78 members shown.
in front of family home at 4140 Sunbury Road, Sept. 7, 1931

Ivan Dockstader got this photo postcard of two girls ------

Tony Donder and family in a photograph from New York, New York

The three children of Douglas Druley -------- Richmond, Indiana

The F. A. Dykins family on the porch with Edna
in 1910 from Ramona, South Dakota

Chris Echman farm ---------------------------------- in Nebraska

Ira Eddy and 14 members of his family including Cressie

Mirian, William, Carl, Aichin and Abby Edwards
in a photograph from Santa Barbara, California

Uly & Rena Edwards in a photograph from Maine

Pauline, John, Francis and Mary Edwin
In a photo for Ralph, Ruth and Julia Etta ---- Kokomo, Indiana

Mrs. Henry Eggert and Eddie Eggert ----------- New York?

Mr. and Mrs. Engelbart with Esther Ruth Engelbart (15),
Della Engelbart (13) and Alma (9) Engelbart


The Ina England family ------------------------------------------

Harry, Earl, Herschel and George A. Eshorn ? - with their horses

Chauncey Ettles & his sister ----------- Lennox, South Dakota

Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Buchanan Fowler ---------------- Britton, Oklahoma

Theresa and Theodore C. Free Family in 1893
Theresa E. Free Hiersmann Schnell, Frank Anthony Free,
Mary Free Englin, Michael Theodore Free, Joseph Henry
Harrison Free, Theodore Charles Free and Robert Robey Free
In a photograph taken in the M.T.Free Photography Studio.
Research shows Theodore Charles Free was born
in 1844 in Baden, Germany and died in 1921 in Rock Island, Illinois.
He married Theresa Mary Wagner who was born 4 Sep 1846 in Pottsville,
Pennsylvania. They were married in 1867 in Rock Island, Illinois.
Their children were Mary Josephine 1868 in Rock Island, Michael Theodore
1871 in Coal Valley, Elizabeth 1874 in Coal Valley, Frank Anthony 1875 in
Arenzville, Joseph Henry Harrison 1878 in Rock Island, Theresa Elizabeth
1883 in Rock Island, Theodore Charles 1886 in Rock Island, Robert
Anthony 1889 in Rock Island, all children were born in Illinois.

Grandma Gallmeier and 2 childrenin a photograph from Indiana

Fred and Lillie Gardner with Raymond ------- Terra Haute (Indiana)

Anna Finley and Agnes in front of Ross Finley's house ----

Eva and her brother Dade (?) Finn --- Alcester, South Dakota

Two Fitzgerald boys on a push-pull toy on Aug. 31, 1909
on a photo postcard sent to John Whitwell at the Carlisle
Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania from Chicago, Illinois

Two kids with a wicker stroller about 1932
Paul Fluke Schaffer and Donna Jean Fluke

Maggie Foste's ( Foster's ?) 3 children -- (fosterchildren?)
in a photo postcard sent to Margaret Greenlees in Elba, Ohio

Myrtle Fountain's family of four -- Momence, Illinois

Dave Fox, Kate Fox, Henry Fox, Pliny Fox, Doak Fox, Mame Fox and mother
NOTE: Research shows Henry Fox b.1839 d.1887 in Bruceville, Knox Co., IN
son of Henry Fox b:1795 in Virginia & Catherine Snyder b: 1799 in Virginia
On 10 Jan 1877 he married Eliza J. Wampler b: Apr 1854 in Indiana
Their children
Elmer Fox b: 1877/1878 in Indiana
Alva Doak Fox b: 5 Jan 1880 in Knox Co., IN
Caroline Anna Fox b: ABT 1881 in Indiana
Mayme A. Fox b: 29 Dec 1883 in Indiana
Henry Fox b: Mar 1888 in Indiana

James and Annie Frazie ( Frazu ?) & Dau. -- Santa Barbara, Cal.

Mrs. M. J. Furbush and 7 Family members -- Warners, New York

Two men and two women, one who is Nan Gallahan.
It is a photo postcard to Miss Lena Plummer in Logansport, Indiana.
It is stamped March 31, 1914 in Peru, Indiana.

Five Gallant family members in a 1912 photo from Delaware, Ohio
Ellis F. Gallant
Blanche W. Gallant
Charles S. Gallant
Mrs. (Anna) James Walker
Mrs. Charles S. (Rose) Gallant
NOTE: Research shows
Ellis Fleet Gallant b. 12 Jun 1884 d. 4 Dec 1968 in Delaware Co Ohio
Father: Charles S. Gallant b: 20 Jul 1857 in Delaware, Ohio
Mother: Rose Thomas b: 16 Sep 1856
Married Blanche Walker b: 5 Mar 1884 on 22 Oct 1912

Fred and Lillie Gardner and son Raymond from Terre Haute, Indiana

Jim and Annie Gardner with their children
Robert, John and Frank in a photo from Springfield, Illinois

Anna, Minnie and Ella Gauger from Rochester, Minnesota.
The postcard was sent to Linda Gauger

Adolph Gehrhe's House in Manawa/Waufalle, Wisconsin

Mrs. Gilbert (47 yr old) and Florence (8 mo. old) on 7/14/1908

Jen Gillette & her husband with their children Libbie and Mort

Dorothy, Clarence & Earl Gish --- photo postcard -----------

The Goodwin Family Reunion about 1910 on photo postcard.

Jobe Green & Family --- (Nora's Bro.) ---- Hutchinson, Kansas

Ward & Edna Green with son Monte -----------------------------

Mr. and Mrs. Greenamire (Greenamyre ?) and son John ------

Charles and Althine Greenman -- brother and sister? -----------

Harold Griffith and Shorty and a couple of friends

on August 9th, 1936

Four children of Mrs. Samuel W. Haines -- Delanco, New Jersey

Fred Hamblen and Family --------------------------------------

Clas Hampton and family ---------------- Lancaster, Wisconsin

B. and A. Hanson ( Canson ?) -- two ladies in 1897 --

Della Vallentine Harchler, husband Fred, sons Leslie and Leo ---

Perry George, Margaret Mary, Elizabeth Ann & Lawrence children of
Margaret Coyne Harden and Lawrence Harden --- 1922 in Chicago, Illinois---

Mother with Edna, Georgia, Irena and Dave Harey --------

John, William & James Hayes --------------- 1893 --------

Sons of J. F. Heberlun -- J. W., Edward, Frank and Joe
---------------------------------------- Fennimore, Wisconsin

Iowa Governor / Senator William Larrabee's daughters:
August, Julia, Anna & Nellie Larabee ------------- Elgin, Iowa

Elmer Hendricks, Mamie Hendricks and Sonny Hendricks

Uncle Joe Hill, Aunt Sally Hill, Jetta Hill ------- Columbus, Indiana

Nancy Hilleary with daughter Mary Jane Perry and her daughter Ada Olive
Perry Martin and her children Ethel Blanche Martin and Brent Morris Martin
Four generations of women in this photograph from Burlington, Iowa
Research shows James Hilleary was born 20 Aug 1814 in Apple Pie Ridge,
Virginia and died 1 Sep 1889 and was buried in Des Moines Co., Iowa
His parents were Francis Hilleary & Charlotte Arnold from Virginia.
On 5 Jan 1837 in Des Moines Co., Iowa, he married Nancy Morris
Who was born 1 Jan 1819 in North Carolina. They had children:
James Lawson Hilleary 7 Jan 1838, William M. Hilleary 21 Feb 1840,
Mary Jane Hilleary 17 May 1842, George Hilleary 7 Aug 1844,
Thomas H. Hilleary 25 Oct 1846, Sarah Ann Hilleary 17 Oct 1848,
Lydia E. Hilleary 23 Feb 1851, Nancy Irene Hilleary 13 Feb 1853,
Emma E. Hilleary 9 Dec 1854, Roger W. Hilleary 19 May 1857,
Henrietta Hilleary 29 Jul 1859 and Henry M. Hilleary 7 Apr 1862.

Alice, Laura & Elverta ( Hines ?) ----------------- Clinton, Illinois

Inez Hissong and Jonas Hissong --------------------------------

Myrtle Hoffman and Kate Hoffman on a photo postcard
with Miss Minnie Hoffman from Palm, Pennsylvania

Scott Holcomb, Josephine Holcomb & Myron Holcomb
NOTE research shows Winfield "Scott" Holcomb 1848-1920 from Ohio
He was the son of Noah and Emily Crane & married Josephine Aldrich
Their son was Myron Holcomb b: 27 Oct 1883 in Ohio

Hollingshead Family Reunion -------------------------------------------

Holmes kids ----------------------------------------------------------

Ellen Hoosen ( Hossan ?) and family --------------------------

Sellers Hostutler & Jesse Hostutler - Yosemite N. Park, California

The three children of George Xepha Howe
Theodore Christian Howe, Fannie Sylvia Howe
and Elsie Francis Howe in a postcard from 1907

Annabelle Howell born at Edmonds, Washington on July 6, 1909
at 12 days in a postcard with mother and sister?

Ed & Valetta Hoyt with dau? Annie from Penn Yan., New York

Henry Hudson helps Ellen Hudson on horseback
in a very old photo signed by Blanche Hudson.
my mothers brother and sister - Virginia La Master Cambron

Mabel & Ruby Hummel ------- 1906 ----------- Sullivan, Indiana

Eva and Charles Jensen's 5 children --------------------------------

Parishioners in front of the church on a photo postcard
sent by George and Emma Johnston to her brother
& sister in care of George W. Hardy, Monroe, Maine

Roy Johnson and his sister and parents on their front porch ----
-------- photo postcard sent to Wilber Young, Piedmont, Ohio

George and Roger Jones -- brothers from Pendleton

David & Catherine Kammerer -------- Grand Rapids, Wisconsin

Mabel ,Lucy and ? Kent - 1915 - by Sedgwick - Waukegan, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Kerns with Wilma Bernice, Georgia Marie and Glen Kerns

Miss Mary Killian (19 months) and her mother Cary (31 years) --

Albert Kindler and Mrs. Augusta Kindler -- David City, Nebraska

The three Kinter brothers -------------------------------------------

Bert & Ella Kinnell & their daughter Edith - Moberly, Missouri

Two photos of Anna Kranz & Resie Kranz, Ulis, Winifred,
Indie, Errom and two Jesdale kids at a birthday party

Charley and Maggie Kroth and Family ------- Holton, Kansas

Ethel and Mrs. E. Lawns ------------------------- Chicago, Illinois

George Lawton and Edgar Lawton (bros?) --- Ogden, Iowa

Levi Le Sues ( Le Suer ) Family --------------- Afton, New York

Lydia and Bill Lewis -------------------------------------------------------

Six folks in front of the family homestead in a photo
postcard sent to Mrs. Boseth from A. Linqust

Ida and (her son?) Buster Locke --- photo postcard --------

Frances and Barbara (six weeks old) Loer --------------------------

Nellie and Helen Loucks (Louchs ?) --------------------------------------

Ruth Manlis and her daughter at their new home

John Mathews & Family ------------------------------------------

Grandma Chipman (Chapin), Aunt Barbara Huntington and Uncle Chris Maxson,
A brother and two sisters on a photo postcard
Research shows that Ephraim Maxson b.1801 Virginia to d. 1858 Iowa
and Mary Polly Smith b.22 Dec 1804 in Virginia
had children David b.1830 Ohio, Theresa b.1840 Ohio,
Christian Smith b.18 Oct 1842 Indiana, Barbara E. b.5 Oct 1846 Michigan
Martin b.1847 Missouri and Prudence who married Seymour Chapin.

J. De Lisle May ( 4 yr old boy ) & Audrey Edith Adrilla May
( 11 week old girl ) --- Ontario, Canada

Emma, Elizabeth and Maggie Mc Coy ----- Glenwood, Iowa

Cyr, Winifred and Florence Mc Donald ---- photo postcard --

Carrie E. Mc Geary w/ Agnes, Pearl & Bertha - Jefferson, IA

Bertha and Carrie Mc Geay -------------------- Jefferson, Iowa

Robert Mc Kelvey with his elderly mother ------------------------

Miss Myrtle Miller & Otis - 1918 - photo postcard - Woodside, Montana

Clayton and Mytle Miller ----------------- Jackbora, Tennessee

Eva Mills and Earl Mills ---- "G. Nicholsons Kin" --------

Irwin Mitchell, Woodow Mitchell & Dan Mitchell - "Jim Bob's kids"
photo postcard of 3 children in a wagon, being pulled by a goat

Judge Wm. D. Moore and family --- June 19th, 1924 ----------

Lillian & Bert Moore ---- bro & sis ------ Hiawatha, Kansas

Marion, Alta, Glen and Alice Morecraft
NOTE: The 1930 Census in Iroquois Village, Illinois shows
James and Emma Morecraft with
Marion b. 1905, Alta b. 1908,
Glen b. 1912 and Alice b. 1913

Joe Morin and wife Imelda ------------------------------------------

Elbert (43) Sarah (23) Jessie (13) Ruby (3) Opal (1) Morris ---

Constance & Homer Rollins Morrison - 1912 - Mt.Vernon,NY

A Family of Eight's photo credited to
Mrs. Chris (Morse) Johnson from Greenfield, Massachusetts

Tracy H. Mundhunk (4 years old ) and
Dewey R. Mundhunk (6 months old ) ---------- Dayton, Ohio

Michael Murphy and his son Henry Murphy ----------------------

Constance (b. 11/1910) and
Homer Rollins Morrison (b.7/1912)-- Mt. Vernon, New York

Golda and Rose Myers ---------- half sisters ------------------

William & Mary Neuman ( Newman ?) w/kids Ken & Albin - York, PA

Pierce and Florence Newbeckier ( Newbecker ?) with
children Viola and Charles ------ Broken Bow, Nebraska

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Newman & nephew Clifford A. Billington

Merritt Norfleet's children ---------------- Springfield, Illinois

Lily O'Keefe & William O' Keeffe -------- Wheaton, Kansas

Mr. J.B. & Mrs. S.B. Orinbaun --- with horse and buggy ---

Dorothy, Flossie & Orpha Page - 7/2/1922 - Strathmore, CA

William Parker with his wife and 5 children ------------------

Clarence Parsons and his two children ----------------------

F. E. Parsons with Alice G., Emily and Eloise at Brier Hill, 1911
Note: Robert Franklin Tucker (page 11) was the girl's cousin

Tom & Alice with Clarice Pechering --Bloomington, Illinois

Ella Pence's children ------------------------ Rockville, Indiana

Ella, Frank, Laura, Mildred and Grandma and Grandpa Perish (sp?)

Tom and Annie Perkins, parents of George, Lloyd, Will, Raymond and Lula

Miss Lillie Peterson & 2 sisters -- " From Aunt Lena " -------

Lydia Peterson and son Chanton ----------------------------

Pleasant Family cottage with 2 men in the
Pawtuchaway Mountians., Nottingham, New Hampshire

Mrs. Stella Pharis's Children ---------------- Delphos, Ohio

Celia Catherine Phinney at age 9 months and her mom

Clarence, Lib and Harrison Phoenix ----- Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Harold W. (6), E. Clarence (4) and Millon C. (1) Poart ( Poort ?)

Edward, Austin & Frank Prentice ---------------------------------

John and Charles Pressey with Mrs. Pressey--- December 1913 ------

Dawn and Joy Pretzel ---------------------- Chicago, Illinois
twin daughters of Eileen O’Donnell and John Pretzel

Edith, Helen and David Printy --- sibilings from Felicity, Ohio

Lizzie Ranft, Margaret Ranft and Tressa Ranft
with twenty other unnamed people.

Emma Rhutasel and two siblings ------------------------------

Elby and Teresa Kiple ( Rifle ?) --------- West Union, Iowa

Mrs. Riley's three children ------------------------------ Canton
UPDATE: Mary Riley from Vancouver, WA has claimed this photo

Alexander Riley and Nancy Pittenger Riley
with adult children
James Ellsworth Riley
Homer Pittenger Riley
Alice Riley Kinimel
Ida Riley Lappin
Grace Riley Scarlott
Charles Dixon Riley
NOTE: Research shows
Alexander Riley b.1839 in Carroll Co, Ohio and d. 1916 in Stark Co, Ohio
son of John Riley b.1805 Pennsylvania & Elizabeth Fawcett b.1808 in Ireland
married Nancy J. Pittenger b: 4 Jan 1838 in Ohio 20 Feb 1861 in Carroll Co, Ohio
had children Jason Ellsworth 1862, Homer Pittenger 1868, Mary Alice 1870,
Ida Luella 1875, Grace R. 1879 and Charles Dixon 1881 in Stark Co, Ohio
UPDATE: Mary Riley from Vancouver, WA has brought this family home

Francis Rockwell and Channel Rockwell
NOTE: Research shows that Lucien L. Rockwell b.1885 in St. Helena, California
and Esther Francis b. 1887 in Brush Creek, Faribault Co., Minnesota had
Francis Rockwell and Channell A. Rockwell b: ABT 1922

Aunt Mat and Bertha Roll ------ Personal Photo Postcard ------

Mrs Welard & Eddie Rose with son Ray ---------------------

Albert, Elsie and Eugene Roberts ----- Milwaukee

Ms. Newton Robertson, Grandmother Robertson,
Grandfather Callhan and Grandmother Lesters in a
photo taken in December 1899 in Glouchester, Illinois

Nancy Rogers, her daughter & granddaughter in Colorado

11 year old Angie and Mila Romiane ( Romaine ?) - Postcard

Two photos of Elvina and sons Raymond and Galen Root
Research shows an Emma Cline b. Feb 1879 in Augusta Co.,Virginia
was married on 23 Jan 1899 to Rev. Aquilla C. Root b.1878 in Caldwell Co.,Missouri
And their children included Raymond b. Abt 1901 in Iowa,
Galen Ezra b. 13 Dec 1904 in Oklahoma and Evelyn b. Abt 1914 in Washington

Mrs. Winston Rose and baby Janette ------------ Indiana?

R. G. Roseveare, Robert Eugene Roseveare and
Alma Elizabeth Roseveare ------- April 1905 ------------

The Ross and Easman (Eastman?) Family Reunion
53 family members at John Footes house in 1904

Adin W. Rouze (Died April 21,1912), H. H. Rouze(Died July 18, 1922),
Will Rouze (Died in 1955) and Verle Rouze.

"Mria Royy -- 1883 -- Richeard Royy -- Xeina, Green County, Ohio"
or was the writer dyslectic and it was suppose to be:
Maria Roy -- 1883 - Richard Roy -- Xenia, Green County, Ohio

Leta and George Sanchez -- he is in Navy uniform -----

Ralph & F. W. Sand ---------------------- Dejosit, New York

Grace Santee and two children Martha Santee and Mary Santee
and on the back of this photo from Chicago, Ill., it also states
Martha Boyle Santee 3 years 9 months old
and Mary Elizabeth Santee 6 months old
According to the Potter/Shanley Family Tree by Barry Shanley
Grace M. Brown married Harris Santee b. abt 1865 in Ohio and had children
Martha Santee b. 16 Aug 1897 in Illinois and Mary Santee b. 25 Nov 1900

Elizabeth and Franklin Sargent --- a photo postcard --------

Elizabeth & James Sargent - 1911 - Bedford, New Hampshire

Mr. & Mrs. S. Schafer - 35 Lroup Street - Buffalo, New York

Roger Doruse Schaller with his mother - Born: Sept. 9, 1913

Philip Schermerhorn and Family ------------ Alma, Nebraska

Anna & Eday Schillings & 2 children - San Antonio, Texas

The five Schimpfs children -----------------------------------------

Gennie Schreder and Aunt Amelia ---- a tintype --------------

Milo and Fannie Schriver & their kids, Lester (5) & Elizabeth (3)
in an oversized photo from Bristol, Conn. in 1896

Bill & Charlie Schwatie ----------------- Ottawa, Ont., Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Searcy ----------------------------------------------

Margaret Seibert, Marie Seibert and Wilhelma Seibert

The Sharp Family Reunion with 62 members shown.

The Shelins Family ---------- Chicago, Illinois

Cecil G. Shepherd (2) & his sister Leta (3 ) - OK. City, OK.

Three young women on a personal picture postcard
addressed to Mr. J. L. Hershiser, Norfolk, Nebraska.
Their names are May Shively, Ruth Shively & Edna.

Jeanne Lucille, Jimmie and Jerry Lee Shultz -----------------------

Herman Sieberts family of five ------------------------

Charlie with Carrie Sisson -- Personal Photo Postcard ------

Mr & Mrs. Small and their Small child -----------

William W. Smith & family -- 1883 ------- Postville, Iowa
--------- "Bill & Vera (Vena?)" with five children ---------

Blanche Smith (age 14 yrs old) & Belle Smith (her mother)

Ray B. Smith & Edna A. Smith -- 6 mos. & 3yrs 9 mos. ----

Alva Spencer and family taken April 19, 1925 (this is Harris photo)

Roland and Roseland Spencer ---------------------------

John & Jennie Spratt w/ sons Victor & Jim - Saint Joseph, MO

My Cousins on a photo postcard --- Hallie Sprinkles --- Aunt Abbs son
& Ruth Forbes (married name) Aunt Florences only child

The Edward Stevens' residence --------- Rushing, Arkansas

Grandmother Stratton and Uncle Andy Mc Knight

Marshall & Edith Swartz -----------------------------------

Cora and Ella Sybilrud ---- photo-postcard -------------

Charles and Minnie Talley with daughter Garnet ------- Maysville

Anne and Charlie Taylor in front of the Model T --------

Grace Tebbs and Cora Tebbs from an 1872 photograph

Reo and Mrs. Theiss --------------------------------------------

Personal photo postcard of six ladies with name E. Thompson on the back

Dean Tomek ( 6 years old ) and Gene ( 18 months old ) ---

Fannie Toner with children: Leland, Thelma and Wayne ------

John Toner and his wife Elnora and their son
Glenn Toner and his wife and their son Robert Toner
on a photo postcard sent from Edon, Ohio in 1912
Research shows John M Toner was born Nov 1850 in Ohio and on 07 Jun 1873
married Elnora Mathews b. 03 Feb 1854 in Steuben Co, Indiana
: Their children included Mary Isora Toner b.1876, Alice Elnora Toner b. 1878,
Glen J Toner b. Apr 1884 and Gladys O Toner b. 1889, all in Williams Co, OH

Mr. & Mrs. Noble Tresewriter with their children
Stanley and Robert --------------- Louisville, Kentucky

Alvin, Mielenz (sp?) and Leroy Ulrich ------ Freeport, Illinois

William, Tom and Jim Vail - about 1905 - Fayette, Missouri

Nine people on a wooden sidewalk in a porch and house photo
that is from Mr. and Mrs. George M. Valsing and was taken in 1902.
It also states that Mr. Valsing died July 2, 1903.

Ethel, Warren & Ollie Varrumn --------- Waterloo, Illinois

Charles & Eanmer S. Vieu ----- photo postcard of their home

Mr. & Mrs. Waca & children - Joe, Mary, Lou & Alice ---

A very light photo of Emma Wade and her son Donald

Hazen and Donald Wallace -- ages 2.5 & 1 year old ----

Mack and Lloyd Wallace ----------------------------------------

Elsie and Rob Wompoo (Wampole) kids Walter Milford 2years old
and Ida Katherine 5 months old in a 1914 photo postcard
Research shows Robert Elias Wampole b.1887 in Merrillian, Wisconsin and
died 1973 in Fairchild, Wisconsin married Elsie Grace Ames b. 1892 in Buffalo,
Wisconsin on 15 Dec 1910 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
their two oldest children were Walter Milford b. 18 Jan 1912 and Ida Katherine b. Nov 1913

Floyd Warner and his sister ------------------------------------

Olive Warren and Lillian Warren in 1912 --------------------

Alice & Ira Watkins & baby Ida ( Died ) -- Hillsdale, Michigan

John & Ellie & Alta Watkins ------------- Hillsdale, Michigan

?Lillie Webb ? Spice? s mother and father?
Charles William Webb & Lydia Jane Ball Webb.

Helen & Ruth Whittier ----------------------------------------

John Whitworth & kids, Bill, Mitchell & Sadie - Webb City, Mo

Harriet, her two brothers and Mother Wignol -------------

Lothard Wiley 14 years old and his 15 year old brother
Clifford Wiley --- photo is from Fall River Mills, California

Grandpa Eisele and Aunt Ida Belle Williams -----------

Henry & Maggie ( Brady ) Willis with their children:
Jennie, Jay, Julia and Ray --------------- Frontier, Michigan

Verl and Jennie Windle and Violet Davis --- Continental, Ohio

Levi Winslow b. 1838 and wife Mary E. Winslow b. 1839
Children: Alice b.1857 , Sarah b. 1861 , Aleshia b.1867 ,
Elizabeth b.1870 , Gertrude b.1877 and Bessie b. 1881.
NOTE: These unnamed parents were researched by a kind viewer.
by checking the census in Union City, Indiana.

John and Nancy Witt (cousins of mine) on a photo postcard

Wolverton children (4 little ones) on a personal photo postcard

Florence & Albert Wood with their daughters Helen and Mildred
and Grandma Simmons ----------------------------- Albany, Indiana

Ed & Mollie Wright & their baby --------- Kahola, Missouri

The Wright House ----------------- Parkston, South Dakota

Benno & Celly Young ---------------- Fredericksburg,Texas

Mrs. Ida Young and 3 other people -- Spencerville, Ohio

Eva Wyatt and her son and daughter on a photo postcard -------------



Three snapshots of Carrie Weller Yost

 and her grandson Warren - age 6 months


Mrs. Zern and Suzie Zern / Suzie Painter -- Laharpe, Illinois



"Louise, Violet Buch, Harry Rees and Bud in Southgate." 


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