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(Mostly from one family)


26 Photos of the Lowdermilk/Glotfelty family


 Tom Lowdermilk in a CDV

 A lady in a very early CDV from Ursina, Pennsylvania

 Ivadelle Lowdermilk --- on a personal photo postcard

 Mary Lowdermilk Kaiser --- on a personal photo postcard

 Russ Lowdermilk – Hattie’s brother --- on a personal photo postcard

 54 members of the family in a great reunion photo

 24 students and 2 teachers in a schoolhouse photo from Mc Henry School with 8 names on the front and all the names on the back but they are very light and hard to read

A personal photo postcard of a couple to sister Hattie Glotfelty from Mc Henry, Maryland

Georgia Lowdermilk – Grandma Glotfelty’s younger sister

Sadie Wilson Glotfelty in a cabinet photo from Grafton, West Virginia

Howard Glotfelty in a CDV

Annabelle G. on a personal photo postcard

Orpha Glotfelty Wilson

Lady on a personal photo postcard

Harry Weimer on a personal photo postcard

Elderly lady on a personal photo postcard

Georgia Lowdermilk on a personal photo postcard

Laura Cuppett on a personal photo postcard

Mrs. L.A. Lowdermilk and Ida E. Main in a small photo from Pennsylvania

Mary Hinebaugh with her doll in a cabinet photo

Herman Brenneman in a cabinet photo

Mrs. Nelson Brenneman in a cabinet photo

Edna Brenneman in a cabinet photo

And then three newer personal photo postcards:

Giant cake celebrating Oakland, Maryland’s 100th year 1849-1949 on a personal photo postcard

 Replica of Log School House celebrating Oakland, Maryland’s 100th year 1849-1949 on a personal photo postcard

Stone church on a personal photo postcard



Thomas Lowdermilk 24 FEB 1848 to 16 JAN 1908 Garrett Co., Maryland. His parents were: John Peter Lowdermilk b: ABT 1808 in Maryland & Elizabeth Fearer b: 1805 in Pennsylvania

He married Louisa A. Boucher (b: 5 JUL 1855 in New Lexington, Perry Co., Ohio) in 1873.

Their children were:

1.Disa Lowdermilk b: ABT 1875

2.Hattie Viola Lowdermilk b: 17 JAN 1876

3.Orvell Lowdermilk b: 31 MAY 1878

4.Gilbert Claude Lowdermilk b: 12 NOV 1880

5.Russell L. Lowdermilk b: 13 APR 1883

6.Ethel M. Lowdermilk b: NOV 1885

7.Mary L. Lowdermilk b: SEP 1888

8.Anna A. or B. Lowdermilk b: 29 APR 1893

9.Georgia N. Lowdermilk b: OCT 1895

All of the children were born in Sang Run, Garrett Co., Maryland


Hattie Viola Lowdermilk b: 17 JAN 1876 married George Samuel Glotfelty b: 1 APR 1876 in McHenry, Garrett Co., Maryland) on 3 APR 1897     They had 7 children

1.Dorla Alice Glotfelty b: 22 FEB 1898 in McHenry, Garrett Co., Maryland

2.Jonas Clarence Glotfelty b: 8 FEB 1900 in Garrett Co., Maryland

3.Cecil Claud Glotfelty b: 28 JUN 1904 in Garrett Co., Maryland

4.Effie Leota Glotfelty b: 6 JAN 1910 in McHenry, Garrett Co., Maryland

5.Deborah Annabelle Glotfelty b: 1912 in Garrett Co., Maryland

6.Frederick Bougher Glotfelty b: 26 APR 1913 in McHenry, Garrett Co., Maryland

7.Mae Jeannette Glotfelty b: 9 MAY 1921 in McHenry, Garrett Co., Maryland


Harry P Weimer b: 17 FEB 1870 in Columbia, Lancaster, Pennsylvania d: 27 APR 1941 in Columbia, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Edna Mae Brenneman b: 5 JUL 1902 in Garrett, Maryland d: 4 OCT 1923 in Akron, Summit, Ohio Father: Nelson Brenneman b: 12 APR 1876 in , Garrett, Maryland

Mother: Ruth Alpharetta Glotfelty b: 18 MAR 1878 in McHenry, Garrett, Maryland


Sarah Reese Gordon’s 20 Photos of her family


They include a few antique photos that I have noted as copies of even older photographs.

All of the photographs are identified.   The names are:

Sarah Reese Gordon

Helen Gordon Arnold ---- (child at the time)  

Sarah Reese Gordon ---- mother

Helen with Ruth on Coney Island Boat

Sarah Reese Gordon ----- mother

Ruth Gordon Florey and Helen Gordon Arnold as children

Sarah Reese Gordon and Helen Gordon (child)

Helen and Ruth Gordon ------------------------

Sarah Reese Gordon ---- mother after her sickness

Helen and Ruth Gordon and Marion Snyder in 1907

RESEARCH SHOWS : Ruth Gordon Florey graduated Central High in Scranton Pennsylvania in 1915

Doris Pullin (Grandma’s Niece) --- older couple with 4 kids and a Saguaro cactus

Jim and Robert Beaty in about 1880 (in an early 1900’s copy) ---

Margaret Lucille Beaty 8 weeks old & Momma in a photo from Pardoe or Newton, Pennsylvania

Madelyn Mason --- 3 year & 2 months old

Margaret Mason ----- taken by the Denver Post in the 1920’s for the opera Robin Hood

Dad, Curtis and Elinor, Helen Mason, Joan Hartman & Joe Mason on old farm truck & Horse drawn hay wagon

Elsa Spear Edwards ---- June 21, 1916 --- in her wedding dress

Elsa Spear – 4 months old – 1900

Virginia Belle Benton Spear in black lace in a copy of a 1895 photo ---- born Dec. 6th, 1863

RESEARCH SHOWS: She married Willis Moses Spear. Virginia Blue Belle Benton was the daughter of George Washington Benton and Hannah Torrey Benton. Virginia died November 30, 1930 in Berlin, Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Hannah Torrey Benton in a copy of a very early glass daguerreotype photograph that was taken in 1845

OUR PHOTO DATER NOTED: The picture is interesting. I would say she is from the 1840’s or 50’s based on her hairstyle, the style and pattern in her dress and open neckline. She is holding a small book which indicates she could read.

RESEARCH SHOWS: She was born July 27, 1823 in Sutton, Worchester County, Massachusetts.

She died January 18, 1893 on Spear Ranch, in Bighorn, Wyoming. She was the daughter of Lewis Torrey and Betsy Titus


Two photos of the Brush family from Marshalltown, Iowa


Joseph and Vina Brush with their daughters Gettie and Vernie in a photo from Marshalltown, Iowa

Also a photo of Gettie and Vernie in a photo from Marshalltown, Iowa



The Houser Clan from Felicity, Ohio

Samuel W. Houser

Mrs. Samuel W. Houser 

Will Houser 

The photos say Please return to Mrs. Everett Kitchel, Liberty, Indiana

Twenty-One Naylor Family photos from Oneonta, New York

My grandfather Herbert Naylor in a photo from Oneonta, New York.
On the back it says he was buried in Lena Cemetery
Written by Tom Greene

My grandmother Inez Gregory Naylor
in a photo from Oneonta, Otsego County, New York.
On the back it says she was buried in Lena Cemetery
Written by Tom Greene

Mrs. Lexter Gregory now in the Insane Asylum at Binghamton, New York.
Mother of Lester, Eleoy, Ralph and Harold Gregory.
The photo was taken in Oneonta, New York
in 1918 at the time of her marriage.

Nine people on a front porch of Captain P. B. Roys
in Hartwick, Otsego County, New York.
My great grandmother Lucy Sherman Naylor
married Captain P. B. Roys, following the early death
of my great grandfather John Naylor.
All three are buried in Lena Cemetery
Written by Tom Greene

Iva Branigan Barton

Mrs Wells Branigan = Sarah Titus Branigan
in a photo that was taken in Stamford, New York

Winefred Branigan Bragg on a postcard from New York City

There are fourteen more family photos
of men, women, children and whole families,
in photos mostly from Oneonta, New York

According to research John D. Naylor 1840 - 1892
Parents were William Naylor b. about 1797 and Elsie Potter
And he married Lucy Sherman born in 1841

P. B. Roys 1844 - 1916 married Lucy Sherman after 1892

Herbert W. Naylor was born on 29 Oct 1865
and died 1932 in Mt. Vision, Otsego Co., New York.
He married Inez E. Gregory born 7 Jan 1869

Winifred Branigan married James Arthur Bragg b. 1889 in New York
They were married on 9 Oct 1913 in New York
Their children include Norman Bragg.


Four remarkable photos from the Lambdin and Speiser Families

Evan Edward Lambdin 1860 - 1931
And Bertha Speiser 1868 - 1939
in a photo from Caldwell, Kansas
On the back there is great family information says that:
They were married on Dec. 25, 1893.
Their children are listed as
George Harold (Harry) Lambdin 1805 - 1960
Mary Vietta Lambdin 1896
John Clement Lambdin 1898
Otto Evan Lambdin 1901 - 1951
Infant girl Lambdin Dec. 1904
William Herman Lambdin 1905 - 1981
Edwin Eugene (Gene) Lambdin
Bertha Christina Viola Lambdin (Graalman) 1909 - 2002

Mr. and Mrs. Otto and Anna Speiser
And their two children in a tintype --------

John E. Lambdin -----------------------------------------

Mary Vietta Lambdin ----------- Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas
Note that research shows that Mary Vietta Lambdin
was the daughter of Evan Lambdin b. 1860 & Betty Spicer (Speiser).


Twenty-three photos of the Millard family from Iowa

Six family members on a photo postcard
Pearl, Sarah and Stella Millard ------
Luis Mease, Dad and Sunis or Surris

Will and Josephine Millard on a photo postcard
This is Dad Millards brother and his wife
Paul Millard and his girlfriend on a photo postcard

Paul Millard, Myrle Millard and Luella Millard Zylstra
on a photo postcard sent to Sarah Millard

Luella Millard Zylstra, Stella Millard a cousin, Sarah Millard Zylstra,
Luis Mease a cousin and Uncle Ves Millard, on a photo postcard

Aunt Luella and Luis Mease a cousin, on a photo postcard

Sarah Jenetta Zylstra at one year old, on a photo postcard

Wilma Marrie Zylstra at six months old, on a photo postcard
taken 17 Feb 1920 sent to Aunt Lottie and Uncle Simon

Marvin Wilfer Zylstra at five months and 8 days old,
on a photo postcard taken 12 Dec 1917 sent to Uncle Simon VanderVeer

Uncle Ves and cousin Stella Millard
on a photo postcard

Ves and Alice on a photo postcard

From her sister and cousin
Aunt Luella and Stella Millard
on a photo postcard sent to Miss Sarah Millard
in Harvey, Iowa on Jan 9, 1914

Sylvia Millard age 18 years
on a photo postcard sent to Mr and Mrs Chebbe Zylstra
And family in Osceola, Iowa on Dec 28, 1912 or 1917

Sherman Pearl Hyslope age 7 months and 2 days
on a photo postcard sent to Mr and Mrs Chebbe Zylstra

Frank Miller a cousin, on a photo postcard

Garnett as a baby, on a photo postcard

Pearl and Luellen on a photo postcard

Little Mary near or at death --- Aunt Lotties daughter
on a photo postcard sent to Sarah Millard

and six more family photos that are unnamed
Including very old cabinet cards and an over-sized
photo showing the family home with them in the yard.

Some research shows Sarah Dale Millard
born 9 Jul 1896 in Lyons, Kansas and died 4 Dec 1974
married Chebbe Zylstra b. 4 April 1890 in Taintor, Iowa
on 28 Mar 1914 in Albia, Iowa

Another researcher shows Luellen Millard born 7 Apr 1895
in Lyons, Kansas and died 17 Jun 1950 in Des Moines, Iowa
married Martin Zylstra b. 4 Mar 1892 in Leighton, Iowa
They were married 16 Feb 1916 in Tracy, Iowa
And their children included Marvin Wilbur Zylstra b. 4 Jul 1917
Sarah Jeanette Zylstra b. 8 May 1923 and
Harvey Paul Zylstra b. 11 Oct 1925 in Pella, Iowa

And yet another has John H. Millard
born Sep 1859 and died 15 Sep 1859 in Wisconsin
He married Olive Aubelle Clifton b. Mar 1862 in Iowa
Married: Abt 1887 and their children were
Charlotte Millard b. Jan 1888 in Iowa
Pearl Gertrude Millard b. May 1891 in Kansas
Sylvester Millard b. 6 Jan 1893 in Lyons, Kansas
Louella Millard b. Apr 1895 in Kansas
Sarah D. Millard b. Jul 1897 in Kansas
Sylvia B. Millard b. Aug 1899 in Iowa
Bessie J. Millard b. Abt 1902 in Iowa
Lizzie G. Millard b. Abt 1905 in Iowa.

And one more says Simon VanderVeer
married Charlotte Millard.

Important note: These 23 photos were loose ones that came with an antique photograph album!
The album is listed on Page 20.






The Carr Allendorf families from Texas and Ohio

Miss Mary Elizabeth Carr ----- 1899 ---- Oxford, Ohio

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Carr Allendorf ----- 1902 --------

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Carr Allendorf and Joe Allendorf in a wicker baby carriage

Sam, Carr, Mary Carr Allendorf & Joe Allendorf ------- Photo Postcard from Texas


Eastman Family Photographs

Anna Eastman from Penfield, Pennsylvania in a photo from DuBois, Pennsylvania

A photo of Isabelle and her cat ----- sent to Alice Eastman


Ross Cutter and family photos

Ross Cutter Anoka, Minnesota

Mrs. Mary Cutter and sons Ned and Ross


Ten Photographs from generations of the
Card/Michener Family from Alliance, Ohio

The first image is an oversized photograph of the Michener family reunion.
It features 26 people of several generations.
An elderly Grandma Card, who is Racheal E. Michener, is featured,
as well as Olin and Leila Card,
Ester, Rachel, Edith Ball Baumann and Eldin,
and Dane Card as a young boy.

This photo is of Charles Dane Card who was 8 months old in 1898.
The photo was taken in Alliance, Ohio.

Leila Card - wife of Olan card - Dane Cards sister-in-law.

This over-sized photo is of Grandpa Cards funeral arrangement.
The photographer has inset a photo of Grandpa (Simeon) Card
with his long white beard. I have never seen a photo quite like it.

This folding cardboard frame photo is of Esther Rae and Alice Card.
They are daughters of Leila Stow Card who lived in Alliance, Ohio.

This is an oversized folding cardboard frame photo of Esther Rae and Alice Card.
They are daughters of Dane Cards brother -
Olan Card and Leila Stow Card, who lived in Alliance, Ohio.

This is an oversized folding cardboard frame photo of
Esther Rae, Alice and Leila Card.
The photo was taken in Alliance, Ohio

This very large photo shows Dane Card and
twenty-five coworkers from Morgans in Alliance, Ohio.
A flag in the back shows 45 stars so the photo must have been taken about 1896.

But these last two photos are the real genealogical treasure.

This one is of a little girl but the back is loaded with family information.
Marjorie Geer Card in Alliance, Ohio.
Marjorie Hilda (Geer) b. October 2, 1911
married Aug. 20, 1938 Sunday evening to Charles Dane Card Sr.
Two sons:
Charles Dane Card II born Jan. 2nd, 1940
who graduated from High School
Richard William Card born Feb. 12th 1943

The last one is of a Card Family Reunion.
There are 43 people from a few different generations.
On the back is listed:
Grandpa Simeon Card with his long white beard
Olin & Danes father: Charles Cyrus Card
Olin & Danes mother: Rachael E. Michiner
Danes Aunt: Rosa Friel
Aunt Laura Nelson Leos mother & sister to Aunt Rosa
Evelyns mother and father
Dane Card

NOTE: Research shows Rachel E. Michener b. 1866 d. 1949
Father: Ezra Hoopes Michener b: April 18 1833 in Pennsylvania
Mother: Emaline L Roberts b: Sept 16 1833 in New York
She married Charles C Card b: May 1 1868 in Ohio in 1889 in Ohio.
Their children include:
Olin Bert Card b: April 13 1891 in Ohio
Charles Dane Card b: December 7 1897 in Ohio


Three photos of the Koon family of Indiana
Including ones with genealogical information

Clifford Koon son of J. W. Koon
in a photo from Muncie, Indiana

Mrs. J. W. Koon
in a photo taken in Ridgeville, Indiana

James Wesley Koon
William Harvey Koon
John Emmit Koon
This last photo has their kids listed as well.
James Wesley Koon is the father of Lou Koon,
Wm. Russell Koon, James Clifford Koon and Stella Koon
William Harvey Koon is the father of Edith Koon,
Reva Koon, Harold Koon and Kenneth Koon
John Emmit Koon is the father of Joseph Harvey Koon,
Margaret Ellen Koon McKenzie and John Ridding Kool.


Half a dozen Shultz Family photos from Ohio

Mr. E. M. Shultz in a photo taken in Beaver Pond, Ohio

Jeanne Lucille Shultz at age 1 yr, on 1938

Mac Shultz before marriage in Valparaiso, Indiana

Charles Shultz from Sheldon, Indiana

William Shultz at 17 years of age

A photo of the homestead and it
says James Shultz on the reverse


Five Reynolds Photographs

Irene Reynolds on a photo postcard

Irene Reynolds and her 42 classmates
at Huffmon School

Mary Helen and Margaret Reynolds
in the front yard with their dog Pat
taken in 1936

Margaret Reynolds and Lucille Reynolds

Carrie Reynolds and Dorothy Rupe
In a photo taken in 1939


A couple of Issenmann Photos

Elmer Issenmann and Edna Issenmann in a
cabinet card photo from Hamilton, Ohio
Also Eugenes family

Eugene Issenmann, Edna Issenmann and
Verna Issenmann in a cabinet card photo
from Hamilton, Ohio


Three photos from the Morrow Family from Indiana

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Morrow on their 40th Anniversary.
They were married Feb. 22, 1872 and the photo
was taken on Feb. 22nd, 1912 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Myron Allen Morrow Christmas 1900
in a studio portrait from Richmond, Indiana.

Myron Allen Morrow Also Christmas 1900
in a close up studio portrait from Richmond, Indiana.


Three Kottke photos from Appleton, Wisconsin

Esther M. Kotlke at 2 yrs. 9 mo. In a
photo that was taken Nov. 16, 1900

Marvin Milford Kottke at age 8 months

Marvin Kottke as a toddler


Three Shank photos from Logansport, Indiana

D. H. or F. K. Shank

Carol Esther Shanks at age 2 yrs
on Nov 5th 1903 and Louanna

Ellen Cecila Shanks at 6 months old


A couple of Snyder photographs from California

Bell Snyder - Maggie
In a photo from California

Jesse Snyders wife Ellen
And their three children
Ora, Cora and Ada


Photos from the St. Clair Family

Mildred St. Clair in Louisville, Indiana

Rosa Carroll St. Clair

Rosa St. Clair with baby W.R. St Clair
in a photo taken Oct 23, 1923

Carol Rose St. Clair

Carol Rose St. Clair at 3 and a half months

A duplicate photo of Carol Rose

Carol Rose St. Clair as a young woman

Rosa Carroll St. Clair as an elderly woman

Rose Carroll St. Clair

Mattie Carroll

Carol and Walter

Eliza Brown


13 Photographs of the Kitchel Family from Indiana

These photos are so unique that they are described below:

Amazing oversized family portrait of 12 in a Post Civil War Era
front lawn portrait and on the back it says E. H. Kitchel

This oversized studio portrait of a boy and his two sisters
was taken in Union City, Indiana.
It has the name Mrs. E.G. Kitchel written on the back.

Baby photo from Logansport, Indiana has
Julia Elizabeth Kitchel - 7 months, written on the back.

Darling little girl photo from Richmond, Indiana has
Ruth Kitchel written on the back.

This next Richmond, Indiana photo is of
Ruth Kitchel at age 2 mo. & 22 days.

This Cincinnati, Ohio photo of a little boy in a dress
has Ralph Houser Kitchel on the back.

A duplicate photo has his age at 1 yr., 8 mo., 25 days.

The next baby photo is of Ralph H. Kitchel
at age of 8 months and was taken in New Castle, Indiana.

The next photo is from Richmond, Indiana and it has
Ralph Houser Kitchel at age 2 yrs, 3 mo. & 14 days.

This photo of a woman and a child is more recent than the rest.
It is dated 1907 and is from Muncie, Indiana.
It says Joseph Kitchel Fouts & Mrs. Stella Kitchel

This womans photo was taken in Portland, Indiana says Cal. Kitchel.

This photograph of 16 people says Mrs. Kitchel on the back.

The last photo is from Cincinnati, Ohio and is of Everett Kitchel.

NOTE: Jeanne Listermann from Ohio has claimed all 13 Kitchel photos


The Warners from Buffalo, New York

Frank Edward Warner -----------------------------------------------

Myrtle Warner Talbot & Burney D. Talbot ----- Buffalo, New York

Grandpa Frank Warner --------------------------- Buffalo, New York

Mrs. Frank Warner funeral card ------------ d. Oct. 2, 1898 --- age 27 ---
On back: Grandmother Warner - Ella Cottrell Warner


Two Photo postcards from British Columbia, Canada

Photo postcard of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada,
"where Aunt Jessie lived"

Ernie Ramsell --- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The Chabals from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jacques Chabal --- age 1 yr --- March 1877 -- Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Louise Chabal ---- age 2 yrs ------------ Rotterdam, The Netherlands


The Hoffmans from Pennsylvania

Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman -------- a tintype --------------------------------

George Hoffman and Jessie Hoffman -- 1905 -- McKeesport, Pennsylvania


Cring Family Photos from Ohio

Myrtle, Idey and Florence Cring ----------- Columbus, Ohio

George Washington Cring --------------- Delaware, Ohio

NOTE: According to research: George Washington Cring (1845-1923)
is the son of Henry Kring and Rachel Markley


Pennsylvania Related Families by the name of
Murrey, Durst, Long, Devast & Tarzwell

Harry Murrey at Grand Dad Longs house in Hooversville, Pennsylvania

Uncle Elisha Durst Grandmother Longs brother Mary Arm Durst Lonaconing, Maryland

Sam & Nellie Long with daughters Edna, Enid and Edith ----------------------- from Laudstreet, Pennsylvania ------- 1915 ----------- Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Edna Long Devast with siblings ----------------- Hooversville, Pennsylvania

Lee Tarzwell ----------------------------------- Alpena,Michigan

Note: According to Rootweb, Lee Tarzwell was b.1908 to Ira Tarzwell and
Edith Deming, in Alpena,MI. and married Edna Long in Detroit, Michigan


Mustard Family from Iowa

Four studio shots of the Mustard Family

Elmer G. Mustard

Emma Prante Mustard

Thomas S. Mustard in a photo from Nebraska City, Nebraska

Mildred Mustard and Ivan Mustard in a photo from Onawa, Iowa

NOTE: Rootsweb shows Mildred Irene Mustard b: 2 Mar 1898 in Onawa, Iowa
and Ivan L. Mustard b: 20 Apr 1899 in Monona County, Iowa
were the children of Bertha Louise Brekley and William Mustard


Schneck Family from New York and Pennsylvania

This amazing collection of 17 cabinet card photos have the name
of every individual, most have where they lived and some even
have family descendency. Most are doctors, two are Civil War
era military men in uniform and one is a Sec. of State.

John Lefferts Schenck born June 22, 1792 died 1896
(son of) Peter T. Teunis Peter Johannes the first (John L.) of Brooklyn.
A descendant of Johannes of Bushwick in a photo taken in Brooklyn, New York

Dr. Teunis Schenck of Brooklyn, New York son of John,
son of Teunis son of Teunis son of Peter son of Johannes

Frederic Frelinghuy Sen. Sec. of State - a descendant of Johannes Schenck of Bushwick

William Schenck- proprietor of Merchants Holce in New York City
in a photo taken in N.Y. City

P.L. Schenck - MD of Brooklyn, New York

Edward T. Schenck of Fonda, New York and New York City

Joseph H. Schenck Sen. born May 5th, 1811 died Feby. 11th, 1874
of Philadelphia in a photo from Philadelphia

Joseph H. Schenck Jr. born Dec. 25th, 1847
son of Joseph H. Schenck of Philadelphia in a photo from Philadelphia

Rev. Noah H Schenck D.D. of Brooklyn, New York

J. Stilwell Schenck C. D. L. L. D. of Princeton, New Jersey

Joseph S. Schenck son of DR. Holwell Schenck of Princeton, New Jersey

Josiah Schenck of Millstown, New Jersey a descendant of brook William
of Amwell, New Jersey in a photo from New Brunswick, New Jersey

A. D. Schenck U.S.A. in very fancy dress military uniform with sword
in a photo taken in San Francisco, California

Carpon Schenck U.S.Navy in full uniform in a Bradley photograph
probably taken in San Francisco, California

Isaac C. (Cornell) Schenck 5th generation of Johannes Schenck of Flatbush, New York

Gilliam Schenck 5th generation from Johannes Schenck
(Gilliam) of Flatbush, Kings County, N.Y. in a photo taken in Brooklyn, New York

NOTE THAT RESEARCH SHOWS: Gilliam Schenck b. Jan. 16, 1813 in NY
to Tunis Schenck and Gertrude Cornel. Their children included Isaac Cornell Schenck

And finally:

?Ferdinand S. Schenck M.D. Franklin Park Som. County, New Jersey
in a photo taken in Philadelphia, Pa.



Jerry Matteson Homestead

Two photos in one, this totally unique StereoScope of post Civil War era homes
with stone walls is inscribed "Jerry Matteson Homestead"



Virginia Barney Family

Four very unique photos of Virginia Barney.
Three of the photos show a boy and a girl in
a horse drawn carriage with an older man.
The inscription reads: Uncle Billy and Chester CancelCloseEd
& Virginia Barney - about 1906 or before
The fourth photo, from a couple of years earlier,
shows a man nuzzling a baby girl and on the back it says:
Virginia Barney three months old May 1901


Twenty-nine Photos and a Family Scrapbook
of the Waltons from California and Oregon

These photos are of the family and friends of Robert and Kate Bailey Walton.

The first photo is of 25 people at their wedding. On the back it says:
"Wedding of Robert F. Walton and Kate Bailey - Dec. 11, 1898 - Smith River"

The second photo is of an elderly couple and it says "Rob & Kate Watson"

The third photograph says:
"Ruth (Walton) Kunkel & Bess (Walton) Davis"
"Daughters of Robert F. Walton"

A fourth photo says:
"Robert Kunkel grandson of Robert Walton"

A fifth says: "Bess (Walton) Davis - Smith River, Cal."

The only photo with any damage is a cracked one that says:
"Frances (Hendershott) Walton"

While another says: "Francis (Hendershott) Walton"

One is of "Wesley Mee" and is to "Miss Minnie Walton"

Another says: "Frank Walton - Cresent City"

One says: "Lena (Elliott) Walton (m. George C.) Portland, Or."

Another photograph says: "Tommy Davis"

One says: "Frank Walton, unknown & Uncle Jay Walton "

Another says: "Cousin Lida (Rice) Eggbert - Niles, Mich."

A more modern photo, of a man says: "Shirley A Campbell - June 1941"

And then there are 13 more photographs that also came out of the same album.

In addition there is a family scapbook which I will include free of charge.

Robert Fletcher WALTON
Born: Abt. 1869 in Crescent City, Del Norte, Ca
Died: 4 Mar 1953 in Crescent City, Del Norte, Ca
Son of George WALTON & Millicent ADAIR
Married:13 Oct 1898 in Smith River, Del Norte, Ca
Kate Mandena BAILEY
Born: 12 Nov 1871 in Smith River, Del Norte, Ca
Died: 28 Feb 1959
Daughter of John Daniel BAILEY & Mary Francis LANE
Their children were:
1-Robert Elwood WALTON
Born: 3 Aug 1906 in Crescent City, Del Norte, Ca
Died: 10 Apr 1966
Born: 1 Nov 1901 in Smith River, Del Norte, Ca
Maried Paul Clifford Kunkel on 6 Mar 1923
3-Alice Elizabeth WALTON
Born: 4 Dec 1899 in Crescent City, Del Norte, Ca
Married James Davis


Sixteen photographs of the Tarke Family from Marysville, California

When this family's photo album was sold on ebay,
I was able to rescue this treasure trove of family photos.
All of the studio labeled photos, were taken in Marysville, Uba County, California.
This includes the one that has "Elden Tarke" written on it.

However, one photo taken in San Francisco, California says: "Louis Tarke, West Butte (Colusa County) California"

Louis Fredrick Tarke, the son of Peter Fredrick Tarke from Germany,
married Nancy Santee. Their children were :
Elden Santee Tarke b: approx. 1900 in Sutter County, CA
Fredrick Louis Tarke b. 24 Dec 1896 in Sutter Co. CA d. Jan 1968.
Anna Tarke b. 14 Aug 1897 in Sutter Co. CA d.: 17 Oct 1995
George Washington Tarke b. 1 Feb 1907 in Sutter co. CA d.: Apr 1974
Freida TARKE (Janette TARKE) b. 23 Feb 1909 d. Sep 1977 in Sutter Co. CA


Six Photos of the Brown Family
and their Doctor, from Indiana

Max Lee Brown ? age 7 or 8
Jas. D. Brown
James Dennis Brown and his prized steer
G. E. Reynolds M.D. ? Kent, Indiana
His photo was taken in Indianpolis, Indiana
and another was taken in Madison, Indiana


A Couple in a Couple of Framed Tintypes

Flawless photos from Civil War Era
Marcella (Gove) Francisco
Newton O. Francisco

Newton Oscar Francisco
Birth: 16 Oct 1840 in Knox Corners, Augusta, New York
Death: 18 Feb 1932 in Delavan, WI
Father: Levi Francisco b: 12 Mar 1757 in Gansegat, Essex Co., NJ Mother: Abigail ? b: 3 Jan 1781
Newton was married: 20 Jan 1862 in Dalavan, Wisconsin to
Marcella Gove
Birth: 10 Nov 1842 in Marshfield, Vermont
Death: 5 Dec 1924 in Delavan, Wiutah, Utah
Father: Dana Gove b: 14 Sep 1811 in Stafford, Windham, Vermont Mother: Alice Maltby b: 31 Mar 1817
Their daughter was Mary Alice Francisco
b: 31 Jan 1864 in Delavan, Wisconsin


Oversized photos from the Ingram - Cope Families from West Chester, Pennsylvania

Two large, matching, oval photographs of "Grandpa Ingram" (James Atwood Ingram)
and Elizabeth Entriken (Husband & wife).

This oversized sepia photograph shows eight people and their faithful dog on the front porch of a big beautiful home.
On the back it says "Ingram Home, West Chester, Pa."


Large, oval photograph of the five Ingram brothers - on the back, at top it says "James Ingram, West Chester R.F.D. #9 " and "John Ingram", at the bottom it says "Jas. Ingram, West Chester R.F.D. #9 "

Five elderly, elegent ladies numbered and identified as: "Aunt Hetty, Aunt Sally, Aunt Anna,
Grandmother & Aunt Eva" - "Ingram" is written for all of them.

This oversized sepia photograph shows four men and a boy with guns and a hunting dog - On the back it says "Hilbern Cope and son Alan, Oct. 1901 "

This photograph shows an old man, a boy and a dog.
On the back it says "Alan I. Cope Sr. and Alan Cope - uncle "

The next one is of a young boy in a dress, in a photo from West Chester, Pa.
On the back it says"Hilbern M. Cope"

Thirteen 8th Grade Graduates:
This photo is a great 8th grade graduation photo. All thirteen students and the teacher are identified.
They are:
Amy Benson, Harlan Eggers, Jenny Ruth, Earl Bennett, Cleona Potts, Edith Beer, Flo Lamb, Mammie Eggers, Lora Knable, Vera Luman, Lula Ross, Laura Cope, Rachael Figard and the teacher Mr. B.A.Hill.

Classmate Photo of Alan I. Cope.
18 students and 7 teachers in an unidentified upperclass school.
Probably taken about 1915.

Anyone who went to school with Alan I. Cope or Laura Cope
will want to inquire about these last two photos listed on the Classmates Page.

James Atwood Ingram b.: Jan 22 1823 in Pennsylvania d.: Aug 13 1912 in California
Father: William Ingram b: June 8 1788 in Pennsylvania
Mother: Rebecca Pyle b: March 4 1795 in Pennsylvania
Marriage 1 Elizabeth E. Entriken b: abt 1833 in Pennsylvania
Married: Jan 9 1850 in Pennsylvania, their children were:
Eugene b: 1850, William Howard b: 1853, James Clifford b: 1857, Thomas Lincoln b: 1861 & Ione M Ingram b: 1874.
Ione M Ingram married Hilbern M Cope b: June 1, 1870 in Pa. Married: August 18 1897 in West Chester, Pennsylvania
Their son was Alan Ingram Cope b: June 27, 1898 in Pennsylvania d: Jan 15 1976 in California

Also, according to a family researcher:Hilborn D Ingram married to a Hettie Garrett Woodward, maybe that is Aunt Hetty. They had a daughter Eva, Anna and Sara A (Sallie). Hilborn is the son of John Franklin Ingram brother of James Atwood Ingram.


Seven Portrait Photos of the Emerson Family from New Hampshire

Three of these portrait photos are of Ralph Herman Emerson.
Ralph is shown at 3 months, 5 months and 15 months,
in Dover, Stafford County, New Hampshire.

Another photo of Harold Searey Emerson,
in Dover, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, on June 13, 1896
when he was 7 months and 7 days old. (b. Nov. 6, 1895)

There is an unlabeled photo that appears to be both of the boys.
Another unlabeled photo is a miniature photo from a company in Trenton, New Jersey,
that appears to be one of the brothers at about 3 months old.
And a third unlabeled photo appears to be a 2 or 3 year old boy in a dress.
That photo was taken in Newport, New Hampshire.

However, these last three photos could be of other brothers or even sisters,
but they are all of the Emerson family from New Hampshire.


Two Tintypes of Mullins Family from Goochland County, VA

A couple of studio shot tintypes with labels on the back. Very rare.

The first is of a young couple (20's) which is labeled "R. C. Mullins - Goochland County".

The other tintype photo appears to be of the same middle-aged couple (40's) and their son,
labeled "Mullins Family - Goochland County, VA.".


A Couple of Lacy Postcards, from Ft. Smith, Arkansas

A photo postcard sent to Miss G. Meeks shows Mrs. O. Lacy
and Miss E. Lacy and an elderly lady, in front of their house.

The other photo is of R. O. Lacy, C. B. & Ollie, who are from
Ft Smith, Arkansas, in a photo taken in Belleville, Illinois


Norton and Related Families on Photo Postcards

Four photo postcards showing:

Phil Norton, his mother and Florence Norton in front of
their pioneer home, complete with outhouse and rain barrel.

The Washburn family reunion, in Canton, South Dakota, with 21 people
in attendance, with Grandpa and Grandma Norton pointed out.

Alma Pattie Washburn from Tryon, North Carolina.

And one showing 1 man: Mr. D.B. Keyes,
11 women: Mrs. D. B. Keyes, Mrs. Helen Miller, Mrs. Thomas Mitchell,
Mrs. Helm, Mrs. P. H. Norton, Mrs. Jane Stanfield, Mrs. John Stanley,
Mrs. H. White, Mrs. Ella Reed, Mrs. L. J. Miller, Mrs. W. Watson
and 2 girls: Isabel Stanley and Stella Watson.



Two Sherwoods from St. Louis

Mr. A. C. Sherwood --- St. Louis

Mollie Sherwood -- " Aunt Sharlie " -- 1890 -- St. Louis


Six Blakely and Associated Famlies Photos

The first photo is of James Blakely and Maud Blakely Nelson.
with Erma Hall Ricketts and Nellie Blakely Payne.

The second photo is of Maud Blakely Nelson.

The third photo is of Moin Harvey Payne from Newton, Kansas.

The fourth photo is of Grandma Blakely with Emma and Nellie.

The fifth photo is of Maud Blakely Nelson.

The sixth photo is of J.J. and Belle Blakely.


Two Springers from Chicago

One photo is of Julia Ambus Springer.

The other photo is of Roy Springer and sent to Julia Ambus.
This photo is from Chicago, Illinois.


Three Photos of the Parkers from Illinois

First photo showing William and Lucinda Parker, is to Melinda.

The second one is of Clara Parker and was taken in Danville, Illinois.

The third shows Grace Parker and two of her friends.


Photos of the Webbs from Indiana

One photo is of Robert Webb as a boy in Hope, Indiana.

The other photo shows 3 generations of ladies and was
ordered by Mrs. Holman Webb from Franklin, Indiana.


Seven photo postcards of Carvers from Portsmouth, Ohio.


Violet Carver

Joyce Ann Carver at age 14 months, sent to Aunt Lizzie.

Harold Carver

Noema Doris Carver at age 3 months.

Nanna Ruth Carver at age 7 months, and sent to Mrs. Lizzie Thomas.

Noema Doris Carver at age 7 months.

Hubert & Violet Carver, might be brother & sister.


Three Photos of Hocums from Ohio

Three "novelty" (small) photos from Springfield, Ohio.

One features Nettie Hocum.

Another shows Axel Hocum.

The third is of Ester Hocum.




Three Photos of Mr. or Mrs. W. Frank Rodney


The first photo just says Mrs. Frank Rodneyand shows a
young lady that had rouge applied to the 1860's picture.

The second show a young W. Frank Rodney
in a photo dated April 1868, from St. Louis.

and the third shows a mature W. F. Rodney



Cayces from Iron Mountain, Missouri


Ellis R. Cayce in a photo from St. Louis, Missouri.

Elsie E. Cayce from Iron Mountain, Missouri
in an 1887 photo taken in Fulton. Missouri.

The third photo is of Du Pay K Cayce.




Ninteen Photos from the Poffenbarger, Rush & McNary Families from Martinsville, Illinois


Amy Stevens, Malinda Rush, Lula Poffenbarger and Otis.

There are three identical photos of Otis Poffenbarger in 1906.

Ruth & Otis Poff (Poffenbarger) -- siblings ----

Grandma Stevens and Otis Poffenbarger.

Mrs. Etta Poff. Cohen

Photo of Mary Clatfelter and her husband with a newspaper obit. on the back.
It states "Mary Clatfelter b. 1836 in Richland, Ohio & d. 1918."
"She m. Joshua Poffenbarger in 1854 & J. B. Houk in 1897."

Nana Inman, Lily Mc Nary, Lizzie Rush, Bill and Lou Mc Nary.

Sarah Best, Lily Mc Nary, Stella Rush and Lula.

Deane Rush

Johnny Rush

Jim Rush

Jim and Thursia Rush in front of their 2 story home.

Dean and Mildred Rush

Brothers Harlan and Johnny Rush in an 1896 photo
for Mrs. Malinda Rush from Casey.

There are three identical photos of Harlan Rush.

Note: Researcher Susan Geiger placed on Rootsweb:
John C. Poffenbarger b. 1885 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois
1920 & 1930 census has him as a farmer in Clark County, Illinois
His mother was Louella Quinn b. 1863 in Illinois
He married Lula M. and had the following children:
Otis W. Poffenbarger
Ruth M. Poffenbarger
Darel R. Poffenbarger
Allie M. Poffenbarger
James C. Poffenbarger
Ruby E. Poffenbarger


Forty-six Photographs from the Bonell Family
of Eau Clair, Wisconsin and Puyallup, Washington

These wonderfully preserved cabinet photos chronicle
a family like only the owner of a photo studio could.

From the Bonell studio, at 202 South Barstow Street in Eau Clair, Wisconsin, comes a bevy of lovely photographs of Frederick Bonell's family. By consulting Carl Mautz's Biographies of Western Photographers (1997) it can be determined that Bonell was active in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in the period 1875-1890. Bonell's photos are part of the Special Collections Library of many colleges including Penn State University.

Some photos are of his wife Mathilda Hinsch Bonell at different ages (she lived to be over 100 years old - 1847 to 1956).

Her sisters, Dora Hinch, Frances Hinsch Schultze and an unnamed one, all have their own photos as well.

Roy Bonell also has a couple of photos at different ages.

But the majority of the photos are of Frederick and Mathilda's children:

Frank ( 1885 - 1948 ) , George ( 1889 - 1933 ), Francis ( 1892 - 1980 ) and Ruth ( 1895 - 1975 ) ( All of the children were born in Eau Clair, Wisconsin and died in Puyallup, Washington, except George who died in San Francisco, CA.) Poor Georgie must have been the daughter that Mathilda thought that she would never have. Georgie is featured in shoulder length blond hair and dresses.

The last photo is of 38 students and their teacher on the steps of their school. On the back it says: 7th Grade Class in the Puyallup Public School (Puyallup, Washington where the family moved to ) - Margaret M.

I found one more photo with these that has the same handwriting on the back. It must be one of their parents or relatives from Denmark. The names are not the same but they must have been in Eau Clair, Wisconsin with the Bonells, since there are photos of them taken there. The photo from Hennetved, Denmark has on the back: Mikelsen - Marn and Martha - picture is parents of Hana - Christian - Copenhagen.



The W. A. Tade Family from Hillsbourgh, Iowa


This wonderful outdoor family photo shows W.A. Tade with six daughters and a son. In the background is a surry with the fringe on top.

Research shows: Name: William Anderson TADE, b: 1841 in Ia, d: 1927 in Ia.
Marriage 1 Sarah E. DEWEY b: 1845 in Ia., in 1868 in Ia. Children: Nellie B. TADE, Alice C. TADE, Howard D. TADE, Ewing Orville TADE, Kathryn C. TADE, Lilly TADE & Lola E. TADE.

Marriage 2 Nancy W. DEWEY in 1882 in Ia. Children: William B. TADE & John Logan TADE.

WILLIAM A. TADE was a representative in the General Assembly of the State of Iowa. In October 1861, when twenty years of age, he entered the service of his country as private of Company F, Fourteenth Iowa Infantry, was with his regiment assigned to the Army of the Tennessee and sent at once to the front. At the battle of Shiloh, he was captured by the enemy, remaining a prisoner for eight months, during which time he was incarcerated in the horrible Libby Prison, where he was afterward paroled and exchanged. When he rejoined his regiment, he served as a river detective in the Provost Marshal department. While under Gen. Buford, Mr. Tade was made Quartermaster with the Fifty-seventh United States Colored Regiment.




Three photos of Gillet or Gillett from Houston, Texas


Robt Ashley Gillet taken March 21, 1898 at 4 mo. & 3 days old.

John Gillett Burns - age 6 mo. - Cuero & Hallettsville, Texas
on the back it says: "for Uncle Ashley".

W. R. Gillett Jr. at age 14 months & 11 days



Fifteen photos of Davy and related families from Little Falls, New York


John Oakes and Barbara Davy Oakes

Elmer Davy

Miss Bessie Davy

Peggy Davy Miller

Will Davy

Polly Davy

George Smith - son of Alonzo Smith & Barbara Ann Davy

Ed Smith

Unnamed woman that I believe is Mrs. John Henry Davy

John Henry Davy - son of Peter Davy & Elizabeth Davy

Peter Davy - son of John Davy & Barbara Moyer
b. Nov.3 1811 d. March 16, 1881

Eve Timmerman - wife of Peter Davy - b. Oct. 15, 1809 d. June 2, 1873

John Timmerman from San Jose, California

Eva Gros Root in Madison, Wisconsin

Eva Gros Root in Bangor, Michigan



12 Eda Trombla & McClellan Brown family from Nebraska

There are five photos of Eda Trombla at different ages in this group.

Two are from Lincoln, Nebraska and one from Colby, Kansas.

One Lincoln photo also features Frances Trombla and C. L.Trombla.

Two photos on one of McClellan Brown as a baby in Plainsville, Kansas

Another two photos on one of McClellan Brown as a baby in Plainsville, Kansas

McClellan Brown and Miriam Brown as toddlers in Plainsville, Kansas

But then the Brown family must have moved to New Mexico

McClellan Brown, Miriam Brown and Cyrus Lowell Brown in Artesia, New Mexico

George M. Brown (father of these 3?) and toddler Cyrus Lowell Brown in New Mexico

Two identical photos of G. M. Brown and another man.



Nine photos of Strother and related families from Liverpool, England.

A. E. Strother at 19 years old.

A. E. Strother as an adult.

Richard Barnes (?) - A. E. Strother's father-in-law

Miss Ada Eleanor Strother - age 6 months

Miss Ada Eleanor Strother's sister Peg - age 2 years

Nell (Ada Eleanor Strother )-- age 2 years

Nellie (Ada Eleanor Strother)-- age 4 years


And then there was:

Nell T. Platt's Grandfather Levi Whitten
Nell T. Platt's Grandmother Pricilla Whitten



Eight photos of the Huey Family and a relative, from California, Kansas and Missouri

Wilbur Huey, whose photograph was taken in San Diego, California.

George Huey also had his photograph taken in San Diego, California.

Homer Huey had his photo taken in Topeka, Kansas. He was
George's brother. He was born in 1884 and died in 1912.

Mrs. A. M. Huey who lived at 1618 Main Street.

All of the following family portraits were taken in Clinton. Missouri.

Both parents and two kids from the Huey family.

Another Mr. & Mrs. Huey.

Curtis Denison (Dennison ?) who's mother was Ida May Huey.

Nora Huey photo taken by the Huey studio in Windsor, Missouri


Ten Photos of Reynolds and Mc Kinsey Famlies from Minnesota

Peter Samuel Reynolds ( older than the rest )

Neal Reynolds

Alfred Reynolds ( younger than the rest )

Neal Reynolds - photo service fron Minneapolis, MN

(Earl) Mc Kensey, Ben Reynolds and son Boyd
---- Ben died 18 years after leavin service.

Earl Mc Kinze - ( putting up hay ) -- 1938

Neal Reynolds

Neal Reynolds (uncle), Ben Reynolds and his son Ben
---from photo service in Luverne MN - Aug. 4, 1937

Earl Mc Kensey (same place and date)

Also see Bone Lake School, Washington Co., Minn. photo with Neal Reynolds as teacher.


Six Photographs from the Summer and Cables family
of Kennsington

Homer and his wife Claria Summer Hartsough taken in Rogers, Ohio.
They had nephews named Raymond Winifield and Robert Summer

Looks like Claria by herself taken in Alliance, Ohio

An unidentified man in about 1890 - 1910

Five young adults from E. Rochester, Ohio
with these names: Frank Sumer Kensington M. Char Cable

A single girl in a skull cap type hat from about 1860 - 1870

Elderly couple, young man and baby (or is it 4 gen.?)
Fred Conser, Arther, Granny C. Clause, Mary Virginia Conser Summer



Over 300 Photographs that span 100 yrs of the Shropshire / Moore/ Chapman Family History.

They include the names:
Jessie Boraway, Mrs. Sam (Annie) Chapman, Jno. W. Chapman, John & Jennie Chapman
John F. Megee, H. Lee Moore Sr., Harvey Lee Shropshire, J. A. Shropshire,
Jinnie L. Shropshire, Jenie L. Shropshire, Graves of Mr. & Mrs.Jno. A. Shropshire
Thornton Sinclair and Harold Elliot Waite.

Group photos, like this one of three elderly ladies and a boy. Allice Waits, Willie (Millie?) S. Waits, Jennie S. Chapman, and Will Moon.

Another shows Jack and Jinnie Chapman with Elizabeth Chapman and Hubert Laurince.

Yet another boasts 14 family members.

Same day, another photo shows much of the same group.

Or this photo from 1895 with Mary Shropshire, Arden Shropshire and H. Lee Moore

Another says Felix Wilkerson, Annie Wilson, Maggie Wilson Goodrain? and "Tough Means" Snyder.

Two more show Mrs. Jno.W. Chapman and Mrs. Ed Shadoan.

Or this one of Harvey Shropshire, Gano Shropshire, Millie Nails and Jennie Moore Chapman.

There is one with Mr. Chapman holding baby H. Lee Moore Jr. in 1916.

There are several of H. Lee Moore Sr his wife Annie Milward Moore and four sons.



The Gallong / Gollong Family from Marshall, Missouri

Fourteen photographs of Phillip Gollong,
Lula Gollong, John Gollong, William Gollong,
Maud Gollong, Lena Gollong,
Williams wife Lena Kustermeier
and many more unnamed family members.

Note; My research shows
William GOLLONG Birth Date: 30 Oct 1883 Missouri Death Date: May 1980 Youngtown, Maricopa, Arizona married Lena Kustermeier the dau, of Canton Heinrich Ludwig Kustermeier b1839 and Maria Luise Henrietta Schlumeier b 1841
Maud GOLLONG Birth Date: 22 Sep 1888 Death Date: May 1966 and
Lula GOLLONG Birth Date: 24 Oct 1890 Death Date: Sep 1969
They lived in Marshall, Marshall Junction and Napton, all in Saline County, Missouri


Friends from Battleboro, Vermont

Mr. Osborne ----------------------------------------------

Mrs. N.? Rockwell -- from Brattleboro - born 1799 - photo taken in 1876 in New York, New York

Elizabeth Alwater Mairs and Laura Beatrise Smith ----- Oct. 1900

Amelia Taylor -------- photo taken in 1891 -------- Brattleboro, Vermont

Miss Amelia Tyler and Mrs. Mary Tyler -------- Brattleboro, Vermont



Jane Goodrich Paine's family.

Eight Tintypes and One CDV from
the Paine Family from Canton, Ohio
Jane Goodrich Paine's family.


The Indiana Woods

Norma G. Wood ----------------- age 6 ------------------------- Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Edith M. Wood ------------------- age 7 ------------------------- Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Rowland Albert Wood ---------- age 8 ------------------------- Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Kathleen Gretta Wood ----------- age 9 ------------------------- Lawrenceburg, Indiana



The Brown Family and associated families' photos
from Amesbury & Newburyport, Massachusetts

Anna D. Brown --------------------------

Emily Brown -------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Edward Brown ------ Newburyport, Massachusetts

James Brown --------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Jim Brown ----------------- Haverhill, Massachusetts

Howard Brown ------ Newburyport, Massachusetts
---- 2 photos of this son of James Brown ----

Jerry Brown ---------------- Fall River, Massachusetts

Millie Brown ---------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Percy Brown ---- 2 photos ----- Newburyport, Mass.

Ada Brown Lane ------ Newburyport, Massachusetts
- 2 photos of this daughter of James & Sarah Brown -

Edith S.Brown ------Newburyport, Massachusetts
------ daughter of James & Sarah Brown -------------


Families Associated with the Brown Family
also from Amesbury & Newburyport, Massachusetts

Edward Davis ------------------

Maria Davis --------------------


Alice Brown Elkins -- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Benjamin Elkins -------------- Boston, Massachusetts

David Henry Elkins --------- Boston, Massachusetts

Mary White Elkins ---------- Boston, Massachusetts
--- mother of David H. Elkins -----------

Marion Elkins --------- Newburyport, Massachusetts


Mabel Brown Hunter ------ Newburyport, Massachusetts

Ebenezer Hunter ------------ Newburyport, Massachusetts

George Hunter --------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Lucy Hunter ------------------ Newburyport, Massachusetts

Merelie Hunter --------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

William Hunter ---- 1893 ------- Amesbury, Massachusetts


Jack Lambert --------------------- Amesbury, Massachusetts

Samuel Lambert -------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts


John Jacob Brown ----------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Mary Robinson Brown ------Newburyport, Massachusetts
--------- wife of John Jacob ---------------------------

Mrs. Johnathan Robinson - Newburyport, Massachusetts
-----mother of Mary Robinson Brown -------------


Emma Prescott -------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Lillian Prescott -------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts


Josie Shaw Burnham ---------- Amesbury, Massachusetts

Ella Shaw -------------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts
------- wife of Moses -----------------------

Moses Burnham ------------- Amesbury, Massachusetts


Hannah Berry Brown Towle ----------- Amesbury, Mass.
----- mother of John Jacob Brown --------------------

William F. Towle ----------- Amesbury, Massachusetts
----- 2nd husband of Hannah --------------------

Frank Towle --------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Gordon Towle ------------- Newburyport, Massachusetts


Maude Brown Clark and Grace Brown Trombla - Mass.

Henry Trombla --------------------------------

Joseph Cortland ( Cartland ?) - Newburyport, Mass.


Alice Flanders ----------------------- Salem, Massachusetts

Gregory Flanders --------- Newburyport, Massachusetts

Ms. Lottie Flanders - Amesbury & Newburyport, Mass.



Three Related Photos

Myrtle Temple Hobart

Dr. C. F.(?) Bollinger

Tres. Fieary ( Pieary ? ) Bollinger


Photos from the Beal / Hoyt / Hatmaker families in New York from Penn Yan., New York

One photo of "Ina ( Beal ), Frankie ( Hatmaker ), Millie Beal (mother),
Eugene and Edna ( Master )" from Penn Yan., New York

One photo of Ed Hoyt and (his sister) Martha Beal
(of Emily McDonald, N.Y.) in Penn Yan., New York

One photo of Frank Mc Donald by Ella Hatmaker's
house in Milo Center, near Penn Yan, New York.

Another of Frank Mc Donald with his horse & buggy.

One photo of Willie Hatmaker from Penn Yan, New York.

Another shows Frank Hatmaker who is Erbel & Ella's son
"when he went West" to Monticello, Illinois.

One of " Charles Beal and Annie Hoyt (Uncle Ed's daughter)"
also from Penn Yan., New York

Two Photos of Mary Dick and Ina Beal
in a park in Rochester, New York

Ed & Valetta Hoyt with dau? Annie from Penn Yan., New York

J. H. Holbert and his wife, J. Allie ( Ollie ?)
in a photo from Concoroia Kansas
sent to Almond Beal in Milo Center (near Penn Yan), New York

Two other photos from Penn Yan show Lina ( Lillie ? ) Hollister -
Jasse's oldest dau.- and Miss Leska Hatmaker.

The last one is of Almeda Henderson from Milo Center, New York.


Bohnert Family Photos

Three photographs of the Bohnert Family
from Wisconsin and South Dakota.

One features Merlin Bohnert ( born: 1903 )
and Roland Bohnert (born: 1906).
It was taken in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1916.

Another shows Paul and Raymond Bohnert.
It was taken in Merrill, Wisconsin.

The third features Gerald Wayne (9 years old)
Cecil Clare (3 years old) & Merwyn Keith (10 mo. old).
It was taken in Wagner, South Dakota.


Collier Family Photos

Five photographs from the Collier Family from Texas.
Included are:

Wiley Collier

Two photos of Leal Collier - sister of Walter Collier

Walter Collier - Paul Collier's - Father
Nell Doggett Klaunch from Hamilton, Texas
sister of Owen, Cyril, Maris, Glo and Imagene Doggett .


Gauger, Speidel, Polo and Stienel Family Photos

Much more recent than most of the photos on this site,
this group of six family photos includes:

One photo that says on the back:
"Was taken in Clear Lake in 1944,
where this family gathers for a visit from a Wisconsin cousin.
Pictured are: Freda Uckert, Crist Speidel[see below] ,
Bertha Hannaman(the cousin), Leonard Speidel,
John Stienel, Lyman Uckert, Anna Stienel
[Anna Helena Gauger b.7 Nov 1879 in Brandon, Wisconsin
/ d. 28 Oct 1955 in Clear Lake, South Dakota /
daughter of Juliius Frederick Gauger and Wilhelmina Augusta Tabbert and sister to Linda Emma Augusta Gauger Polo Spouse: William Fredrick Ehrke Marriage: 9 Sep 1899 Spouse: John Andrew Steinel Marriage: 8 Dec 1904 ]
and Rose Marie Speidel. Ella Speidel [see below] took the picture."

Others read:

Lena Gauger & Nina(baby) -- July 1914.

Mr.and Mrs. Gustoff Tabbert -- 8/30/15 in Ripon, Wisconsin

Mr August Kohn and his wife Lena Gauger
she is the daughter of Wm. Gauger Sr.

Joe and Eugene Polo [ Joe B. Polo - b.17 Jun 1883 the Austrian Tyrol./ d. 20 Mar 1955 / m.Linda Emma Augusta Gauger b. 25 Mar 1894 in Clear Lake, South Dakota / d. St. Atkinson, Wisconsin./ daughter of Juliius Frederick Gauger and Wilhelmina Augusta Tabbert]

Mr. and Mrs. Christ Speidel - taken in our yard in June 1941. [Leonhard Christian Speidel - b.17 May 1890 in Hermuthausen, Germany/ d. 17 Sep 1987 in Milbank, South Dakota / marriage: 16 Jun 1926 to Ella Rose Marie Gauger - b. 13 Jun 1891 in rural Hamilin Co. South Dakota / d. 19 Apr 1961 in Milbank, South Dakota / sister to Linda Emma Augusta Gauger Polo above.]


Six Cabinet Cards From Decorah Iowa

Ann Trae, Ida Goltz, Hannah Chandler, Ida Hinke, Ida Asselin, Bertha Asselin,
Ida Barthell, and Maggie Gielerman, Hattie Barthell and Ida Henke Barthell.
It also looks like someone wrote in her husbands name, it looks like Franklin Barthell.
Possibly she got married since the group photo.
These photos are from a large Family album that the main Family name was Asselin,
and they seemed to be in the Decorah Iowa area from 1870s through the early 1900s.

RESEARCH SHOWS: Ida Marie Henke b. 1865 dau. of Mary Bandow and Frederick Hencke. Frederick was a German immigrant b. 1832 d. 1875 in Dubuque, Iowa. Ida m. Frank Barthell.


The Larabee Sisters from Elgin, Iowa
Anna, August, Julia and Nellie Larabee



Six photos from the Belt Family from the area around Boone, Iowa

Leon and Fern Belt,

Leou (Leon?) Belt at about 1 year old,

Mr. Belt,

Two photos of Mr. R. J. Belt

and V. L. Belt
(who appears to be a boy in a dress).
The photos are from Boone, Iowa, Collins, Iowa, Redfield, Iowa and Carroll, Iowa



Four Photographs of the Cochran Family from California


Mrs. Cochran and son ------------------------ Tulare, California

Hattie Cochran -------------------------------------------------------

Lucy Cochran and classmates ---- 1902 ---- Visalia, California

Matthew John Cochran b.1859 Snelling, Ca.- d.1922 Tulare,Ca.
father of Walter, Ross C. and Lucy Agnes (Smith) Cochran



The Hurlburt Brother and Sisters

Minnie Clark, Mae Burnside, Mamma, Gessie Baughman, Frow Wayne, Daisy Green, Winifred Christensen and Luther Hurlburt. Seven women and one man of the Hurlburt Family. Taken October 4th at Meeke at Mae Burnside's House.


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