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The names are copied as handwritten on the photo.
So the spelling may be very wrong.
So consider all near misses as a possible hit.
The location is where the picture was taken.
The person may not have lived in the location given
but had a photo taken while visiting there.





COUPLES: ------------------- PHOTO TAKEN AT:


Fritz and Camilla Anderson in side by side photos in one frame

Note: He is wearing a millstone collar reminiscent of the renaissance period.

It may be a religious or ethnic collar or the man was an actor.


"Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Anderson" - - Ventura California
-- "for Jennie" - wedding photo from about 1890 --

Sadie Baker and husband -- 3/21/1897 -- Atwood, Illinois

Mary & Adam Becker ------------------ New Braunsfels, Texas

Bill Black and his wife - a tintype of Pennsylvania Pioneers

Perry and Emily Black -- "50th Wedding Anniversary" -----

Frank Blair and Laura Ailes (his wife) --------- Marion, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boyd -------- Nov. 16, 1921 ---------------

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley -------------------- about 1913 -----------

Joe and Mary Brewer ---- oversized photo -------------------

William and Annie Briggeman ------- Springfield, Ohio

Walter and Clara Budd ------ a tintype ------------------------

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Calhoon ----------------- Milan, Missouri

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Campbell from Kokomo Indiana
in a photo taken in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. Canby ----------------------------------------------

Mr. and Mrs S. E. Caton ------------------- New Lexington, Ohio

James Cavanaugh and his wife in a photo taken in Chicago, Illinois
that was sent to Mrs. Laura Lowe in Los Angeles, California

Sue Coleman (maiden name) and her husband ----------------------

Frank and Ruby Collins - 1901 - "married on Dec. 24, 1900" --

Adam and Julia Conrad -------------------- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ed Cornwall and his bride ----------------- Wichita, (Kansas?)

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dewey ------------------ Versailles, Ohio

Aleen Kingaide (Kincade or Kincaide?) Duncan and Arthur Duncan
in their early 1900 wedding photo -------------------------

David and Hattie Eke -------------------- Pierre, South Dakota
----- They were Gladys Eke Compton's parents --

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Erubrne ? --- Dec. 1898 -- Acron, Indianna

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ewert ---------------- LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Fred Ewert and Belle Ewert ---------- West Salem, Wisconsin

Ella & Louis Fenz --------------------- Fond Du Lac (Wisconsin?)

Bert & Mary Ferguson --------------------------- Greene, Iowa

Michael Fetzer and his wife ------------------------------------

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fisher -------------------------- Halifax, N.S.

John & Ida Freeman ----------------------------------------------------

Mr.and Mrs. Julio Ganes ( Garnes ?) ------------- Oblong, Illinois

Charles George and Elizabeth in a photo from Salineville, Ohio - Lizzie died in 1944 at the age of 70 and Charles died in 1928 when he was 65

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Geyer ------------ Elk Heart, Indiana
---"to Mrs. Ben Jones" -------- photo from Warsaw, Indiana

Hugh Gutherie & wife - Kittanning or East Brady, Pennsylvania

Charlie & Nettie Hays ---------------------------------- California

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Hefty ------------------------- Clarion, Iowa

Mr. and Mrs. Gottleif Heif - wedding pic on photo postcard -----

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin ----------------------------------- 1914 postcard photo

Augusta Heston and Lottie --------------------- Versailles, Ohio

Robert & Anne Hibbler ----------------------------------------------

Herbert & Bessie Hocum -- wedding in 1890 -- Riceville, Iowa

J. H. Holbert and his wife, J. Allie ( Ollie ?)
in a photo from Concoroia Kansas
sent to Almond Beal in Milo Center (near Penn Yore), New York

Grandpa and Grandma Hughey --------------------------------------

Zelda and Jake Huokey ------------------------- Gorin, Missouri

Minnie Bickard Husband and Richard Husband -- Boston, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson ---------------- Mount Vernon, Illinois

Tom Hopgood & wife ---------------------------Clinton, Missouri

Kalle and ??? Jurvanainan ? -------------------------------------

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kamtz (Ginvos Seward) wedding photo- York, Nebraska


Bob Kennedy and Janie Faby Kennedy

Janie is the daughter of Tom Faby.

Photo was taken in St. Paul, Minnesota


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kingsfro (Kingsford ?) in 2 photos from Oswego, NY


Gena & Will Kipp ---------------------------------- Quincy, Illinois

Mr & Mrs. George Kipp ----------------------------- Quincy, Illinois

John Knopp & wife -- Annabelle's parents -- Detroit, Michigan

Charles Kindrick and Ida Kost ------------------ Joplin, Missouri

Arie Kuyper Feb. 12, 1866 and Esther Kuyper Jan. 7, 1875
Parents of Jake Kuyper Ann M. Kuyper --- 2 copies --- Salem, South Dakota
Arie Kuyper was a farmer in South Dakota in 1930 who was born
1865 in IA to Jacob & Garrettie who were both born in Holland
He married Esther McCullough who was born in 1874 in NY
Possible children include: Elizabeth Kuyper 1901 in SD,
Jacob Jobh Kuyper 10 Sep 1902 in Mc Cook County, SD,
Leslie H. Kuyper b: 6 Nov 1904 in McCook County, SD,
Anna Kuyper 1909 in SD and Glenn E. Kuyper 22 Jun 1920 in SD

Mr. & Mrs. John O' Laughlin from Atwood, IL - Bement, IL



John Lawson & Louise Hemphill's ------- Wedding Photo ------


Sept. 8, 1897 ---------------------------Shelton, Connecticut



A. H. Lazell and Pearl Sharp Lazell -------------------


Reverend William S. Leigh and Mrs. Leigh in a photo from Alton, Kansas


William Whitford Leedham and Lina Foss Leedham in spring of 1920
Note that research shows William Whitford Leedham 1876-1916
son of William H. Leedham b:1851 in OH and Mary Harlan Whitford
b. 1848 in Rockeville, Parke Co., Indiana, he married Lina Foss in 1910.

Josefo (Joseph?) and Nancy Mc Claskey - a tintype -----

David Mc Clement and Edna Fairchild his second wife in snapshot

Chauncey Martin and Mable Martin --- Jan 31, 1912 --- Alliance, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. William Mayer from Potomac, Illinois


in a photo from LaFayette, Indiana

 Maurice & Elizabeth (Meyers) Mickle - Warnerville, New York

Jonas Midgley and Mary Ann Moore Midgley -- Scandia, Kansas

Jim and Elsie Millard ----------------------------------- Osage, Iowa

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Milliean ------------------------------ Milo, Iowa

Mr. Erie Mills and Mrs. Tib Mills ------- Danville, Kentucky

Samuel Curtis Morecraft and Mary Morecraft --- Adrian, Michigan

Mr. & Mrs. Jens Munson -------------- Chicago, Illinois
parents of Ole Munson & grandparents of Lyla Ward -----

Dr. and Anna Myers ---------------------- Vingennes, Indiana

Raymond & Rose Myers ------------- Warnerville, New York

Herman Nittenberg and his wife Anna Nittenberg ------------



George and Lucy Lowe Nowel from Pullman, Washington



Mr. and Mrs. O Brien ------------------ Washington D.C.

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Perry in front of the homestead
in a photo postcard sent to Mrs. Eva Wheeler in
Whitingham, Vermont by Mrs. P. A. Perry from West
Wardsboro Ave. who says this is my husbands house

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pinkerton --------------- Watseko, Illinois

Spencer and Birdie Powell ------------------------------

Mr. & Mrs. Christ Prahl from North Port, Wisconsin                                 NOTE: Research shows Christopher J. Prahl born 16 Nov 1866 in Lebanon, Waupaca, Wisconsin and died 28 Feb 1957 in New London, Outagamie, Wisconsin.   His parents were Father: August and Flora Prahl from Prussia, Germany.  He  married Sophina Geneva Taylor born 27 FEB 1871 in Union, Waupaca, Wisconsin.   Their children were Flora Belle 1891, Tilla H. 1894, Raymond Victor 1896, Clare August 1898 and Lewis A. 1900 all born in Northport, Waupaca, Wisconsin


William and Mary Harris Reed in front of their home in Indiana

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Rife (and Morris but he is blurry) photo postcard

Mr. and Mrs. Robelol -------------------------------------------------

Rhyel Russell and Mertie Hanger Russell wedding photo in Watseka, Illinois
Research shows: Mettie M. Hangers father was David G. Hanger

Jim and Ella Sawyer ------------------------ Des Moines, Iowa


Mr. and Mrs. Schurr in a (wedding?) photograph


Grandpa and Grandma Shultz with horses in a dark photo

Mr. & Mrs. L. Sill -- German photo -- X -- Luax, Wisconsin

Samuel Siter and Marry Inam Siter ---------------- Albany, Indiana

Mr.& Mrs.A.K. Smith - Plainfield, Ill. - 1884 - Joliet, Illinois

Walter & Mame Smith ---Wedding Picture - Jefferson, Iowa

Charlie Smithwich & Tish Roberts Smithwich or Smithwick --

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Stoneburner ------- Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mr. and Mrs. William Swain ---------- Springport, Indiana

Jennie A. Sweetwood & her husband -- Spring Mills, Pa.

Jim and Ella Thomas --------------------------- Joplin, Missouri

Mr. and Mrs.Julius Tibbetts ---- at Pencaquid, Maine

Annie Belie and Alex Trile in 1916 in Fort Myers, Florida

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valcour -----------------------------------



Gary VanVoorhees & his wife Inez Fairchild

in 1908, on a photo postcard sent to Jennie Vaughn, Chadron, Nebraska



Mr. & Mrs. Charles Vaughn -- April 22, 1896 -- New York

Mr. and Mrs. ( Solon & Mera ) Ward ----------------------

Carny (Carrie?) and Matt Washburn -------- Blanchester, O.

Jay and Libbie Watkins ---------------------- Reading, Michigan

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Weber ------- April 1927 -- Sedalia, Missouri

Mr. D. D. Whitten and his wife on a postcard from Jacksonville, Florida

Mr. & Mrs. Leydford Whitten - Spokane Falls,Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins --------------------------------------

James and Rebecca Williams - 6/12/1889 - Jacksonville, Illinois

Jesse & Addie Wilson - for Geo. & Lide - Independence, KS

Max and Nora Wilson ------------------------------ Liberty, Indiana

J. C. and Sarah C. Wisegough (?) ---------- Kahoka, Missouri

Lewis Bonnet Wolfe and Georgianna Johnson Wolfe
in a personal postcard of a wedding photo from a tintype

Ferdinand and Kate Michaels -------------- Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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