Dakota Bradley King

Hi, I'm Carrie, Cody's Mom. I have to tell a story about my two men. One time when Cody was 4, Bob took him to the Father & Son Fishing Derby. They forgot their tackelbox! However, Bob had his favorite lure on his pole. Cody had a bare hook but he had stuck a small jar of the new Power Bait in his pocket. So they decided to try their luck. Bob put the putty-like Power Bait on Cody's hook and cast it out. Then Bob began a series of castings required with lure fishing. It wasn't long before Cody wanted to reel his in too. Bob explained that it had to be left alone till a fish bit it and that may take a long long time. That's when Cody quipped "That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm fishing with PLAYDOUGH, would it!"

Howdy, I'm Dakota's Dad. I want to tell you that this boy is really smart. He sure keeps me on my toes. I was trying to teach him about God lately. Yesterday he came to me and asked "Dad, God is watching us right?" I said that he was. So Cody says "Is he watching everyone?" Again I assured him that he was. So Codeman says "Then who is watching God?" Sometimes I don't know what to say.

Last week, I took him out to watch a meteor shower.
He said "Dad, what are we looking for?"
I said "Falling stars, son"
He stared for a while and then nudged me and said
"Dad, that one over there looks a little loose!"

He is still trying to figure things out though. I told him that when I was a child, I had a bright red shirt. Cody turned to me and said "No way Dad, I saw pictures of when you were a boy and everything was in black and white!"

Here is my ancestors house and barn. John Harbin 1834 to 1837



Hi, I'm Dakota (or maybe Cody). If you were here before, you already knew that. Now, I am 15. I still like to swim and to play on my computer. I am learning the trombone for the school band and the marching band. I already have had years of training on the piano. They say I'm quite good at it now.

I'm lucky 'cause my friend Robert lives in my neighborhood. Jonathan, Robert and I are best friends. We like everything Star Wars and have epic duels. I went to a Weird Al Yankovic concert this year. He has gotta be the greatest musician ever! C`mon, who doesn`t like the accordian?

I am now in high school and still on the principal's list. This year I was awarded The President's Award but I still like summer the best. For pets I have 11 fish a guinie pig called Mary K. and a dog named Scooter. I like watching anything Star Wars. But most of all I love to play X-Box.

So what did you think,
of course my life is perfect!